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Rock Museum

Posted by on October 25, 2016

Nature composes some of her loveliest poems for the microscope and the telescope.

~Theodore Roszak

Our Rock Museum was an AMAZING success!

Our Rock Museum was an AMAZING success!

What? It’s OVER? It seems like we were just TALKING about this … in … SEPTEMBER! We’ve had such an AMAZING learning journey … wondering, researching, discovering, wondering MORE … and discovering SO much about rocks and minerals over the last month and a half. To be honest, we are CERTAIN we could continue this inquiry over the entire course of the YEAR and still not be done wondering and learning!

There were SO many wonderful questions from EVERYONE who visited with us this afternoon!

There were SO many wonderful questions from EVERYONE who visited with us this afternoon!

Interspersed throughout this post are our HIGHLIGHTS of the afternoon! Thank you to EVERYONE for helping to make our Rock Museum such a HIGHLIGHT!

“My two things that I really loved was getting to share all of my favourite rocks with so many wonderful rock loving people. And, getting to see everybody smiling and enjoying the Rock Museum! I wish we could do it every year and have people vote for the best rock collection Something I will never forget is when a little girl came up to my station and having her point to my geode and say that one is the prettiest and that is my favourite one of all!” ~Payton

“I liked everything and all the rocks. I wish that I brought my rocks. My memory is that I did not bring my rocks.” ~Emily

“I liked everything. I liked –‘s rocks. I wish my mom could come. A memory is that — had a billion rocks!” ~Arash

“I loved that mine was busy. I also liked –‘s grown crystals. I wish I had a big amethyst! I’ll never forget that Alex said he really, really liked mine! Yay!” Evelyn L

“I love that we got to walk around and see other people’s rocks and fossils! I wish that my brother came. I will never forget that I shared my crystals with people!” ~Brooklyn

“I loved that so many people came to our rock museum. I love that my dad came. I wish I could stay for the whole time. I will never forget how many rocks there were!” ~Will

“I loved how all the rocks were so fascinating. I wish this would happen every year except maybe a different unit. I loved –‘s crystals because she made them. I will never forget how many amazing rocks there were!” ~Alinah

We have a HUGE bunch of collectors in this room!

We have a HUGE bunch of collectors in this room!

“I loved how people asked so many questions. It was lovely how people respected people’s rocks. I wish I had a rock collection. I’ll never forget the Rock Museum.” ~Colby

“I loved that people asked me lots of questions. It was awesome that people were giving good compliments about my rocks. I will never forget how fun it was! I wish that we got more time to look at other rocks.” ~Colter

“I love that I saw all my friends when we had our Rock Museum. I also loved that my mom and dad came. I wish that my sister could come but she is too busy. I’ll never forget how many people were in the classroom! There were SO many!” ~Connie

“I wish I knew more about my amethyst and where I got it in Banff. I’ll never forget that I did a Rock Museum! The two things that I loved was that people liked my collection of rocks and that I will never forget it!” ~Maya

“I wish that I had coal because it is so cool. I loved –‘s pyramid and –‘s geode. I wonder how she made it. I will never forget –‘s geode.” ~Eric

“I love that my Dad came. I wish that I had a lot of rocks and minerals. I know that I will not forget that I loved having everybody in our class!” ~Katherine

“I loved setting up the rock museum. I loved seeing my parents. I wish I had a cool rock!!! I will always remember the rock museum!” ~Alex

At one point it even SEEMED like it was a special event at a museum because it was PACKED!

At one point it even SEEMED like it was a special event at a museum because it was PACKED!

“My favourite part was that my mom came because she took pictures of me and the other thing is I almost rocked out Mrs. Renton! I wish that we could always do a Rock Museum!” ~Sky

“I love when people liked my geode. I also love when they compliment me! I wish I had more rocks. A memory that I’ll never forget is when I saw my friends at the Rock Museum!” ~

“I liked that my video was displayed! I loved –‘s Spy Rock thing because it was so HARD! I wish the museum was longer. I’ll never forget my video!” ~Rowen

“I really loved that my sister and Grandma and Grandpa went out of their way and came to my rock museum. I also loved when people had so many wonders. I wish that we could do this again. A memory is that my sister lent me her very, very, very special ammonite!” ~Leah

“My favourite parts of the Rock Museum were seeing my little brother and showing people my rocks. I will always remember that one of my rocks had sand in it. I wish I had crystals to share!” ~Reid

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We wonder:

  • What was YOUR highlight of our Rock Museum?

