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Delta Eagle Webcam Highlights!

Posted by on April 30, 2016

Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.

~Khalil Gibran

March 13th seems like SUCH a long time ago! That's when the SECOND Delta egg was laid!

March 13th seems like SUCH a long time ago! That’s when the SECOND Delta egg was laid!

Well, it’s official! We have EAGLETS! I think WE are as excited as the Delta ma and pa eagles are because it’s been three YEARS since their last successful hatch! This webcam, along with the Great Horned and Barn owl cams, have been providing us with such AMAZING learning opportunities for the past few months. What BETTER way to learn about life cycles than to be right there, in the NEST, along side these incredible creatures? What follows are just SOME of our latest reflections and wonders:

“Hi! Guess what! I am here to tell you about our eagle web cams, (basically just the Delta one because last year, at the White Rock nest, two eaglets were born there. One of them, called Kilo, was wingersizing and knocked the nest down so a man named David Hancock mad a platform/base for them. but, they did not seem to like it. So, they ended up making a nest outside the webcam’s reach.) But, from the bad luck last year, we were not so sure if we could rely on the Delta nest. And, if the Delta nest did not work, then we would not be able to watch the growing up of the eaglets at all. But, it’s looking good because both eggs have hatched. (They look really ugly.) The ones at White Rock will be called Mike and November. I do not know what the Delta eaglets will be called. Bye. See you next time!” ~Tanek

“Hey, guess what? The Delta nest (eagles) laid two eggs. The second egg hatched at 9:05 last night I think, but the other one hatched at 7:20 in the morning. We do not know why our cams are not working right now for some reason. I wonder why, when the eaglets hatch, they are VERY wet. I hope David Hancock finds a way to fix the cams soon!” ~Fahad

“What? Eaglets already? I can’t believe it! The second one is super wet and oogly! But, the first one that hatched is super fluffy. Why the one that just came out is all wet is because he came from the inside of the egg which is wet … so … he is wet. Why the one that came out first is all dry is because he had time to dry off so now he is all fluffy. You know how the grown up eagles are white on their heads and tails and black on their bodies? Well, the eaglets are gray. And, then, when they turn into juvenile eagles, then they turn brown. And, then they finally turn black and white. When we are able to see the eaglet’s face I can see its egg tooth. The egg tooth is for pecking at the egg when it is ready to get out. And, the pecking with the egg tooth makes the egg break and makes the eaglet really tired. I wonder what the names will be?” ~Elise

The wonderful Youtube clips in this post come from the amazing people who observe the nests and post their observations on the forum so that we can ALL learn!

“What? The second egg hatched last night at 9:05! The first one hatched on Monday, April 18, 2016 at 7:20 in the morning! We also watched a video of the second baby hatching. Did you know when eaglets are trying to hatch they are weak? When the baby eaglets are a bit older, at the White Rock nest, they will have Military Alphabet names. So, their names will be M and N, (Mike and November). The mom was feeding the first one and not the second. Can you believe that? Now we cannot see all of that because the cam is down. 🙁 Hopefully the cam will work! I wonder when the egg tooth will fall off? I wonder where Kilo and Lima are?” ~Alexia

“Wow!!! Don’t I just LOVE the Delta web cams!!! My class is looking at the Delta eagles. Guess what … the mom laid two EGGS!!! And, now they’re both out!!! The first one hatched on Monday morning and the second one hatched on Monday night. We noticed that when the babies come out they are really wet. We think that the inside of the egg is blue. That’s what I wonder. I predict that both eagles will grow up to be better than Kilo. I discovered that my favourite type of bird is an eagle. I hope eagles don’t become endangered again.” ~Jamie

“My class is looking at web cams at the Delta nest and both of the eaglets hatched!!! Did you know that when the eaglets hatch they are wet but then they dry? It takes them a lot of time to learn how to fly in the sky. Here are my highlights: that the eaglets hatched and they are so cute! And I have NO lowlights at all. Well, when the eagle’s head is white they are bald eagles. I wonder how many eggs an eagle can lay. Also, I like the webcams so much too because it is like being with the eagles in their nest!” ~Aboudi

Just after the SECOND eaglet hatched at 9:05 pm April 18. Still wet from the shell!

