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Year End Reflections and Advice For the NEW Grade Threes!

Posted by on June 21, 2016

The best way to succeed in life is to act on the advice we give to others. 

~Author Unknown

It is HARD to believe that it is the END of the school year. NONE of us knows where the time has gone … it has simple VANISHED into THIN air! What an AMAZING year of learning we have had together.

This post is our FINAL post for the year. It is full of our PERSONAL reflections and maybe a LITTLE advice for the NEW Grade Threes who will arrive in September. Don’t kid yourself. September seems like SUCH a long time away. TRUST us … we know a thing or TWO about how time CAN fly. Actually, it MIGHT even have WINGS!

This brings back HAPPIER memories ... when Pippin and Ace were FIRST born at the Delta eagle nest.

This brings back HAPPIER memories … when Pippin and Ace were FIRST born at the Delta eagle nest.

“I think, for the final blog post, it should be about giving tips or advice for next year’s grade threes because we could give them advice or tips that they might need for grade three. I think that the next year’s grade threes would enjoy watching the eagle cams and the owl cams too if they get lucky enough. I hope that the next year’s grade threes enjoy grade three!” ~Fahad

“One tip for the next year’s grade threes is to scare Mrs. Renton by putting snakes on her chair! We are just about to have a Celebration of Learning. One app for the next year’s grade threes is: you should try Stikbot. It’s awesome. Go to #Stikbot. Ask Mrs. Renton if you will make marionettes. When you come in she will ask you to share your treasures. When I shared mine it was fun. I like iMovie because I think it helps me learn! I should probably start wrapping it up. I hope that you will have fun in Grade Three. Mrs. Renton is a funny, good teacher!’ ~Cooper

It's hard to believe that THIS is what our finished marionettes first looked like!

It’s hard to believe that THIS is what our finished marionettes first looked like!

“My tips for nest year’s grade threes are that you should take care of your mealworms because they could get sick. My favourite thing we have done is looking at eagle cams because you get to learn about eagles and because you get to see them grow up. We also get to look at mealworms and keep them at school. If yours dies you get a new one. My guy is named Harry. We also did masks. That was super fun because when you were all done it makes the room more colourful. The other fun thing about grade three is that you get to do iMovie. Grade Three is epic. Hopefully grade four is good!” ~Matt

“Mealworms? What are those? They are like caterpillars except become darkling beetles. We have pet mealworms. They are really cute and adventurous! Now … for our dance residency. We are doing a dance called pryvit. It is very fun. Our teachers’ names are Allara and Ingrid. A tip for next year’s grade threes is to make an iMovie or green screen at home. Stikbot is a good green screen app because it has special effects. It will help you a lot. Some sad news is Pippin the Delta baby died and five Texas barn owl babies died. The last was taken to Roger’s Rehab. I think you should watch cams at YOUR house!” ~Daniel B.

“Hi. I am SO sad … it’s only a week and a day until school is over. 🙁 Most kids are happy that school is over … but NOT me. I want to stay at school because I want to stay with Mrs. Renton and learn more! But, I also want the end of school to come because I want to go to grandma’s so we can camp. I LOVE camp. It’s SO fun! Back to the subject. I DON’T want to go to grade four. If I do then Mrs. Renton can teach me. Now … the barn owl cams … are OFF! What? Why, you ask? Well, the seven baby owlets died and only the second owlet that hatched survived. Then, the parents abandoned the owlet. We don’t know why. The owlet is in a wildlife rehabilitation place being looked after. The barn owl cam won’t be on for the rest of the season. But, it will be back on next season. My tip for the future grade threes: be prepared for surprises, bring something to share for the beginning of the year, learn how to do green screen and iMovies. You should get the apps. You’re going to do it if you’re lucky. That’s all my tips. Now it’s time to say good bye. Hope you future grade threes enjoy Mrs. Renton!” ~Carissa

This green screen business was SO much fun!

This green screen business was SO much fun!

