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Blogging Resources – how to write an AMAZING comment!

How to write a  GREAT blog comment:

  1. Read the blog post VERY carefully.
  2. If you ENJOYED the post, write BACK!
  3. Open or begin your comment  with a GREETING, (Hi, Mr. Mannell and Class!)
  4. Begin with a COMPLIMENT … something you enjoyed … be SPECIFIC!
  5. Share other interesting facts or information, if you have any, as long as no one ELSE said it in another comment!
  6. Make a CONNECTION … by asking a question to try to get a CONVERSATION going!
  7. Proof read for C.O.P.S. (Capitals, Organization, Punctuation and Spelling).
  8. Sign your FIRST name!
  9. Hit POST … and check BACK for a RESPONSE!  :)

Delicious Stack Information:

Interesting Video on Commenting on a blog post:

  •  How to create an EFFECTIVE and MEANINGFUL blog comment:

Thanks to the AMAZING advice from Mrs. Yollis’ Classroom Blog for this video footage. The work of this inspirational teacher, and her talented students, is part of the reason for this blog!

29 Responses to Blogging Resources – how to write an AMAZING comment!

  1. America

    I like how you help them and tell me what you need.

    • Laurie Renton

      Hi America. Thank you for your comment. It makes us feel good to know that what we are doing is making a difference. The grand opening for the library is on March 5th. Check back. We will be doing another post about how the Celebration goes! :)

  2. louise

    Hi! Thanks for this. I started blogging with my 2nd graders this year and one of the things that we need to work on is our comments. A lot of the comments consist of: “good job”, “cool”, or “Sounds fun”. These guidelines will be very helpful in establishing good commenting. I will definitely use these at the start of next year so I will create good habits and not have to break bad ones :-)

    • Laurie Renton

      Hi! Thank you for your awesome feedback, Louise! This is our very first year blogging with students as well. Actually, this is a pilot project for our system and we feel truly blessed to be pioneers for other classrooms in our Board! We have taken a lot of time exploring other blogs out there and learning what it means to leave meaningful comments for other bloggers. Tannis and I began, in January, by leading our students through the commenting process. We generated a chart which is permanently posted in the classroom so that when we comment to others, we go through the list to ensure that we have met all the “requirements”. We do this together as a class, and have been for the past two months. Now, after a great deal of large group work, and consistent role-modelling, students are beginning to work on creating replies to our guest comments, in small groups. That good old “gradual release” model has been the best approach for us. Some students are now ready, after all this role-modelling, to begin to work independently on responding to guest comments. Tannis and I will continue to check these out, scaffolding the experience for individuals, and will meet with individuals to edit and revise prior to “publishing”. Yes, it is a lot of work, but … the rewards are AMAZING in the end … so much easier to create good habits than to break “bad ones”! Have fun with your blog! Laurie Renton :)

  3. louise

    Do you mind if I “pin” this on Pinterest. I think it would be very popular.

    • Laurie Renton

      Hi Louise! Absolute – pin away! If it helps someone else then we’ve made a difference! Laurie :)

        • Laurie Renton

          Hi Louise! I am glad it was helpful! I love the blog post about it too – you are right – it is truly amazing what kids can do with a little role-modeling and encouragement. We have those guidelines posted, old-school, on the wall so that they can refer back as they become more independent with this process. I love that we have the ability to moderate all post comments as well – just in case a student needs a little “re-coaching” and support! It is so amazing to watch them gain more independence in this area! Thank you, also, for the link in your blog post. We’ve only been blogging for about two months … and it is nice to begin to develop a wider readership – exciting for all of us! Laurie :)

  4. louise


  5. Tanya Braybrook

    Thanks for this great page…you’ve so clearly listed the steps to writing great comments. It’s wonderful to share with both students and teachers. I hope that you don’t mind me using some of your ideas as a starting point for creating my own “how to write an amazing comment” page on my classroom blog.


    • Laurie Renton

      Hi Tanya!

      You are welcome – I hope it helps you out! It will make us feel good to know that we are helping out some new bloggers and their families!

      Laurie :)

  6. Karen Beck


    I had emailed you guys about a year ago…not sure if you remember me;) I am a teacher at Wildwood School here in Calgary- also Grade Three!