Just after the SECOND eaglet hatched at 9:05 pm April 18. Still wet from the shell!

“Guess what? You won’t believe what is happening at the Delta nest! Both of the eggs have hatched! The first egg hatched was at 7:21 am yesterday. The second egg hatched at 9:05 pm at night! The first egg that hatched looks cute and fluffy. The second egg … not so much! Today we was the baby eagle’s egg tooth. An egg tooth is a tiny pointy tooth which is white and on top of the baby eagle’s beak. Isn’t that interesting? Well, I have to go now. Bye. See you later.” ~Riddhima

“Plop! An egg was laid in the Delta nest. The next day another. The next month a crack was spotted in the first. On Saturday the egg started hatching. It hatched near 7:20 am yesterday morning. This morning I checked my email and saw the second hatch. It hatched at 9:05 pm yesterday night. The baby gets out of the egg with its egg tooth, a white thing on its beak. When the baby comes out of the egg it hangs its head low and is soaking wet. It’s head is low because it has no energy. It’s wet because the inside of the egg’s wet. The brood patch is what keeps the Delta babies warm. It’s the spot on the eagle with no feathers. The mom would roll the egg so the yolk did not stick to one side (of the egg). Some people think eaglets are oogly. I think they are cute. So long folks!” ~Daniel B

“Both of the eggs hatched! In Delta Two East the eaglets hatched. the first egg that hatched was 7:20 in the morning. The second egg hatched at 9:05 at night! At the barn owl cam they have six eggs. Did  you know that the barn owls can lay up to eighteen eggs? When the White Rock eggs hatch they will name them Mike and November because they use the Military Alphabet to name them. I wonder why the mama eagle doesn’t help the eaglet get out of the egg?” ~Evan

A WONDERFUL screenshot of the eaglets. They ALMOST look like they're HUGGING! THANKS, Jamie! GOOD eye!

A WONDERFUL screenshot of the eaglets. They ALMOST look like they’re HUGGING! THANKS, Jamie! GOOD eye!

“Peep! Peep! Hello! It’s me, Catherine. I have news that I HAVE to tell you about … it’s the Delta nest! Yesterday, Mrs. Renton sent us an email. It was the first egg hatching!!! It was 7:20 in the morning! And now, today, the second egg hatched! (It was 9:05 at night!) My friend Aimee found out the names of the White Rock eaglets, (they are Mike and November). But it’s not Delta. But, the eaglets will get a name too, of course. I was thinking it would be funny if one of the eaglet’s names was Catherine! It was SO fun watching the cams.” ~Catherine

“Yay! Two babies! There are now two baby eagles at the cam. Last night at 9:05 the second baby was born. The first one was born at 7:20 on Monday morning. Mrs. Renton said that when they were born they are exhausted. Their heads just go straight down into the nest. My friend Aimee found the Military Alphabet to find out the names for the White Rock babies. Their names will be Mike and November, but … let’s get back to Delta. We do not know what happened but the cams are no longer working. Mrs. Renton has lots of screen shots of the nest on the wall in the classroom. My wonders are what are the eagle’s names? Are any of them going to die? Are your cams going to be working any time soon?” ~Mary

“Wow! Today in Delta we spotted the second eaglet hatching! The first one that was hatched was all fluffy, but the second one that just got hatched was all wet and oogly. There is one more thing that happened today and is wonderful. Guess what? Aimee brought a piece of paper with the names that the White Rock eagles are gonna be! There is one sad thing. It’s that in the White Rock cam, the eagle nests are too far away for us to see the oogly or cute babies from hatching. About the names that Aimee brought in … for “O” the name is Oscar, and I got a stuffy named Oscar! Oh, I forgot to tell you about what the Alphabet was for. It’s for the White Rock cam. They name the eagles from the White Rock cam in a special language called the Military Alphabet. Last year, at White Rock, it was K and L for Kilo and Lima. This year it’s M and N which is Mike and November. It’s all thanks to Aimee that we know this!” ~Ella

Ma and Pa proudly watching over their two beautiful eaglets. It's been a ROUGH couple of years for this pair ... but ... this year? SUCCESS!

