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Author Archives: Tannis Emann

A Surprising Library Lesson

Hola readers! On April 12 the Grade 3 bloggers had the privilege of Skyping with Geneva again. When we saw Geneva’s beautiful face smiling at us with a great big grin it made our hearts warm up because we knew we would be hearing more about the library. We felt like we were right in … Continue reading »

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Together Everyone Achieves More (TEAM): Library Construction

Hola! That’s Spanish for HELLO! That’s ONE of the words we know in Spanish, although we sure don’t know very MANY! We are learning, though! On February 28, 2012, the Grade Three Bloggers got to Skype to Peru and speak with Geneva, from Mosqoy, again! During this call we heard about purple paint, a q’ente, … Continue reading »

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Library Clean Up—Biblioteca de la Limpieza

On Sunday, February 12, 2012 Ashli jumped out of bed with joy and excitement at 5:00 am to start her journey from Cusco to Q’enqo. She grabbed her supplies which were plaster, one broom, protective masks, sandpaper and more. We bet you’re wondering why she did this! Today was an amazing day for Ashli, Mosqoy and the people … Continue reading »

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Sharing a Peruvian Journey

On December 14, 2011 we had three special guest speakers come into our classroom to share all about their amazing adventures in Peru. Tim and his two children, Ben and Ella took time out of their day to come and talk to us. Wow, we were so lucky! Their stories were really interesting and they brought … Continue reading »

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Looking Back and Moving Forward

 Photo by  Eugene Kaspersky  Adding to our previous post about how we arrived where we are today, I thought I would share a bit of background taken from a paper I wrote this summer about our amazing Peru Project journey: The powerful Skype call with Tim Kitchen in Peru sparked a call to action in our … Continue reading »

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