The scientist is not a person who gives the right answers, he’s one who asks the right questions.

~Claude Lévi-Strauss

31 Responses to Rock Museum

  1. Renee

    Thank you for inviting me to the Rock Museum. What a great bunch of geologist in the class. They taught me a lot about rocks and had such a unque collection of geods, crystals, volcanic rocks, fossils, petrofied wood, dinosaur claw. I felt like an explorer going back in time.

    • The BPS Bloggers

      Hi Renee,
      Thank you for the outstanding comments. We are glad that you learned so much at our Rock Museum. We have enjoyed being geologists. We are glad you felt like an explorer.
      Have a lovely day,
      Keep checking back!
      The BPS Bloggers 🙂

  2. Evelyn :)

    such a fabulous finale to rocks & minerals !

    • The BPS Bloggers

      Hi Evelyn!

      Thank you for this lovely comment! We thought that the rock museum was really fun too! We loved answering peoples’ questions! We wonder what YOUR favourite part was?

      Keep checking back! Have a wonderful day!

      The OTHER BPS Bloggers 🙂

  3. Susanne

    It was so cool to see everyone’s collections. Thanks for sharing!

    • The BPS Bloggers

      Hi Susanne!

      Thank you for the lovely comment! We loved everyone’s rock collection too! We wonder what YOUR favourite part of the Rock Museum was! We wonder what your favourite ROCK is too!

      Keep on checking back! Have a great day!

      The BPS Bloggers 🙂

  4. Payton

    Hi BPS bloggers
    You geologist really know your rocks. Maybe some of you could teach me a bit more.
    I enjoyed looking and observing all of your lovely and fascinating rock collections. I hope all of you enjoyed it because I sure did. Don’t you want to have a rock museum every year!!!!!!!! Mrs. Renton sure spoiled some of us by letting some of us manage her rock tables. What was your favourite part?
    Your friend,

  5. Maxine

    This is AMAZING!! Thank you for inviting us to your rock museum. It was fun to attend, cool to read your comments, and awesome to see the pictures of us all at the Rock Museum! Thank you!

  6. Colby

    I love how the Rock Museum went! It was fun to have all of the classes come together for it.

  7. Rowen

    My family enjoyed the museum and the blog. It was funny how myself and my mom were on the blog in a picture 😉

    • The BPS Bloggers

      Hi Rowen!

      We think it was funny that you were on the blog with a picture too! There were a FEW people like that on this blog post! What was your favourite part of the Rock Museum? What do you think the COOLEST rock is in the WHOLE world?

      Keep checking back! Have a wonderful day!

      The OTHER BPS Bloggers 🙂

  8. Vivian

    I REALLY wish that I could’ve been there, people said it was SO much fun and cool rocks! Thank GOODNESS there are pictures of this blog! If I was there, my desk would have been as empty as a stomach when hungry! Oh well, I will just look at the picture posts. Bye!

    Vivian 😉 ( Winky)!

    • The BPS Bloggers

      Hi Vivian!

      Thank you for this lovely comment! We wish that you could have been there too! We wish we could see your rock collection too … that was one sad thing for US about you not being there! We are happy that you can at least still see the pictures but we still really wish that you were there!

      Keep checking back! Have a lovely day!

      The OTHER BPS Bloggers 🙂

  9. maya

    I loved the museum it was AWESOME!

    • The BPS Bloggers

      Hi Maya!

      We loved the lovely comment! We think the Rock Museum was awesome too! What was your favourite part about the Rock Museum? What is your favourite rock?

      Have a lovely day! Keep checking back!