Ma and Pa proudly watching over their two beautiful eaglets. It’s been a ROUGH couple of years for this pair … but … this year? SUCCESS!

“In my class we have been watching the Delta Two eagle nest. Eggs were laid on March 10 – 13, I think. And, the first egg hatched on Monday, 18th at 7:21, (yes, 7:21 not 20), and the second egg hatched on Monday, April 18 at 9:05 pm. Today I brought in a list of the Military Alphabet because every eaglet (at the White Rock nest) is named after a letter in the mIlitary Alphabet and this year it’s M and N. So, last night I went home and asked my dad M and N in the Military Alphabet and he said the M = Mike and the N = November. But, just to get this clear, the Military eaglet name thing is only at the White Rock nest but those eagles have gone kinda far from the White Rock cam. We watched a video on the second eaglet coming and, wow, it was oogly!!! If you want to know the Military Alphabet then here it is: A = Alpha, B = Bravo, C = Charlie, D = Delta, E = Echo, F = Foxtrot, G = Golf, H = Hotel, I = India, J = Juliet, K = Kilo, L = Lima, M = Mike, N = November, O = Oscar, P = Papa, Q = Quebec, R = Romeo, S = Sierra, T = Tango, U = Uniform, V = Victor, W = Whiskey, X = X-ray, Y = Yankee, Z = Zulu. There. That’s the Military Alphabet and it’s also the end of this piece of writing! Bye!” ~Aimee

“I can’t believe that the Delta eagle has two babies!!! One of them hatched Monday, (in the morning), and the other hatched at 9:05 at night! We saw a video of the eagle hatching. It was oogly and wet. The first baby was oogly too and now it’s much more cuter. And, they have to be named with the military alphabet, (White Rock). Someone in our class found out that the names are going to be November and Mike. The sad part is that the Delta cam is not working so we can’t see the eagle and the babies. Last year the mom couldn’t incubate the eggs because she had a broken leg. The mom and dad have been switching for sitting on the babies. How I know if it is the mom or if it is the dad is because when the eagle bends down if you see white feathers that are more on the black that means that is the dad and if the camera zooms in close enough to see the eagle eye and there is a tiny black spot that means that it is the dad too. I can’t wait to see the eaglets when they are all grown up.” ~Matt

“Crack! Crack! Squeak! Squeak! WOW! One of the eggs is hatching. It looks like a huge wet fur ball. Oogly! Guess what? Both of the eggs on the Delta cams hatched! One of the eggs hatched at 9:05 last night! And, one hatched at 7:20 on Monday in the morning. But, something we were all wondering and that was what are the new babies names going to be? We didn’t know! But, we planned ahead of time and now we did that, we found out what the White Rock babies names would be! Luckily a fellow student in our class named Aimee just happened to have a dad that was pretty interested in the military alphabet, which was just what we needed because the White Rock names came from the military alphabet! So, Aimee found out what the names would be … and all the words were in the military alphabet. The new names will be Mike and November and if you are wondering … yes … I spelled it right. It’s November like the month! And, there was something I was wondering. It was what happens when they are done the alphabet? Do they start it over? But, one thing that to us humans probably think that’s pretty disgusting is … is that when I checked out the Delta cam one time I saw that there was a dead swan-type thing in the nest. But, that’s not really the gross thing! The gross thing is that I saw the head was apart from the body and you could see all of the veins! It was gross! “Doo, doo, doo, doo, doo …”! Oh, there’s Mrs. Renton. I better get going! Bye!” ~Sarah

“Guess what! The eggs at the Delta nest hatched!!! And, the eaglets are SO cute!!! It is very, very fun to watch the Delta nest!!! I do think it is going to be very, VERY fun to watch the eagles grow up! I wonder what it is like to be an eagle? And, why do the eagles in the Delta nest live in a very loud farm? You would think they would live in the quiet forest!” ~Ryan

HEY!!! I'm HUNGRY! What's for DINNER?