“I wonder why Dash has not been at the barn owl’s barn for such a long time? I wonder how Pippin died from the disease he had. I hope Ace doesn’t die as well. (Ace and Pippin are eaglets.) I really enjoyed making our masks. It was really fun painting my mask from a variety of colours. I also really enjoyed making our marionettes. It was really fun because it required teamwork, collaboration and support. I liked doing iMovies and green screening best because making iMovies was the BEST!!! I wonder how the Celebration of Learning will be tomorrow? I hope it goes well. I think the journey through grade three was awesome. I think the same for grade four. I hope I have a great year in grade four.” ~Omar

“We are writing about the main stuff we did this year. Let’s start with our cams. We have been watching cams for birds and animals. We have been watching eagles, owls and many animals at Pete’s Pond. We also have the whole story of our marionettes. I can tell you about our story about our marionettes. Okay. This is it. At first, we just had paper, then we made the structures and then dressed them and we wrote scripts for iMovies we filmed! We also got mealworms! They are very fun to play with! Some tips I would give for next year’s grade threes is to never show Mrs. Renton even FAKE snakes because Mrs. Renton will FREAK out! Thanks for reading this blog post!” ~Ryan

Aww ... LOOK at the little guy! It's ADORABLE ... I wonder what we should NAME him?

Aww … LOOK at the little guy! It’s ADORABLE … I wonder what we should NAME him?

“Wa! Bam! Woosh! Hello, I am bat kid. Dun, dun, dun!!! I am here to tell you about the dance residency! These are the dance instructors’ names: Allara and Ingrid. They are very nice. We have Ingrid in the morning and Allara in the afternoon. Yesterday we learned all of it so now we know the entire dance! Yeah! My highlight is that to be in the front row and in the middle too, which is fun!!! Another highlight is that I never got to be in a Ukrainian dance before and now I do!!! My lowlight is that I messed up some of the last dance moves in the dance which are a little bit harder than the first dance moves. I have no more lowlights in the dance residency because I love dance so much! Here is a tip for the future grade three students: always try your best because then you can do something even better. I wish that in grade four I will have magical powers!” ~Mila

“Our Celebration of Learning is on June 17. We are done our marionette process. We are going to bring our masks and marionettes home on the day of the Celebration of Learning. This is the final blog post. For the eagle web cam in Delta, Pippin died. We finished our iMovies last month. I want to get the Stikbot app for green/blue screening. iMovies are fun so learn it because at HOME you can do it as many times as you want!” ~Alvin

We learned SO many great skills as we worked through our iMovie project!

We learned SO many great skills as we worked through our iMovie project!

“Have you ever been in grade three? Some advice for next year’s grade threes is marionettes will take a LONG, long time! Another tip is not to put toy snakes on Mrs. Renton’s chair because she will jump TWO METERS … that’s FAR! Something I will never forget is the marionettes because it was really fun!!! A tip for next year’s grade threes is to hug Mrs. Renton because she will like it. I hope next year’s grade threes do a good job like we did!” ~Simos

“NOOOOO … it’s the LAST blog post of the year! That means the end of the year. I have one message to say to next year’s grade threes. You have the best teacher ever. Anyways, for our name of our last blog post, sniff, I think we, sniff, should do, sniff, our journey through grade three. Because, other people wanted to do it about our masks or do it about our mealworms. But, if we just do our journey through grade three we can include both of those things. We could even throw the cams in there!” ~Jamie

We STILL can’t believe how much work went into our marionette project!

