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Happy National FOSSIL Day!

Posted by on October 12, 2016

Equipped with his five senses, man explores the universe around him and calls the adventure Science.

~Edwin Powell Hubble

This is how we began our day … happy National FOSSIL Day! Let’s get into small groups! I’m going to pass you a fossil and a magnifying glass! Talk about what kind of a fossil you THINK it is, and why, in your groups!


Gosh … what IS it? It’s tiny … and light … and full of crevices. Hmm. What do YOU think?

What IS it? Here are some of our FIRST thoughts! Give up? Yup! Well, it’s called COPROLITE! What? It’s COPROLITE! Does that help us? Nope! Okay … what should we DO? Let’s GOOGLE it! Okay! Are you SURE? Yes! Are you REALLY sure? YESSSS!


We sat for Β QUITE a few minutes, while everyone looked at the Google search on the SmartBoard … then … SUDDENLY … one brave soul said OOOOHHHH!


There were quiet whispers … WHAT?!? It’s … DUNG!!! EWWWWWWW The groans spread across the classroom. They COULDN’T believe that their TEACHER would hand them a piece of … fossilized DINOSAUR poop! The SCIENTIFIC word? Coprolite!

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Okay … DON’T worry … it’s not THAT bad! It’s FOSSILIZED … it’s NOT like holding REAL dung! Check it out … does it SMELL? WHAT? You want us to SMELL it? Go on … what do you have to lose?


Hmm … she’s RIGHT … it DOESN’T smell! It’s not so bad!

Oh my goodness … what a WONDERFUL day! We shared our OWN small collections. Mrs. Renton shared her HUGE collection!

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We read BOOKS … and Mrs. Renton told us all about the Courtenay Museum, on Vancouver Island! That’s were she FIRST learned how to REALLY dig for fossils! She looks for these things called MUD balls … tucked in the shale beds … only SHE likes to call them KINDER SURPRISES for fossil HUNTERS! This video from the Courtenay Museum will show you what it looks like when you’re digging for them:

We spent a GLORIOUS day using our magnifying glasses to look DEEPLY at all the amazing fossils that had appeared in our classroom:

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We EVEN got to spend a little time with Bill NYE … and he told us even MORE about fossils:

Wow! WHAT a day! Here are some of our reflections:

“Hi! I learned that poop could turn into a fossil! I can’t believe today! I was holding a 65 million year old piece of poop! I really enjoyed it! It was fascinating! I wonder if a fossil can re-fossilize. So, like … you put a fossil in the ground then would it get another layer of stone? Fossilized poo is called Coprolite!: ~Rowen

“I like that I saw obsidian. I learned that fossils can break. I wonder if there are fossils in the dirt?” ~Beyazit

“I liked everything because it was fun looking at the fossils and the movie was great! I learned that you can make your own FAKE fossil! IU wonder how many fossils there are in the world?” ~Connie

“I liked when we did sketching because I am good at it. It was fun. I learned that plants can be fossils too. I wonder how long a fossil can be?” ~Evelyn L

“I liked looking at the fossils in the morning and watching Bill Nye. I learned that fossils are dinosaur bones. I wonder if there’s a lot of emeralds inside of fossils?” ~Tareq

“Hi! I like the part where Bill Nye showed how wood turned into stone! The coprolite was 65 million years old! Cool! I learned that fossils can be found.” ~Daniel

“I really liked when I got to look at samples of the fossils because it let’s me have a closer look. I learned that fossils are everywhere. I wonder how many there are in the world?” ~Leah

“I like that a lot of fossils can be found in many different places and they are all different! I learned that fossils that are all a part of the same animal can be far away from each other. I really wonder if there is a rock and a mineral in a dinosaur fossil?” ~Katherine

“I learned that all fossils are sedimentary. I wonder why rocks are formed with pressure?” ~Maya

“What I learned was that you can find HUMUNGUS prehistoric fossils at a river bank! I also learned that you can make fossils! But, then they are fake! I wonder if you can find a fossil on a snowy mountain?” ~Vivian

“I like the part when we shared fossils as a group. And, I also liked when we found a fossil … it’s actually dinosaur poop! We even held it too! I learned that fossils could turn animals to stone. I wonder why can’t fossils work on every animal?” ~Evelyn S

“I learned that fossils can be found anywhere. I love fossils!” ~Nic

“Did you know that a fossil that is so easy to guess is so hard? It’s dino dung! I wonder if fossils can spread. I learned that you can make a fake fossil with paint.” ~Zari

“I like Bill Nye because he is funny. I wonder if bugs can be fossils. I learned that mud balls can be hard.” ~Emily

“I like fossils. They’re good things so that I can remember stuff from a long time ago. I learned that fossils can be in mountains and deep under ground. I wonder how many fossils can there be in one rock?” ~Sky

Something that I learned today is that coprolite is fossilized dinosaur dung! Ewww! I liked looking at so many cool fossils and some of the fossil hunting tools. I liked it because if I go fossil hunting now I know what to look for and what to bring. I wonder if there are fossils in my backyard or if there are some really good fossil hunting sites in Calgary or near my community?” ~Payton

“I learned that it takes like a million years for a fossil to form. I liked exploring the fossils in the room, and learning about them. I learned that poop 85 million years ago can turn into a rock in 85 million years!” ~Colter

“I loved Bill Nye because he is funny!” ~Eric

“I liked the Bill Nye movie because it showed me the size of a dinosaur footprint. I learned that petrified wood needs water to turn into petrified wood. I wonder how scientist know how long ago dinosaurs were alive?” ~Will

Men love to wonder, and that is the seed of science.