    I would really like to set up a wordpress blog for my class- am I allowed to? Who do I need to chat with? Also- would you be interested in doing some VoiceThread stuff with my grade three class this year? Or some sort of digital pal things with our classes?

    Talk soon!?

    Ms. Beck

    • Laurie Renton

      Hi Karen!

      Thank you for leaving a comment on the blog! I have emailed you because it gave me the opportunity to write in greater details about the Web 2.0 tools that are currently approved within our system. I am excited for you … beginning this blogging journey with my students has opened a whole new world of learning opportunities for my students and I. Once you flatten the walls of your classroom you will NEVER look back. I look forward to connecting with you again.

      Laurie :)

  7. Mme Isaac's class

    Hello Global Grade 3 class, this is Mme Isaac’s class from Canada. Thank you for sharing all that information about how to write a quality blog comment. We really enjoyed the video that you posted. It was very informative. We just started writing our own blogs and we were looking for some tips on how to comment. How long have you been blogging with your class? Where do you live? (We are tracking our global connections and we would like to add a pin for wherever you are from!)

    Mme Isaac’s grade 3/4 class

    p.s. We followed your tips to writing a great comment. How did we do?

    • Laurie Renton

      Hello Mme Isaac’s Grade 3/4 class!

      Thank you so much for visiting Global Grade 3! I am so happy to hear that the information on how to write a quality blog comment helped you all out! We love that video too! When you are first learning how to blog, and how to respond to the comments people leave for you, these guidelines help us wonderfully! Soon, you will find that it becomes second nature … and … you won’t have to refer to the comment guidelines very often at all!

      We are located in Alberta, Canada. Which province are YOU in? This blog began as a pilot project and this is its THIRD year! This year’s Grade Threes are still bringing in their consent forms, and they are very new to the blogging world. We will spend a lot of time exploring citizenship and safety, as well as exploring OTHER class blogs, before we share our first post with the world!

      I think you did a WONDERFUL job with your very first comment. I can TELL that you referred to our blogging comment guidelines! Thank you SO much for stopping by! I will look forward to exploring your class blog with my NEW bloggers!

      Mrs. Renton :)

  8. Hannah

    Hi Mrs.Renton!
    This is my first blogging at home.I showed my mom how AWESOME our blog is! My mom said that our blog is the coolest blog ever she saw! Last time when I was at the party I saw a big pig! It was dead pig. My dad asked me do you what to try the pig? I said no thank you. I got a go! bye~


    • Laurie Renton

      Hi Hannah!

      It was SO nice to see your very first comment on our blog! I am THRILLED to know that your mom LOVED seeing the blog! When you were at that party, was it a whole pig … complete with its head? Have you ever tasted pig meat before? I’ve never seen pig served on a platter whole, but I have seen pictures of it! What is the STRANGEST food you’ve ever tried?

      Mrs. Renton :)

  9. Hannah

    Hi Mrs Renton! I checked the eagle cam today!And I even checked the blog too!!! I shared with my mom too. I am so sorry that I can’t always check on the blog. I wish that the eagle will lay another egg!!! Bye!!! I got a go!!!

    • Laurie Renton

      Hi Hannah!

      I love that you left another comment on the blog! Don’t be sorry that you can’t always check the blog … life is very busy for us ALL! I am glad that you do find the time to visit it with your family from time to time!

      I think it would be lovely if the eagle laid another egg … but … somehow I just don’t think that’s going to happen! What has been one of your BIGGEST highlights with the eagle cams we’ve been watching?

      Mrs. Renton :)

  10. Hannah

    HI Mrs Renton!Tank you so much for the reply! I was thinking if we were in your class next year we can maybe see the eagle lay a egg!!! But I don’t think that will happen ether. My family says that our blog is AWESOME!!! My BEST highlight was when the eaglet was laying down in its back and the mommy eagle was feeding it! and what is your BEST highlight???Bye Mrs Renton I got a go!!! p.s can you leave me some question on the comment? I love answering!!!BYE!!!

    • Laurie Renton

      Hi Hannah!

      I would LOVE to keep you guys next year … but … I know that you are ready to move on to grade four and some new teachers deserve the privilege of working with you because you are all so amazing!

      I am glad that you are sharing the blog with your family and that they are loving it! It’s a great way to see some of the amazing things we’ve been up to this year!