 “Here is a tip for next year’s grade threes. Choose people you work well with because I picked my friends and it wasn’t that great. Secret: Mrs. Renton is the best in the world. We made marionettes. They were pretty hard. They weren’t pretty easy, either, but you will love it. It is so fun. You make iMovies after you make marionettes. She is the best!” ~Carson

“I can hardly remember the beginning of the year. But, I can remember that we brought in treasures that gave other people information about you. I remember I brought in a seahorse picture to show that I love art. I also brought in a dice to show I play a lot of games with my family. Another thing I brought in is a friendship bracelet and a map with all of the places where my family ives to show I love my family and friends. But, my favourite part about this year is the cams because they are very interesting and fun to watch, especially the babies growing up. Advice for you future grade threes: give Mrs. Renton a hug every day because she LOVES hugs and make sure to ask about making marionettes because they were SUPER fun. I hope you enjoy grade three!” ~Elise

“Hello, journal! Today we made our final blog post. And, that is what I am writing about. This is just basically a wrap up of the year. Painting our Peruvian masks was really hard for me because I kept getting too much paint on and it took forever to dry!!! Let me introduce my mealworm first! Her name is Echo Shineston 2 because the first Echo Shinestone died. 🙁 One day when me and my class were inspecting our mealworms, Echo Shinestone started to try to crawl, (escape), out. I would like to give next year’s grade three’s some advice. 1. always hug Mrs. Renton at the end of every day. 2. Always listen to her. 3. Try not to fall asleep in class like I did. And, that’s the end of my ideas for the final blog post!” ~Riddhima

Hmm. I wonder what Baba's FAVOURITE snack is? Oh WAIT ... that's NOT Baba ... that's GARY!

Hmm. I wonder what Baba’s FAVOURITE snack is? Oh WAIT … that’s NOT Baba … that’s GARY!

“Noooo! One more week and the year is over. This is all about how the year went. I’m pretty sure it all started when I was surprised, VERY surprised, to be in Mrs. Renton’s class. Then, we made marionettes for iMovies. First we made the paper spine and paper head and base. We also required juicy jugs to stand up our marionette structures because they had not … FEET! Then we wrapped almost the WHOLE spine and head in masking tape to keep it from falling apart! Umm … enough about the marionettes. Sorry! Grade three is amazing! And, here’s some advice for if you end up in Mrs. Renton’s class for grade three: 1. Never use a fake snake to scare Mrs. Renton. 2. Try very, very hard not to get Mrs. Renton on the ground crying. 3. Always have fun with Mrs. Renton! I truly wish I could always be in Mrs. Renton’s class.” ~Daniel S

“One more week until school is out. But, not for me! I am writing to wrap up our journey through grade three and what we think about grade four. I think it’s everything I’ve done in grade three. But, the think I liked the most is the celebration of learning and marionettes and masks. I liked the marionettes because we papier mached the marionettes. The masks were made out of clay. They were Peruvian. I have two more things about grade three. The cams. Only the Hancock cam is up and running because the barn owl cam … well … three of them died. One got stolen and only one of the owlets survived. That one is named Rocky Pearl. She is with Roger’s Wildlife Rehabilitation. Here are tips for next year’s grade threes: it is very hard to do things in iMovie! And, you will be VERY grossed out by the mealworms. And … Mrs. Renton is the BEST teacher EVER! (And … she is awesome at hugs!) ~Alexia

I don't know what they're TALKING about ... we think we're pretty ADORABLE ... for ... creepy crawlies!!!

I don’t know what they’re TALKING about … we think we’re pretty ADORABLE … for … creepy crawlies!!! Although it DID take SOME of those grade threes a WHILE to warm UP to us!

“Hi readers! This is our last blog post of the year. 🙁 So, to wrap up we are going to be telling you a bit of our journey and a bit about what we think about grade four. It was very fun having Mrs. Renton as a teacher. I know everyone in her class will miss her. At the start of the year we all brought in our treasures, (special things). We shared them with the rest of the class. Now we’re going on to marionettes. Of course if you’ve read our other blog posts you will know all about them, but this is just a little wrap up. We’ve finished filming and all of that stuff so tomorrow on our celebration of learning we will take the marionettes and the masks home. Going back a little, you might remember the Ancient Peruvian mask post. Well, I’m going to talk a little about the masks. The masks WERE fun to make. We all enjoyed it very much! Right now the masks are sitting around the classroom, but not for long now. I already told you we are taking them home tomorrow! 🙁 Now, the final thing I’m going to talk about is the only thing not on a blog post … mealworms! You’re probably wondering what are mealworms? Well, I’ll answer that … mealworms are caterpillar-like bus and when it is in the adult stage it’s a beetle! We had fun with our mealworms but Mrs. Renton says we have to set them free one day. Now, to give advice to the next grade threers! Hope for the best, prepare for the worst and take whatever comes!” ~Aimee