      The OTHER BPS Bloggers 🙂

  10. Tareq

    The rocks were so cool at the rock museum! Wishing we could have a rock museum everyday! I’d like to find out more about a few of these rocks!

    • The BPS Bloggers

      Hi Tareq!

      Thank you for this cool comment! We thought the Rock Museum was cool too! Some of us that are rock CRAZY would want a Rock Museum all day, EVERY day! We wonder what rocks you would like to find out more about? If we had a Rock Museum every day … which rocks would YOU bring in?

      Thank you for leaving a wonderful comment! Have a lovely day!

      The OTHER BPS Bloggers 🙂

  11. Ross Mannell

    Hello Grade 3,

    Well, you have been studying something of great interest to me, although previous classes know many things interest me. I can see by all of your wonderful comments you enjoyed exploring geology

    Rocks and minerals can be fascinating. I thought I would share a post I wrote for you. It looks at some of my rock samples and a geologist’s scale known as the Moh Scale, a scale looking at the hardness of minerals. It starts at 1 for the softest rock (talc) and goes to 10 for the hardest (diamond) that can scratch all softer rocks.

    to see the post on the hardness of rocks, click the link below…

    Ross Mannell
    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

    • The BPS Bloggers

      Hi Ross!

      Thank you for sharing your wonderful rocks with us! They were AMAZING! We love that you left a comment on our blog. Mrs. Renton told us about how you like to leave comments for the Global Grade 3s on the blog! She also told us that there is a surprise package coming to us from Australia! We are very excited to see what’s in it!

      Thank you for showing us some of your rocks, from the softest to the hardest! Thank you for being so thoughtful in the way you organized them using the Moh’s Scale from 1 to 10 … it helped us understand how hard AND how soft some rocks can be!

      You have some rocks that we have never seen before … but some we HAVE seen! Many of us own our own desert roses and quartz because we are rock crazy! Some of us discovered peacock ore this year … chalcopyrite. We love it because it is so colourful … but we’ve also learned that we need to handle it carefully because it has sulphur and copper in it!

      We are glad that you are helping to deepen our learning, like you did with the other Global Grade 3s. We can’t wait to check out the fossil post!

      Thank you for sharing some of your rocks with us! We hope you keep checking back, Ross!

      The BSP Bloggers 🙂

      • Ross Mannell

        Hello BSP Bloggers,

        I have samples of chalcopyrite in my collection in my collection as well as bornite yet both can be called peacock ore. Peacock ore can be very colourful.

        You’re correct, some minerals can be dangerous if handled too often and some if handled at all. Chalcopyrtie in made up of one part copper, one part iron and 2 parts sulphur (CuFeS2) while bornite is 5 parts copper, one part iron and 4 parts sulphur (Cu5FeS4) yet both can be called peacock ore. Their difference is the amount of copper and sulphur in the samples.

        My mother was sensitive to sulphur so peacock ore might have irritated her skin if she handled it.

        One of my samples is kept in a small bottle. It’s the only metal that’s liquid at room temperature. It’s called mercury. It’s in the bottle because it can be dangerous if handled, especially by children. The sample was collected when an old thermometer broke. Some old thermometers used mercury to show temperature because it would expand (grow bigger) as it warmed up and shrink if cooled.

        Rocks, minerals and fossils can be fascinating to colllect, examine and learn about. I know I had been collecting when I was your age and still keep alert when out hiking although I am more likely now to take photos because much of my hiking is in national parks. 🙂

        Ross Mannell

        • The BPS Bloggers

          Hi Ross!

          Thank you for this lovely comment! We thank you for spending your time on this humongous comment … you always help us learn more! We are ALL rock crazy. Some of us think that our parents should move their cars out of the garage so that we have a big place to display our growing rock collections. What is your favourite type of rock? We absolutely loved the package you sent to us … and … we will be working on a special post sometime soon! We agree … rocks and minerals and fossils CAN be fascinating! We are very glad to that you are keeping your mercury in a jar! We want you to be safe!!!

          Keep checking back! Have a lovely day!