      Gosh … I LOVED that part too. Watching the baby eagle, on its back, being fed by its mother was just SO cool! My BEST highlight? That’s a hard one. I’ve LOVED watching how attentive the adult eagles are … they took SUCH amazing care of the eggs, turning them and sitting on them so that they could incubate. I thought it was pretty amazing to discover that the first eaglet had hatched … and watching the second egg, with the hole in it, slowly start to move. Wow … that was pretty cool! Discovering that it doesn’t ALWAYS take three days between eaglets hatching was SO neat!

      My questions:
      – Have you been watching the nest?
      – Have you checked out the Delta nest? This morning there were still two EGGS in it!
      – When we Skype with the kindergarten class from Vancouver … what would be the ONE question you would like to ask them about the eagle nest in White Rock?

      Mrs. Renton :)

  11. Hannah

    WOW! Thank you for the extend comment! I am sorry but I can only leave a short comment.And thank you for saying that we are all AMAZING! That made me feel happy!And I am really exited that you agree for the highlight of the eagle cam. Here is my answers. p.s don’t worry because the answers are going to be in the orders. answers:yes I been watching the nest. I didn’t check out the delta nest. And I will maybe be asking “Why did the mommy eagle scootched a egg?” Hannah :)

    • Laurie Renton

      You are welcome, Hannah!

      It ended up being like Ross’s extended comments because you asked me such GREAT questions! The Delta nest still has two eggs … I wonder when they will hatch! It would be SO nice if we didn’t miss them this time around! I can’t wait for our Skype with the Kindergarten students in Vancouver because I have the SAME question that YOU have!!!

      Mrs. Renton :)

  12. Mrs. Goh's Grade 3/4 Class

    Hi, we are Mrs. Goh’s Grade 3 /4 class and we are from Canada. We are learning how to make a post or comment. Your tips were very useful and will help us make good post that will encourage conversation. We especially liked Panda’s tips about not using too many exclamation points. The one tip that really helped us was to try and start a conversation by asking questions. Thank you for your helpful tips. Sincerely, Mrs. Goh’s class.

  13. Claire

    Hi Battalion Bloggers,

    I found a blog that you might like. This is the school that I went to when I lived in England.


  14. Mario

    Dear Mrs Renton:

    This is the first time I post a comment and want to congratulate for the good work you are doing for the Grade 3, room 1. The blog is very interesting and educational specially making the kids aware that everything that is provided to them is taken for granted since there are many places around the world where kids don’t have the bare necessities to sustain required growth and educational goals.



    • The Blogging Hawks

      Hi Mario!

      Thanks for the lovely comment. We are really looking forward to sharing our learning with our families on the blog. We hope to post something soon. It may even be about our geode adventures!

      Indeed, we ARE all lucky to live in Canada because some kids in the world don’t even get to go to school. Some kids don’t even get to drink clean water or eat the proper food they need to survive! We think it’s sad that they don’t get to drink clean water, eat good food or go to school like we can. :(

      We wish that ALL children could be as lucky as we are. We wish we could do something about it. For the past four years, the grade threes raised money for some kids in Peru. The money was used to build a library … and put books into it. We hope we can do something like that this year.

      We enjoyed your awesome comment!

      The Blogging Hawks :)

  15. Renee

    Hi this is Riley’s mom, Renee. This a a response to Mrs. Renton’s class on picking a word that best describes me. “Organized”. This is my first time writing a post on a blog. Thank you Mrs. Renton and the grade three class for education me on blogging and teaching me something new. I would say I’m organized because I have three kids that keep me very busy with their activities and school. I look forward to following your blog and learning more new things. Thank you grade three class.


    • The Blogging Hawks

      Hi Renee!

      Thank you for the lovely comment that you left! We really like your word. It sounds like it suits you PERFECTLY! We think it would be challenging to look after three kids. Mrs. Renton likes the word too … even though she chose “curious” … because she needs to be organized with TWENTY-FIVE children in her day-time family!!! Do you ever get a break? We sure hope so!

      We’re really glad that you are learning about blogging because of us! It makes us feel pretty good to know that we are teaching others! In the next couple of days we will be publishing a new post! We sure hope you keep checking back and leaving us some awesome comments!

      The Blogging Hawks :)

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