“I like grade three because it is just awesome in Mrs. Renton’s classroom because you get to do exciting things and we like to watch web cams because looking at the eggs is fun.” ~Kagan

“This is our last blog post. Our last blog post is about what our favourite things were about grade three and tips for next year’s grade threes. My favourite part was the mealworms experiment with wet and dry. Mine went to the wet side. A tip for grade three is don’t prank Mrs. Renton with a pretend snake because she’ll freak out … like BANANAS! See you later. Hope you love it!” ~Madison

I WONDER what NEXT year's grade threes will think about OWL pellets?!?

I WONDER what NEXT year’s grade threes will think about OWL pellets?!?

 “This is our final post. 🙁 My mealworm is a pupa. It is getting the shape of a beetle. My mealworm’s name is Johnny! It is almost our Celebration of Learning and we’re going to do a Ukrainian dance called Breveet. Breveet means hi in Ukrainian. We made Peruvian masks out of clay. It was cool. There used to be five owlets, now there’s one named Pearl. At the eagle’s nest Pippin died. R.I.P. little one. Here are some tips for next year’s grade threes: don’t fall ASLEEP in class because you will miss some important stuff. Don’t drop your mealworm from a high place because he might die. And, don’t open your petri dish when your mealworm is a beetle because it might go in a place in the classroom and lay eggs! Always try your best! Bye!!! PS Always give Mrs. Renton a hug at the end of each day!” ~Evan

“Awww! It is almost the end of the year and we have to do our final blog post. 🙁 I really loved my mealworm. His name is Kevin. I don’t get to play with him anymore because he is in his pupa stage. 🙁 This might make you cry because it did for me. The mama and papa of the barn owl baby abandoned it and … with Ace and Pippin … Pippin di …di…died. We spent like 30 minutes trying to figure out what happened to him. We think he was poisoned by food because he was feeding himself. (He actually had a respiratory disease. LR) I loved the Ukrainian dance. I used to do it on Thursdays but I quit this year. So, when we did our dance residency on Ukraine I was so excited in my mind. I was like “yes, yes, yes, yes”! If I gave grade threes tips I would say get plastic snakes for April Fools because Mrs. Renton is TERRIFIED of them … and ask her if you are doing marionettes! But, I have one rule for you: HAVE FUN! Looks like it’s time to go. Bye!” ~Mary

We sure hope you enjoy our advice for the NEW grade threes! Actually, we think it’s pretty awesome advice for ANYONE:

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Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

Today is your day.
You’re off to Great Places!
You’re off and away!

~Dr. Seuss

7 Responses to Year End Reflections and Advice For the NEW Grade Threes!

  1. Terrylee (Carissa's grandma)

    And I thought I was the only one who thought Ms Renton was awesome! So much to learn by reading the blogs. My advice for new grade 3’s- enjoy and embrace the knowledge that Ms Renton will impart. My advice for the graduating grade 3’s- you have quite obviously reaped the results of education from an extremely dedicated teacher- but have no doubt your minds are just in the early stages of growth and there is no limit to what you can do. You might just become the next ‘Ms Renton’ inspiring the new generation.

    • The Grade Three Bloggers

      Hi Terrylee!

      Thanks for the awesome comment! You made Mrs. Renton BLUSH! She feels SO lucky to get to work with these AMAZING students … they’ve taught HER a lot too! Some of us actually DO think we might be teachers one day!

      We hope you have a WONDERFUL summer! Thank you for all your awesome comments this year!

      The Grade Three Bloggers 🙂

  2. Brant Parker (CBE Area I Director)

    I have enjoyed another year of following the posts on the Global Grade 3 blog. It has been a year of great learning and adventure for all of you! Congratulations on the accomplishments you have shared and I wish each and everyone of you as successful a learning journey in Grade 4 …except for Ms. Renton, who I am guessing will be having another year in grade 3!