HEY!!! I’m HUNGRY! What’s for DINNER?

“Wow! The Delta eagle ness just hatched. The first one hatched on Monday, April 18, 2016 in the morning. The second one hatched on Monday, April 18, 2016 at night! The Delta nest is in British Columbia. There were a lot of juvenile eagles by the nest. Sometimes the dad sits in the nest. Sometimes the mom sits in the nest. They lay their eggs in their brood patch so it stays warm. They did a small hole like a bowl shape so they can put the eggs in it. Kilo destroyed the nest in White Rock so we don’t know when they are going to lay their eggs. They roll their eggs so they will hatch because then the yolk will not be stuck to the egg shell. The baby eaglets are a bit wet when they come out of the egg. Last year the eggs did not hatch because the mama eagle injured her leg. The eaglets wingercize. When they sit in the nest for a long time wingercizing is just flapping it’s wings and stretching out. They have an egg tooth so they bang the egg shell with their egg tooth so they can get out. After a day old, they look like a fluff ball. It will look oogly when it just comes out of the egg. Yesterday we saw the mama feeding the baby eaglet at lunch time. The other egg was a table for the eaglet! Eagles are birds of prey so they kill stuff to eat. They made the crib rails high so the babies won’t fall out. I saw them put a little bit of moss in so the nest will be softer!” ~Alvin

Looks like DINNER might be ... HARE! YUM!

Looks like DINNER might be … HARE! YUM!

“Have you ever seen an eagle cam? Me and my class have been looking at eagle cams for a long time and the Delta nest has two eggs and they are all hatched!!! My lowlights are that the eagle babies are oogly and the White Rock cams can’t get a cam on the nest because of naughty Kilo! My highlights are that we got to see two eggs hatch. That’s so cool!!! I wonder what will happen when the military alphabet runs out? I discovered that they can’t get a web cam up until next year for White Rock. 🙁 I wonder if eagles go to Greenland and Los Angeles. I wonder if people eat eagles in other countries? I discovered that eagles are raptors!!! I wonder what that slime is when they get out of the egg??? I wonder if eagles eat owls or if it is the other way around??? I discovered that eagles like to eat duck a l’orange!!! I hope Delta’s eagle hatches next year!” ~Simos

“Guess what has happened at the Delta nest? Both eggs hatched! And, they are so oogly! the first egg hatched on Monday, April 18th at 7:20 am. The second egg hatched on Monday, April 18th at 9:05 pm. One of my highlights was that the mother eagle finally was able to incubate her eggs because she could not incubate the eggs in the last two years. I wonder why eaglets are so fluffy. I hope this happens again in grade four!” ~Omar

“The Delta Two eagle nest laid two eggs. The first at 7:20 in the morning. The second at 9:05 at night. The Delta Two had two oogly babies hatch. The White Rock has no cams. We don’t know about the nest. We don’t know if the ma laid two or three eggs in the nest.” ~Kagan

They are ALREADY getting bigger ... just check out those TALONS! Isn't it adorable how they are cuddling together for warmth while ma is out hunting for dinner?

They are ALREADY getting bigger … just check out those TALONS! Isn’t it adorable how they are cuddling together for warmth while ma is out hunting for dinner?

“White Rock, NA! No web cams can reach the new nest. 🙁 meanwhile … at the Delta nest … EGGS! TWO … BABY eaglets! The older one hatched one morning. The other’s very young and oogly!!! I think that the youngest one was born today! By the way, a week ago, the mama brought some duck a l’orange. I wonder if that juvenile eagle won’t come back to try to eat the eaglets?” ~Daniel S

“Welcome to the Delta show, which we should have done a WEEK ago because then you could have seen the eggs being laid, the eggs cracking, and being rolled so the yolk didn’t stick to the top of the egg, and the eggs hatching. The first egg that hatched was on Monday, April 18th, 2016 at 7:20 am. And, the second one hatched later tat day at 9:05 pm. Do you know the names of the mom or dad? I don’t even know their names. But, if you know their names, please leave a comment on our blog!” ~Mila

We have been blessed by people who see the value in sharing the natural world through these web cams. It is through the work of these special people that we are able to get a real glimpse into the world of these animals … and … because of this, become better stewards of the earth.