~Ralph Waldo Emerson


29 Responses to Happy National FOSSIL Day!

  1. Susanne

    Such a cool day of learning. Thanks for sharing!
    ~ Katherine and her mom

    • The BPS Bloggers

      Hi Katherine and Susanne!

      Thank you for leaving such a nice comment on our blog! We’re glad you enjoyed our National FOSSIL Day post! What was your FAVOURITE part of the post?

      Keep checking back! Have a great day!

      The BPS Bloggers πŸ™‚

  2. Patricia

    We love the spark that is being ignited to question ! πŸ™‚

    • The BPS Bloggers

      Hi Patty!

      Thank you for leaving this beautiful comment! We were inspired about learning about Fibonacci and the Lucas sequence AND about fossils! We have a LOT of wonders! Do YOU have any wonders about fossils or patterns?

      Keep checking back! Have a lovely week!

      The BPS Bloggers πŸ™‚

  3. Maxine

    Awesome! Colby told me all about the poop right when I picked him up! Hehe! It is so fabulous to hear the enthusiasm and the amazing learning adventures you are having. Thank you!

    • The BPS Bloggers

      Hi Maxine!

      Thanks for the lovely comment! We were SHOCKED about the POOP too!!! We were surprised when we found out that it was … poop! Actually, it wasn’t as bad as we thought at first because SOME people even make JEWELRY out of … poop … but … it IS fossilized! When it is POLISHED, coprolite looks like any other gem … and not even remotely like … poop! It was a FUN adventure!

      Keep checking back! Have a great day!

      The BPS Bloggers πŸ™‚

  4. Stacy

    Eric and I enjoyed watching the video about the fossils uncovered in Vancouver. He wondered, “If you found a fossil that no one else had discovered…what would you name it?” πŸ™‚

    • The BPS Bloggers

      Hi Stacy!

      Thank you for the comment! It would probably take us a LONG time to name a fossil that no one else had ever discovered … but, a few of us think the BPS Blogger Fossil would be AWESOME! It makes us wonder HOW fossils are named! We might have to do some research!

      Have a lovely day! Keep checking back!

      The BPS Bloggers πŸ™‚

  5. Mrs. Renton's Dad

    Wow!! What a great way to celebrate fossil day. It is remarkable to be able to hold a fossil that is a million years old in ones hand. Your amazing comments about your observations were very thoughtful and showed a keen interest in our geological history. Congratulations to each and everyone of you Grade 3 Junior Geologists! I am Mrs. Renton’s father and we often search for fossils together on Vancouver Island.

    • The BPS Bloggers

      Hi Mrs. Renton’s Dad!

      Thank you for leaving that lovely comment. We thought Mrs. Renton had a pretty cool way to celebrate National Fossil Day as well. We liked the Courtenay Museum video that showed us how to dig for fossils. We heard that you learned how to dig for fossils through the Courtenay Museum too! We wonder what you like best about digging for fossils?

      Keep checking back! Have a great day!

      The BPS Bloggers πŸ™‚

  6. Renee

    Wow what a great way to get those little minds thinking outside the box on what can happen to objects from our history and wanting them to learn and explore more. Your creating a bunch of explorers in your classroom

    • The BPS Bloggers

      Hi Renee!

      Thank you SO much for the comment! We DO think we are becoming a bunch of little explorers and our classroom is becoming our lab! It was so nice and fabulous of you to leave a comment and a compliment! We enjoy learning through our wonders … even if it means we may have to hold a piece of coprolite or two!!!

      Keep checking back! Have a wonderful day!

      The BPS Bloggers πŸ™‚

  7. connie

    I never knew that poo could be fossilized. I love learning about fossils. What about you?

    • The BPS Bloggers

      Hi Connie!

      Thanks for the funny comment! We also liked learning about fossils! Not very many of us, including our rock crazy teacher, would have EVER believed that poop could become fossilized! That’s just CRAZY!

      Keep checking back! Have a LOVELY day!

      The OTHER BPS Bloggers πŸ™‚

  8. Vivian

    It’s SO weird that… poo can be fossilized! I wonder what Dinosaur it came from??? I wish the fossil could somehow tell you if it came from a crocodilian or a Dinosaur. That would be cool! Bye!

    • Laurie Renton

      Hi Vivian!

