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Our World Trip to India, Peru, Tunisia and Ukraine … Through … ARTIFACTS!

Posted by on February 19, 2018

You can teach a student a lesson for a day; but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives.

~Clay P. Bedford

Our Ukrainian tri-fold!

“Guess what? Today the Fort Calgary kit came in to the classroom. You can’t touch the artifacts without gloves on. I like the india clay drums because they are different than others. I didn’t like the gold necklace because I have no interest in it. I like the tuk tuk because it is a bike bus and we don’t have them here. My favourite is the nesting dolls because I don’t have one. My favourite tri-fold is the Tunisian one.” ~Sam M

“Have you been to Peru? I HAVE! Okay, okay, I haven’t really been there but I have been studying it! They have huiros! Huiros are plants that have been dried and you shake them like a maraca. They make sound because the dried seeds go around in it! That one is my favourite one. My favourite tri-fold is the Tunisian one because I love the clothing because it is so bejewelled. I bet it was SO hard to make! I hope the next kids are caring because the tri-folds are very old.” ~Alex

“Guess WHAT? Today we got the Fort Calgary kit. The items were from our four countries: Ukraine, Peru, Tunisia and India. We had to wear gloves to touch the museum things. We were so happy. We also did tri-folds. My favourite tri-fold is Ukraine because I’m studying Ukraine. There were clay drums. We played the clay drum. It was SO FUN. We had to sketch the items. There were 28 things. Some things are Mrs. Renton’s. I hope we get to have the Fort Calgary kit again. There were tuk tuks and more.” ~Ryan

Our Peruvian tri-fold!

“Guess WHAT? We had the Fort Calgary kit come in. Isn’t that awesome? My highlight is that we got to take photos with the tri-folds. Oh. I had no lowlights. My favourite artifact was the matroshka, (nesting dolls), because I like to take them apart and I have one at home. My favourite tri-fold is the Indian one because I love the Taj Mahal. I wish I could have the artifacts because I love them so much. I loved them. Did you?” ~Jersie

“Did you know that Peru has lots of different things than Canada? My highlight was I got to draw the parrot flute because it was fun to sketch. M lowlight was I did not get to sketch the pysanka because I didn’t want to leave Peru. My favourite artifact was the parrot flute and the pysanka because they look special and pretty. My favourite tri-fold was the Peru one because it had designs and details on it. I wonder if the artifacts can be made out of metal? I wish that I could have some of the artifacts. I hope that my parents will get me artifacts!” ~Salina

“Guess what? We are learning about four countries: Tunisia, India, Peru and Ukraine. And, Mrs. Renton brought in some artifacts. My lowlight is that we didn’t get to play the instruments.My favourite artifact is the flute because I like the sound of it. I wonder who made the first flute. Mrs. Renton brought artifacts from all the four countries. I hope I can play an instrument because I love instruments that are from the four countries. It was fun learning about the four countries and I want to know more about the four countries.” ~Aanas

Our Tunisian tri-fold. Many of us LOVE the CAMEL!

“I liked the Taj Mahal trinket box because I love the Taj Mahal. It is very modern and looks like a castle. It is big and it is made out of MARBLE! Marble is very expensive. The Taj Mahal is took 22 or 23 years to build and there were 22 thousand people working on it. I wish I could go to the Taj Mahal in India. Now, the Taj Mahal is very famous The Taj Mahal was made more than 100 years ago and it is still standing. In the distance you can see Nepal’s mountains. I will remember the Taj Mahal trinket box because I love the Taj Mahal.” ~Nathan

“Hey, hey! Flora travelled to four countries in just one day! Okay, fine, maybe I didn’t … but we DID get the Fort Calgary kit! There were a lot of artifacts. My highlight was that I got to get my hands (and gloves) on the matroshka, also known as “nesting dolls”. I didn’t have any lowlights. My favourite artifacts was a trinket box that was red. The trinket boxes were from India. We also had tri-folds but they did’t come from Fort Calgary. We got to:

  • put our heads through holes on tri-folds
  • get our picture taken
  • put on REAL traditional clothing from Ukraine, Peru, Tunisia and India

We also got to draw our favourite tri-fold! I drew the Indian tri-fold. I adored it because the mom had earrings … actually sticking out from the tri-fold! I wonder why the Indian clothing is very, very designed. I hope I get to use the tri-folds again because putting our heads through the holes was fun.” ~Flora

Our Indian tri-fold. Many of us LOVED the dangly earrings!

