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A Surprising Library Lesson

Hola readers! On April 12 the Grade 3 bloggers had the privilege of Skyping with Geneva again. When we saw Geneva’s beautiful face smiling at us with a great big grin it made our hearts warm up because we knew we would be hearing more about the library. We felt like we were right in … Continue reading »

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The GRAND OPENING of the Q’enqo Library … a Special Day to Remember!

“On March 7th, 2012, the Grade Threes from Battalion Park School got together in Room One to Skype with Geneva! This time, we were Skyping to learn all about the GRAND OPENING for … the … Q’enqo LIBRARY!” ~Natasha “We talked about the Inauguration … that means Grand Opening!” ~Martin “When Mrs. Renton pushed the … Continue reading »

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Together Everyone Achieves More (TEAM): Library Construction

Hola! That’s Spanish for HELLO! That’s ONE of the words we know in Spanish, although we sure don’t know very MANY! We are learning, though! On February 28, 2012, the Grade Three Bloggers got to Skype to Peru and speak with Geneva, from Mosqoy, again! During this call we heard about purple paint, a q’ente, … Continue reading »

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Ancient Peruvian Mask Making with Connie Clay Maker (Part III of IV)

“Connie, the AMAZING mask maker came in again!  Before we sat at our desks, Connie had a Peruvian book with ANCIENT ARTIFACTS of Peruvian Masks!  She showed us the older ones and what colours they had.  Unfortunately, they did NOT have PINK back then!  We could only use three or four colours on our AMAZING … Continue reading »

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Battalion HAWKS Come TOGETHER to Show Their TRUE Colours for Q’enqo!

On February 15, 2012, the Grade Threes brought the ENTIRE school together for a SPIRIT day!  “What is THAT?” you might be asking yourselves.  Well … Spirit Days can be a LOT of different things.  For example, our Terry Fox Run, every September, is a special day where we celebrate the life of Terry Fox, … Continue reading »

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Library Clean Up—Biblioteca de la Limpieza

On Sunday, February 12, 2012 Ashli jumped out of bed with joy and excitement at 5:00 am to start her journey from Cusco to Q’enqo. She grabbed her supplies which were plaster, one broom, protective masks, sandpaper and more. We bet you’re wondering why she did this! Today was an amazing day for Ashli, Mosqoy and the people … Continue reading »

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Change Makers in the MAKING!

  Ya, but, what does that REALLY mean?  In Alberta, we are so fortunate to have a social studies curriculum that is RICH with potential for Global Citizenship and change making opportunities.   How does one go about FINDING the perfect vehicle for developing an understanding of global issues, cultivating personally meaningful relationships and a genuine … Continue reading »

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Skyping with our INSPIRATION … Ashli!

On Wednesday, February 1st, 2012, we had the priviledge of connecting with Ashli Akins through the MAGIC of Skype!  Who in the WORLD is Ashli, you may be asking yourselves.  Well, Ashli Akins, and her co-founding partner Sarah Confer, created two Canadian not-for-profit foundations called Mosqoy and The Q’ente Textile Revitalization Society.  What is MOSQOY? … Continue reading »

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Ancient Peruvian Mask Making with Connie Clay Maker (Part II of IV)

“This is Part II about the fantastic clay maker Connie!”  (Zack) “On Thursday, my class got to do the clay on our MASKS!  It was superb and fun!”  (Larissa) “On a thrilling Thursday, Connie Clay Maker appeared in our classroom after recess … and helped us MASTER the art of Step 2 on how to … Continue reading »

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Ancient Peruvian Mask Making with Connie Clay Maker (Part I of IV)

“On January 24th, the Grade Three Bloggers had a BLAST with the one, the ONLY … the magnificent … Connie the Clay Maker!  She is the only person we know that can make Ancient Peruvian masks!”  (Kaylee) The ONE … the ONLY … Connie Clay Maker! “If you have NEVER made a Peruvian mask, it … Continue reading »

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