      Thank you for leaving a comment! Who KNEW poop (coprolite) could become a fossil??? It’s SO weird! We think that it is SO strange that something so MUSHY could become a ROCK! Paleontologists can kind of “read” a fossil … because they are trained to look DEEPLY … and … they know WHAT to look for … so, fossils KIND of tell them where they came from. It would be REALLY cool if fossils could talk!

      Keep checking back! Have a great day!

      The BPS Bloggers πŸ™‚

  9. Zari

    Hi Mrs.renton (and the whole class).
    Im wondering what will we discover next? :/
    anyway what is so important about fossils and minerals.
    also the..p..p..poop part was not cool!
    Fibonacci is fun to learn even if it means work.
    all the time very day even I learn a thing or two.
    Bye Bye I’m going to……I really don’t know.

  10. Alexia

    Hi Mrs.Renton ( and grade 3’s)

    What is the grade 3’s name for the blog THIS year? What are you guys learning next after rocks and minerals?? For the fossilized dinosaur poop where did you find it?

    Best Wishes!


    • The BPS Bloggers

      Hi Alexia,
      Thank you for the lovely comment.
      Our name this year for our blog is BPS Bloggers. We are not sure what we are going to be doing after rocks and minerals.
      Mrs Renton bought the poop at a rock store.
      What did you learn after rocks and minerals?
      Happy Halloween,
      The BPS Bloggers

  11. Rhonda (Leah's mom)

    Leah is having so much fun learning about rocks and fossils. She even took our family on a rock and fossil hunt today in our neighbourhood. We have a few ammonite fossils in our family collection. Very cool stuff that you grade 3’s get to learn!! Keep having fun!!!

    • The BPS Bloggers

      Hi Rhonda!

      Thank you for the lovely comment! Did you and Leah find anything on your rock and fossil hunt? We’d love the see it! We are also having lots of fun learning about rocks and fossils! Almost EVERY day someone brings in special rocks to share … we are rock CRAZY!

      Have a great day! Keep checking back!

      The BPS Bloggers πŸ™‚

      • Rhonda

        Thanks for the comment, we did not find anything on the fossil hunt, but it was good to get fresh air. Leah is having so much fun in your class, she has turned into a rock lover!!


        • The BPS Bloggers

          Hi Rhonda!

          Thank you for leaving a wonderful comment! It’s okay that you didn’t find any fossils … we think that fresh air is good too! Most of us have turned into rock lovers too! It seems like almost every day someone comes in with at least ONE rock to share! We are really glad that Leah is having fun in our class … we are too!

          Keep checking back! Have a great day!

          The BPS Bloggers πŸ™‚

  12. Vivian

    Hi BPS Bloggers!

    I was wondering if I could make a… BOOK for the whole class! One will be the Titanic and one will be Fib The Pineapple! I will bring them in to share once they are finished! (Here’s a hint)! I just STARTED it! Ha! I should do some more WORK! (It will be funny but appropriate)!

    Vivian πŸ˜€ ;D πŸ™‚ YAY! And send!

    • Arash, Colby, Evelyn S and Maya, (on behalf of the BPS Bloggers)

      Hi Vivian!

      Thank you for this funny comment! We’re glad that you are going to make a story about the Titanic and Fib the Pineapple! We wonder how far along in your book writing you are now! We wonder WHY you are making these books? What inspired you? We can’t wait to hear more about them!

      Keep checking back! Have a lovely day!

      Arash, Evelyn S, Maya & Colby (on behalf of the OTHER BPS Bloggers) πŸ™‚

  13. Vivian

    Hi BPS Bloggers!

    I am glad to make a story about the Titanic and Fib the Pineapple too! I am about…well, maybe half way or shorter I guess. I just decided: “Why don’t I make a book for my class why not type!” Because as you know I LOVE typing! I am not sure what inspired me. I was board so I just wanted to type!

    Peace out! Vivian ;D LOL

    • Laurie Renton

      Hi Vivian!

      Thanks for the lovely comment! We like learning about Fibonacci! We are glad that you are going to make a book for the whole class! We are sad that you went home sick today. We hope you feel better … maybe you’ll even feel a little bored … and want to work on your book!!!

      Have a great day! Keep checking back!

      The OTHER BPS Bloggers πŸ™‚

      • Vivian

        Thanks for thinking about me. I am trying to work on my book! It feels like SUCH a LONG time since we talked about Fibonacci! Then we were in to patterns now our four countries! I am just watching my shows on Netflix and having a nap. I will definitely be here tomorrow though! (Because of pg’s and games) but also spending time with you guys! I see that you just had lunch and are now starting the afternoon. Well … I guess I should say good bye now!

        See you tomorrow!

        Vivian πŸ˜€

        • Laurie Renton

          Hi Vivian!

          Thank you for leaving a lovely comment, even though you were sick! Yes, it DID feel like such a long time since we have talked about Fibonacci! We wonder if you watched anything interesting on NETFLIX!!! We are SO glad that you are feeling well enough to come to school before the break because we miss you when you’re gone! We are also always glad to spend time with you too.

          Keep checking back! Have a wonderful day!

          The OTHER BPS Bloggers πŸ™‚

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