“Do you know what came in four days ago? The Fort Calgary kit came in! The Fort Calgary kit contains some artifacts from our four countries: Ukraine, Peru, India and Tunisia. We got to have it in for three days. The first day we walked to the gathering space and Mrs. Renton set up four trio-folds. My group was sent to the Indian tri-fold first. We took turns putting on the Indian clothes and going behind the tri-fold. Once everyone got a turn to put on the clothes, we switched. My group went to the Tunisian tri-fold. Lots of people liked the Tunisian tri-fold because of the camel. The next day we started sketching the tri-folds. I sketched the Indian tri-fold because I like the Taj Mahal and the mountains. I didn’t finish colouring mine. I sketched a flute and a drum from India. I also drew a matroshka, (nesting doll). It is fun opening, taking out and closing the matroshka. We even had a tuk tuk! Well, not really, but we had a picture of one. My favourite was the Indian flute. There was a parrot flute too. What if it could make a parrot sound when you blow in it? I wonder if I want to buy a musical instrument from Ten Thousand Villages. I I wish I could because I think they are interesting!” ~Lucien

“Hello! My favourite thing was the Tunisia tri-fold because of the camel. By the way, I like drawing animals. My favourite artifact on the other hand though was the matroshka, (nesting dolls), because I like to take them apart and put them back together. I also liked the pysanka, (painted egg), because of their beautiful colours and patterns. In Peru, they have shoes called hojotas. They’re made of car tires. In India there’s a building called the Taj Mahal. It’s dedicated to someone’s wife that died. The building is made of marble. I will never forget this time because it was fun learning about them.” ~Bryn

So many AMAZING artifacts. We ALL wished there were MORE from Tunisia.

“You wouldn’t believe what happened today! We went to Peru, Tunisia, Ukraine and India! But, we didn’t even go anywhere! I mean how crazy is that? No, just kidding! The Fort Calgary kit came in. My favourite artifact was from Peru. My favourite is the ocarina. My second favourite is from India. It is called a rosewood flute and it is very beautiful. How are all the artifacts so cool? I really hope one day I can get an ocarina and a rosewood flute. There were many artifacts. especially from Peru. Tunisia had the fewest. All it had was a desert rose and hand cymbals and camels. I wonder why there were only three things from Tunisia. I hope the Fort Calgary kit comes again because I loved the Fort Calgary kit.” ~Marcus

“Today the Hawks’ Nest and I went to four countries: India, Peru, Ukraine and Tunisia. My favourite artifact was from Ukraine. It is a matroshka because I have it at home. My highlight is that I could sketch my matroshka. Did you know that in Tunisia there is a desert rose? To pick up artifacts we needed to wear museum glove. You say why? Well, did you know that everybody in the world has oil on their hands so it can ruin the artifacts.” ~Sofia

“Have you ever been to Peru? Well, I have. Well, I have in my classroom! We’ve been exploring artifacts. My highlight was dressing up in the clothes. My favourite clothes were the Ukrainian clothes because I liked the designs. My lowlight was when I didn’t get to sketch the eggs because I really wanted to at the end. My favourite artifact was the panpipe because I like the sound. My favourite tri-fold was the Tunisian one because of the camel. I love animals and a camel is an animal. I wonder why there was less Tunisian artifacts. I hope we get to see more stuff from the kit again because I loved looking at the artifacts.” ~Brynne

It was SO hard to decide WHAT to begin sketching FIRST!

