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Rocks ROCK!

Posted by on November 12, 2017

Man’s heart away from nature becomes hard.

~Standing Bear

Phew! FINALLY! Our very FIRST blog post! You MAY be wondering just what TOOK us so long! Well … we’ve been SO busy. First, we had to spend some time talking about “branding” and what would make a TERRIFIC blog handle. There were SO many fantastic suggestions that it was really HARD to choose. In the end, we had to narrow the choices down and FINALLY, after a lot of discussion and a FINAL vote, we have decided to call ourselves The Nature Hawks! It’s PERFECT, really!

We sure hope you enjoy our special post and that you share it with our extended family members. When you take the time to read these posts with us, and talk about our amazing learning adventures and discoveries, our connections to curriculum go even DEEPER. We ALSO love it when our family members, including our Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, big brothers and sisters and our GLOBAL readers leave comments for us on our blog because gives us even MORE purpose with our writing … we are writing for a GLOBAL audience. We LOVE when you connect with us and push our learning deeper. *Please just remember to never post a comment using your LAST name.

Our Rocks and Minerals Museum was a HUGE success! SO many smiles … such GREAT questions!

“I was really excited about the Rock Museum the moment I woke up on Wednesday morning!!! When I got to school I couldn’t wait until the rock Museum. I first went to everyone in my class’s desks and tables. I loved the normal quartz best because it was transparent and clear and smooth. I liked my pumice the best of my own rocks. The best rock I saw in Mrs. H’s class was the rainbow aura crystal. I adored how no one knew what was on the SmartBoard. Answer: Hawaiian black sand, sandbox sand and Hawaiian normal sand! People thought is was river rocks but it was not. It was delightful to see my friends and entertaining who came to my table. After I got home my seal broke off of my geode but my dad will fix it.” ~Amy

“Yesterday we had our Rock Museum and we all had entertaining rocks and minerals. At first we got to look at each other’s rocks and minerals then the adults came in. My favourite rock and mineral was the rose quartz and the snowflake obsidian. I liked the rose quartz because it has a really nice pink colour inside. Talking about rose quartz I forgot my rose quartz at home. The snowflake obsidian was really pretty. It looked really smooth. I was really amazed by the Hawaiian sand. I can’t believe that inside sand there are lots of minerals.” ~May

“Yesterday was our Rock Museum. And, guess what?!? It was our class’s Rock Museum. My little sister and my mom came! There were a lot of other parents too. Also, I borrowed some samples from Mrs. Renton. One of them was an obsidian arrowhead! Claire, my sister, even “helped” to introduce rocks! There was also a microscope in a little box of Hawaii sand. My mom didn’t know what it was! I will never forget about THAT because it was the first time I stumped her!” ~Flora

Not only did we get to share OUR treasures, we got to check out the special rocks and minerals that our FRIENDS have collected!

“I loved the snowflake obsidian because its colour is so beautiful. My highlight was when a lot of people came to me. I will never forget the Rock Museum because it was really fun and amazing. I wish that we could do the Rock Museum again because it was fun. I also was interested with the gems and minerals that people had. I wonder how people got some rocks.” ~Daniel

“I really liked the snowflake obsidian because I like it. It looks like a block of snow. I love the parents’ questions because they asked good questions. It was fun.” ~Carson

“I liked –‘s diamond because it looked like a crystal. It was clear and one of my favourite colours. I liked –‘s blue geode. I’ve never seen one before and blue is one of my favourite colours too. I’ve never seen a blue crystal at all. I liked –‘s serpentine and I liked the rich green colours.” ~Sam J

We got to get CLOSE and look DEEPLY at EACH of these magnificent samples.

“My rocks were really cool from my point of view! I had an awesome pink coloured rock! Ember, my pet dragon, wanted to show his favourite rock … so … I let him. His rock is kind of sharp!” ~Bryn

“I loved the Rock Museum. There were so many people that had really cool stones like me. I loved Carson’s geode so much. It was very shiny and crystallized. The stones I brought were quartz, rose quartz, blue agates, snowflake obsidian, amethyst and more. My two favourites were serpentine and snowflake obsidian. They are so pretty! I call the rock that is half amethyst, half quarts the heart stone because it is shaped like a heart.” ~Marcus

“I loved the rocks in our classroom because it was fun seeing other kinds of rocks. Most kinds had stripes on them. I will never forget the rocks because that is the whole point of the Rock Museum! My highlight is the rocks because rocks are nature.” ~Aanas

“There were lots of amazing rocks there. The malachite was smooth and shiny. It reminded me of the sun and moon mixed together when it is noon. It’s my favourite. The highlight was everybody got to share something special that makes them feel happy. My favourite is the moss agate because it looks like emerald is inside of it. I will never forget the joys of sharing rocks.” ~Ryan

“Did you know there were lots of cool rocks? — had this cool rock. It had a big hole in it and it was sharp inside. My highlights are I had so, so, so much fun because my dad was able to come. My favourite rock was quartz because it was see-through and a beautiful reddish colour. Another favourite is agate because they are beautiful. I wonder where people get those cool rocks because they are so cool. I wonder if today I will see cool rocks. I will always remember those cool rocks.” ~Jersie

“That is awesome!!! I liked how Jack said what kind of rock it is, then, on the back, some information. I wonder how many minerals there are in Canada because it will be cool to know. I will never forget my mineral because I got it for my birthday. I was not here yesterday so I wrote about the day before. I wonder if I was here what I would say?” ~Jude

We STILL find it unbelievable to think that THIS magnificent crystal could be hiding under the surface of a VERY plain looking rock!