Oh … and … if you’re wondering … our BABIES have been NAMED … by some students in the Delta area! Their names are …. drum roll, PLEASE … Ace and Pippin!

How VERY exciting! Ace and Pippin are PERFECT!

How VERY exciting! Ace and Pippin are PERFECT!

“What’s miraculous about a spider’s web?” said Mrs. Arable.  “I don’t see why you say a web is a miracle–it’s just a web.”
“Ever try to spin one?” asked Mr. Dorian. 

~ E.B. White in Charlotte’s Web

9 Responses to Delta Eagle Webcam Highlights!

  1. Erica

    So exciting! I have enjoyed checking these cams at home on a regular basis. I wonder when the babies will leave the nest and if we will ever get to see them again.

  2. Grandma Caroline

    How thrilling to get right in to the eagle’s nest and to witness the hatching of the eggs and the struggle of those babies to eat and survive!! So amazing!!!!

  3. Ross Mannell


    Hello everyone. What an experience to be able to see the life cycle of eagles so personally. Webcams can allow us to see what would not be easily possible any other way and from the comfort of a classroom or home.

    Eagles are such incredible birds. In my area of Australia, I can see White-breasted Sea Eagles (Haliaeetus leucogaster) and Wedge-tailed Eagles (Aquila audax) in the sky as well as other birds of prey. I like the way eagles soar through the sky looking for prey from sometimes great heights.

    Lately, I have been spending time most days hiking in local national parks and conservation areas as well visiting local animal sanctuaries always with a camera in hand. On April 18, I was hiking in Mimosa Rocks National Park and was able to photograph a pair of White-breasted Sea Eagles sitting in a tree. Their good eyesight wouldn’t allow me to get too close but I did manage a photograph.

    As I enjoy photography and nature, I take photos of so many things including, birds, mammals, reptiles, insects, spiders and bugs, as well as plants and scenery. You can see some of the photos on my Google+ page at .

    As you know, I also do video work and produce CDs and DVDs for schools and community groups. I may be an amateur, but I can be very busy at times. My favourites include photography for a biological survey in Bournda National Park, as well as video for an Irish dance group, and CD/DVD for an adult music group called The Wobbles. There is a play to film for a community group and a school music camp coming up.

    The biological survey was full of discoveries. Have you heard of a flying duck orchid or a peacock spider? I hadn’t but was able to take photos of these and others. They also appear on my Google+ page

    Today, I will be returning to Yurammie Conservation Area to explore more branches of fire trails. They take me onto a high ridge overlooking Bega Valley. Perhaps I might see eagles but not so personally as your experience watching the young eagles.

    Our world is amazing if only we take the time to appreciate it. Keep your eyes and mind open to a world of learning.

    Ross Mannell
    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

    • The Grade Three Bloggers

      Hi Ross!

      Thanks for the awesome comment! It’s cool that you can see sea eagles! We loved watching the babies grow at the Delta eagle nest … waiting for the eggs to hatch and watching the parents feeding them. We also learned that sad things can happen, like when Pippin died. He had a respiratory disease. It was so sad.

      Thank you for all the awesome comments you’ve left on our blog this year. We have learned a LOT from you. Thank you for being a part of our learning journey!

      The Grade Three Bloggers 🙂

  4. Shreeparna

    Quite incredible really….I can imagine how excited the kids must have been to see it on webcam…wish i had access to these technological advances when I was their age !!

  5. Jimmi

    What a lot you are learning (and teaching us parents too)! I was surprised that some owls can lay up to 18 eggs. How did they choose who got to name the Delta babies? How long will the eagles stay in the nest?

  6. Shaylene

    Wow, this is amazing! The babies are soooo fluffy! I wonder how much they can see right now?

  7. Melissa

    This has been such a fun and educational journey for the class. I was even watching and waiting for the hatch! We are so excited the eaglets are healthy and growing. Wonderful blog posts by the students.

  8. April Jensen

    Amazing! This must have been such a great learning experience following along with this! The little ones are so cute!

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