“We got the Fort Calgary kit! I think people should be more careful because some people dropped the artifacts. Most of the people did not drop anything because they were very careful. My favourite artifact is the trinket box because of it’s shiny jewels. My favourite tri-fold is Tunisia because of the camels. I wonder why the huiro doesn’t rot. I wish we could play the instruments because it sounds very good.” ~Artin

“Guess what? We got the Fort Calgary kit. Mrs. Renton has some artifacts too. My favourites are the huiros and the rosewood flute. My favourite one is the rosewood flute. I worked on Tunisia. I liked that the rosewood flute is filled with flowers and it looks pretty. The most interesting thing I learned about Tunisia is that they have a lot of deserts there. In Tunisia there is something called couscous. It is a Tunisia favourite food. The deserts are very hot and humid. That means there is very little vegetation. I also liked the seed jewelry because it has its beautiful purple colour and its beads that are added on. In Tunisia they have something called a grind stone. They grind whole wheat into flour.” ~Amy

“What do you like to play for an instrument? I would play the rosewood flute because it has neat designs and the rosewood flute looks like it was carved out of wood because of these small designs. The rosewood was pretty because of the wood. I hope you enjoyed my rosewood flute story.” ~Carson

The POSTERS were AMAZING … SO much great information about our countries. We walked away wondering even MORE!

“Just some days ago the Fort Calgary kit came. In the Fort Calgary kit there were so many things about Peru, India, Ukraine and Tunisia. I loved all the stuff but my favourite was something from India. It was the trinket box because I loved how they decorated the box. My favourite thing from Peru was the seed jewelry and the wooden panpipe. I liked the seed jewelry because my sister and I have lots of jewelry at home. I liked the wooden panpipe because I really want to try it. It looks fun. Before I forget again, our teacher had lots of stuff too. So, she brought her things too. My favourite thing from Peru is the parrot flute because I loved the cute parrot on the top of the flute and I think it would sound like a parrot. I think the teacher bought that one too. My favourite thing from Tunisia is the desert rose because it’s name is desert rose and it actually looks like a rose. My favourite tri-fold was Tunisia because the camel on the tri-fold looked so, so, so cute. I wonder if there is any musical instrument in Tunisia because Peru, India and Ukraine had musical instruments in the kit. I love the Fort Calgary kit.” ~May

“GUESS WHAT? We got the Fort Calgary kit! There were artifacts for our four countries: India, Peru, Ukraine and Tunisia. My favourite country is India. My favourite artifact was the Indian table runner because it was so, so pretty. My favourite tri-fold was the Indian one because it was REALLY pretty!” ~Serena

We are really learning to strengthen our observational skills!

“Countries … artifacts … hey! We are writing about the Fort Calgary kit! Here are some cool things. My favourite artifact was the pysanky because it has beautiful colours and it had a lot of patterns. We had to use gloves to hold the artifacts because we don’t want fingerprints on the artifacts. We sketched pictures of the artifacts. It was really good with the artifacts. I wonder why the artifacts are so useful? I remember that when I was in Grade Two we had artifacts. Why? Because we were learning about it. I will remember the pysanka and stacking doll in our Fort Calgary kit because the pysanka had colour and pattern. The stacking doll was fun to use.” ~Daniel

“Hey, did you know that I just visited India, Peru, Ukraine and Tunisia at the same time? You may think that that is impossible. Okay. It kinda is but we gotta get on. My favourite thing which was kind of hard to decide was sketch noting. fortunately I do’t have any lowlights. My favourite artifact was the, hold on …. let me check my sketchbook. That was okay. That was GOOD. That was awesome. I will put that in. My favourite artifact is the one you see in the picture and my favourite tri-fold was the Indian one. I hope we do it again.” ~Owen 

“Guess what! We were exploring the Fort Calgary kit. There were only a few artifacts in the kit but Mrs. Renton had a million! My favourite artifact was the Indian drum, (clay), because of the animal hide and how it’s attached looks really awesome. My favourite tri-fold was the Indian tri-fold because I loved the clothing because of the colours and designs. My favourite clothing was the Indian clothing because it was slick and the buttons were really awesome. Did you know that the Taj Mahal was constructed as the symbol of love? <3 There was a necklace that had extremely brilliant jewels. My highlight was that I could draw everything that I wanted. My lowlight was that I couldn’t play the instruments. I will eternally remember this! I almost forgot something! I forgot how much I loved the designs on the trinket boxes. I hope that the next Grade Three class enjoyed it as much as I did!” Dario

We sure hope you enjoy our slideshow:

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We wonder:

  • What is YOUR favourite artifact?
  • Short of bringing a CAMEL into the classroom, does anyone know where to buy authentic Tunisian artifacts in CALGARY?

All the world is a laboratory to the inquiring mind.

~Martin H. Fischer 

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