  3. AJ

    Hi Grade 3s
    So, the end of the year, a time of parting. When you leave your classmates and/or school. This was a hard time for me as I had made some (not many) friends at my 2 1/2 years at this school. This school, and especially Mrs. Renton are great (not as great as my school 😉 ). 3 years ago was the flood in Southern Alberta, at the end of the school year. I did not get to say a “proper” goodbye to the school, the awesome teacher that taught me so much that year, and my few friends. What you learned this year was important, or you would have not learnt it. And, by the way, all the “fun” was actually leaning. I know. So horrifying. But, do not fear. Fun is still fun, and you had the pleasure of having fun. Anyways, do not waste the rest of your time in that class just fooling around. Take that time to take in the awesomeness that is Grade 3 with Mrs. Renton, and savor it, as when it’s gone, it’s gone forever. That time you may spend getting in trouble could be time that you spend giving Mrs. Renton the best possible image in her mind of what can only be awesome grade threes. Now, onto a lighter tone. I can’t believe that the school would buy Macbooks for you! Those are expensive. Please don’t ruin it (like I shattered my school-supplied iPad 4 times). It’s a privilege to be able to use those machines. To be honest, those marionettes’ eyes always creeped me out. Like, I would go into my basement and, BAM. Out of the corner of my eye, I see realistic eyes staring at me. Gives me the shivers. Now, think about the owl pellets this way. You are touching solid owl barf. You are touching dead animal fur. You are touching dead animal bones. I like making people cringe. It’s fun. Anyway, have a good next 9 years in school. That’s a long 9 years by the way. (Note to Mrs. Renton. This blog has not changed. That is really surprising! I like that!)

  4. Ross Mannell

    Hello Grade 3,

    I have been able to visit many of your posts throughout your school year, although not often having time to leave comments, and have found your learning adventures to be fascinating. The second half of your school year, 2016, has also been very busy for me with photography and video work for fun and for schools and community groups. I find my learning has never stopped as I discover more and learn new skills and I know, as you continue on in to Grade 4, you will all find many more learning adventures ahead.

    Down here we are in winter but, if you were here, you would probably find our temperatures much warmer than your winters. It doesn’t snow where I am but frost can sometimes cover the grass and the air is “crisp”. Our weather forecast is telling us the maxmum temperature here on Friday will be 11C (52F). We would consider that cold although it seems like a good hiking day for me. Do any of you enjoy hiking now it’s summer in Canada?

    Perhaps my favourite post of your class was about the eagle’s nest. I like observing wildlife and often take photos of the animals I see. Being able to see the eaglets hatch and grow as well as learning more about their life cycle and habits would be exciting. Our local eagles include sea eagles and wedge-tailed eagles. Eagles are so beautiful as they soar high in the sky.

    I hope you all have a fun summer vacation full of new experiences and learning.

    Ross Mannell
    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

  5. jdcampbell2014

    Hi Grade 3 (and Mrs. Renton)
    Thank you for sharing your reflections on your grade 3 year. I giggled when I read that someone thought they should put a snake on Mrs. Rentons chair! 🙂

    I think it must be hard to summarize all of your learning for a whole year, but I would like to thank you for being such good explorers this year. You have explored new understandings and skills that have helped you grow.

    So if I had some advice for YOU as you go into grade four, it would be to continue to be a curious explorer. Learn new things about your world and I encourage you to care enough to make a difference.

    All the best Grade 3

    Mr. Campbell

  6. Irene

    Hi awesome Grade 3s and the equally awesome Mrs Renton!

    I’ve enjoyed following your learning journey through this blog and Simos’ stories. Grade 4 is going to be so exciting, and I know you will always remember Mrs. Renton and all the amazing adventures she helped lead you on. Thank you for all you do, Mrs. Renton!

    Have a great summer, all of you!

    Irene (Simos’ mom)

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