          The BPS Bloggers 🙂

  12. Ms. Schmidt

    Hi Grade 3’s,

    Wow!! I am sad I missed your rock museum display. I would have liked to have seen it in person!! I have an amethyst stone at home that I love looking at. I got it at the Tyrell Museum, a museum devoted to rocks and fossils!
    Thank you for having me in your class for a day, I really liked learning about zones of regulation with you all. 🙂

    Have a great week,
    Ms. Schmidt
    Student teacher from University of Calgary

    • The BPS Bloggers

      Hi Ms. Schmidt!

      Thank you for the lovely comment! We are also sad that you missed our Rock Museum too, but that’s okay! We think you’re lucky to have amethyst in your collection! Many of us do too … we think it’s beautiful! We like amethyst! What would YOU put on YOUR desk if you had a Rock Museum? Do you have any OTHER rocks? Did you know that amethysts can be inside geodes too? What was the most interesting thing that you learned about Zones of Regulation?

      Have a great day! Keep checking back!

      The BPS Bloggers 🙂

  13. Maya

    Hi I think my FAVOURITE thing about the rock museum was… well I have a few of them.
    1. Answering the questions. 2.sharing half of my collection.( a well I do not think anyone noticed that
    my amethyst I brought in was one of my 5 treasures! ) 3.EVRYONES collection! They are AWSOME! My favourite type of rock is well it’s hard to say because there are so MEANY ROCKS that I can not even count them!
    But I might have a HUGE list! 1. emerald 2.amethyst 3.dimond 4.any type of rock that has a fossil on it 5.any type of quarts 6.evry rock that exists!

    your friend Maya!:)

    • The BPS Bloggers

      Hi Maya!

      Thank you for a lovely comment! We have lots of rocks that we love too! We like how you put a list of rocks that you like together for us! Your small novel of a comment was a DELIGHT! Some of us DID notice that your amethyst came in as one of your treasures at the start of the year, but MOST of us did NOT notice!

      Have a great day! Keep checking back!

      The OTHER BPS Bloggers 🙂

  14. Vivian

    Hi BPS Bloggers!

    It was so sweet how you guys missed me! Thanks! I wish I was there too! (Again). 😉 What a relief that there is pictures on this blog! 🙂 LOTS of people say that they had a WONDERFUL time at the literally AWESOME Rock Museum! I think I might share something on Friday. MAYBE……. I promise it won’t be a ZILLION ROCKS!! It will probably be just one. Gotta go get a flu shot now bye!!

    Ciao! Vivian 😀

    • The BPS Bloggers

      Hi Vivian!

      Thank you for this wonderful comment! It was very enthusiastic and we LOVE when you leave us comments! We are also glad that this blog has pictures on it so that everyone can see what’s going on! We wish you were there! It was actually an awesome Rock Museum … which you well know, now!!! 😉

      Keep checking back! Have a wonderful day!

      The OTHER BPS Bloggers 🙂

  15. Reid

    Hi class mates (and Mrs. Renton). The rock museum was AWESOME!!! There were TONS of cool rocks!! I wish I had rocks to share but at least I had a few rocks to share.



    • Laurie Renton

      Hi Reid!

      Thanks for the lovely comment! It’s too bad that you didn’t feel like you had a lot of rocks to share … we did like the rocks you brought in! Maybe now you can start collecting the polished rocks you like so much!

      Keep checking back! Have a lovely day!

      The OTHER BPS Bloggers 🙂

  16. Cooper

    I was just walking out of school and a kid walked up to me and asked if I was the kid
    Who had a rock collection was big as mrs Renton. It made me feel so nice.
    I have been meaning to check the grade three blog post.

  17. Laurie Renton

    Hi Cooper!

    How wonderful to see your comment pop up this morning! It made me smile from ear to ear thinking about how good you would have felt that another student noticed, through our classroom blog, how LARGE your rock collection is!

    I am SO glad that you left this comment, Cooper! I am STILL smiling from ear to ear!


    Mrs. Renton 🙂

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