“My highlight was when so many people went up to my desk I was sitting at and they were asking me “can I touch this?” “Can I lift this?” I said yes to all of them because, at first, no body came to my desk! I wonder if we can do a Rock Museum again because I really liked doing the Rock Museum. I will never forget when Nathan wanted his rock back but it was stuck in the geode.” ~Brynne

“Lots of people were coming to me because I had a diamond and a ruby and one special one. It was a ruby and an emerald in each other. My highlight was I am glad a lot of people were checking out my rocks because if no body was coming I would be really sad. I wonder if all of the people finished looking at all of the rocks because it would be nice to see all of our rocks and minerals.” ~Salina

“This is marble sla … oh! Hello! Our Rock Museum … well, it was so full of surprises that I forgot I had it! Okay. I admit it. I had it yesterday. My favourite part was my dad was able to come. I wonder how many rocks were at the Rock Museum in total. I will never forget THE INSANE NOISE … with everybody asking questions!” ~Owen

It was SO much fun to check out the way EACH of us chose to organize our collections.

“Hi! Yesterday we had a Rock Museum. That is when kids bring cool rocks that they really want to share. I brought a cool rock kit because it’s really cool and I wanted to share so I brought it and three more rocks. Plus, adults came and looked at our rocks. I was telling about different rocks and what help they do. I had a real diamond and snowflake obsidian.” ~Sofia

“I loved the Rock Museum because there were lots of interesting rocks and fossils, also … minerals. I liked Marcus’s set up because it had lots of rocks and minerals. I wonder if some rocks are see-through. I will never forget about the shiny rocks because I loved them. I loved Mrs. Renton’s rocks because they had minerals inside.” ~Diego

“I don’t think my hippocampus will ever throw away the memory of the Rock Museum! I had a fantastic time. I liked how we got to set up rocks and others got to look at them and ask questions. I couldn’t answer some of them but I could answer most of them. Why is gold only found in quartz and pyrite is not? I can’t wait to see other people’s samples! I wonder if people will bring fossils. Maybe petrified wood? I want to see what some of my friends in the other classes brought.” ~Lucien

I don’t think ANY of us will look at a rock in the SAME way EVER again … instead, we will probably spend some time thinking about ways to describe it and wondering about whether it’s sedimentary, metamorphic or igneous and wondering about what kind of treasures it is hiding!

“Ahh … the day that made me live happier … the rock museum. Why, you may ask? Because of the shiny amazonite, geode, serpentine and the tiger’s eye! The amazonite was green with elegant swirls of orange. The geode was plain on the crust … but … inside it is in the category of awesome! The serpentine is a mixture of the sun and the moon itself! The tiger eye helps you realize what is most important because it is the eye of the tiger seeing all!” ~Alex

“Yesterday we had our Rock Museum. My highlights were so, so many people came to my table and my mom and dad came too! I had so, so, so much fun. I had lots of rocks and a geode. I had lots of shiny rocks. I will never forget my parents coming. I wonder how many minerals there are in the world.” ~Serena

“Yesterday at the Rock Museum I saw a lot of beautiful rocks. I wanted to keep them all because they looked so nice. All those rocks looked more valuable than diamond. My highlight was that a lot of people asked me questions. I wonder where they get all those minerals. If I had all those minerals I would keep them in my vault! I liked the petrified wood because it’s weird how wood can turn into rock!” ~Dario

We may be getting close to wrapping up our rocks and minerals investigation … but … many of us have a new found passion!

“I like the tiger eye because I like how people set up the tiger eyes. I like the sand dollar because I never have seen a fossil one. I like all the rocks. I like how people asked me “is that gold”.” ~Sam M

“Just as the parents came in they started at one table to another. When the parents reached me my desk as crowded by so many people because I had so many amazing things to share. I had a sand dollar. A fossilized sand dollar, a dinosaur tooth, an ammonite with super amazing designs on a rock, a sandstone with lots of shells on it and very, very heavy petrified wood, ten wonderful rocks I found laying in my backyard too. My favourite person’s desk was –‘s because it had so much stuff on it. It had a blue geode and a white geode. I wonder why they made a Rock Museum. I loved the Rock Museum.” ~Artin

“I love rocks and minerals. My favourite mineral is rose quartz and emeralds because of the way that they are. Their look is really cool. Rose quartz are very light purple and emerald is light green. Rose quartz has some white because quartz are white. Emerald has white in it too. Emeralds are rare. They are hard to find. Rose quartz are hard to find too.” ~Nathan

We hope you enjoy our slideshow:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We wonder:

  • What is YOUR favourite type of rock or mineral? Why?
  • What is the coolest rock you have ever FOUND? What made it a rock that you wanted to pick up and take home?

Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.

~Khalil Gibran

3 Responses to Rocks ROCK!

  1. Mr. R

    My favourite rocks are the flat ones you can skip across the water. I love to go on the riverbanks with Mrs Renton and we look for fossils. It’s a great adventure. sometimes we find so many I have to wear a back pack. It’s like going on a treasure hunt. Did you know you can find fossils on the river banks here in Calgary?

  2. C. H.

    Hello, Nature’s Hawks – what an appropriate name for you!!! Your blog was so interesting – we loved the many rock exhibits and your insightful comments. We enjoyed Mr. R’s comments on the skipping rocks too! The saying at the beginning of your blog prompted me to Google Standing Bear and I learned that he was a very wise chief – responsible for the Indigenous people being recognized as persons too. Thank you for educating your viewers too!!!! Grandma H

  3. Vivian

    Hi “Nature Hawks”!

    I am a grade three student from last year and last year our name was the BPS Bloggers, I am now a grade four student at CCS. I was just checking in and seeing how the start of the year was doing! I can see that you’ve already started your rock museums!

    I’ve got to go!

    Have a nice weekend!

    Vivian 🙂

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