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Making Ancient Peruvian Masks

Posted by on April 17, 2016
Taking a look at ancient Peruvian masks with Connie and Gordon!

Taking a look at ancient Peruvian masks with Connie and Gordon!

We have JUST completed two WONDERFUL mornings with artists Connie and Gordon! With their help, we learned how to make the most AMAZING ancient Peruvian Masks. What follows are just SOME of our thoughts about this learning adventure:

“Hip, hip HOORAY!!! We get to make ancient Peruvian masks today. The first thing we did out of all the ten steps was to go next door to Mrs. Adamson’s class and look at other ancient Peruvian masks. Next, they showed us how to make the mask’s eyes, mouth and nose out of newspaper. Then, we stuck our eyes, mouth and nose to our paper plate. After, we came in from en early recess and we started using the clay. YAY! First we patted it into a ball. Then we made it into a hamburger by patting it harder. Then, we used a rolling pin to make it into a pancake shape. But, every five rolls you had to flip the clay over so the clay wouldn’t stick to your desk. Then, we put it on our mask shape and found the eyes, mouth and nose and shaped the clay around them. Then, we used popsicle sticks to carve designs on our masks. Once I was done making my designs on my mask I got to stamp my initials on my mask with special clay stamps. This was an awesome morning. Thank you Connie and Gordon!” ~Jamie

“Yesterday my class was doing Peruvian masks in our class with Connie and Gordon. My highlights are that we did clay for the masks. We also learned the steps. It was so much fun to do in the classroom too. I have no lowlights at all. What I learned was that it wasn’t easy at all but the more I do it the better I get at it. Did you ever make a Peruvian mask like me before?” ~Aboudi

Gordon showing us how to create "features" for our masks by using newspaper and tape.

Gordon showing us how to create “features” for our masks by using newspaper and tape.

“Have you ever made an ancient Peruvian clay mask? I have! My class and the class next door made some yesterday with Connie and Gordon. If you don’t know who they are they are PRO clay makers. Did you know that Gordon works with clay every day? Well, guess what? Gordon does! I learned that you can make something SUPER strong out of newspaper! Connie went through the step of how to make our masks. She also showed us some examples of some masks on the internet. Some people made tongues or teeth and some people didn’t. Here are some of the steps: making models for our clay. Putting on our rolled piece of clay onto the model. We had SO much fun with Connie and Gordon! I REALLY hope we do something like this next year!” ~Sarah

“I just have to stamp my initials and then I will be done. Oh. HI! I didn’t see you there! Do you want me to tell you about my adventure with making ancient Peruvian masks? Here it is! We came in on Monday and I JUST remembered that we were making ancient Peruvian masks. Connie and Gordon were the teachers. They taught us how to make the mouth with tape and newspaper. We folded paper to make stronger structures for the mouth, eyes and nose. I made closed eyes and I made a nose that attached to the eyebrows. Instead of having a nose that had a hole in it I made a crumpled up nose and put it inside the nose so it didn’t have a hole. I made a mouth that is open and has three teeth in it’s mouth. I liked making the Peruvian masks.” ~Elise

“Look at THIS one! It has an eyebrow that attaches to it’s nose! Connie and Gordon came to make Peruvian masks! There was a lot of folding with the newspaper but … we did it! When we … wait! I need to tell you what we made out of the newspaper. Well, we made eyes, noses, mouths and headbands and eyebrows. Then we taped all of the things and helped out some other people. RIIIIINNNNGGGGG! Let’s go outside to have some fresh air. Ok. Let’s move onto the clay! So, pay attention, or you will not know what to do! We rolled and rolled until the clay had no cracks. We did what Connie and Gordon did but … suddenly … RIIIIINNNNGGGGGG! What? A FIRE drill??? Brr. It’s cold out here! Beep! Beep! Beep! Okay let’s go back inside. Most of us were done with the clay. WOW! Look at all of the BEAUTIFUL Peruvian masks. I wonder what kind of colours Peruvian people use on Peruvian mask?” ~Alexia

It's a GOOD thing we had TONS of practice folding newspaper making marionettes!

It’s a GOOD thing we had TONS of practice folding newspaper making marionettes!

“Hey guys! We had an excellent time with these guys. And, I’m supposed to tell you about it. They were so much fun. Here are the steps in how to do it. One: we looked at the ancient Peruvian masks. Two: we learned how to fold newspaper into eyes, noses, mouths and eyebrows. Three: we talked about not leaving bridges and about other things on how to tape it and where to tape it. Four: first touching the clay for our first time in years and then turning it into a ball by patting it and turning it into a hamburger. Five: we rolled it, carefully into a pancake shape, turning it every five rolls. Six: carefully placing it on the plate. Seven: carefully using your palm to press clay into different places to create the mask. Eight: using skewers, popsicle sticks to input details into the clay. Nine: add extras including tongues and teeth. Ten: stamp or carve our initials and room number. And, there you are folds who want to make clay masks!” ~Tanek

“I like when we went to the carpet to work with the clay.” ~Kagan

“What? We get to make ancient Peruvian masks. I learned the just folding the newspaper and taping it can make so many more things like: eyes, mouths, noses and eyebrows. The easiest part was eyes because it was really easy to get the shape of it and because you didn’t get tape as much. The hardest part was molding the clay because you had to lift up the clay. The funnest part was when it was all finished because it looked like what I wanted it to look like and I was proud of it.” ~Matt

“Yesterday my class made clay masks. The first step is making the shape with newspaper. Next you tape the shapes down. NO gaps!!! Well … then we had recess. When we came in we did the clay. First we made a ball. Then we made it into a hamburger shape. After that we rolled it out. Once it was in the shape we needed it in we put it on the plate with the paper eyes, nose and moth. Once the clay was on we pushed down gently. Then, we did designs. They are going to dry and then they will be taken to be heated in a kiln.” ~Carissa

Masking tape is STILL tricky ... it wants to stick to EVERYTHING!

Masking tape is STILL tricky … it wants to stick to EVERYTHING!

“So, yesterday we MADE clay masks! It was SO much fun! Can I tell you what we did for making the clay masks? #1. We looked at ancient Peruvian masks on Mrs. Adamson’s smartboard. #2. We learned how to make the eyes, noses and the mouths, (or eyebrows). #3. And, of course, we DID do what we were told to! And … then it was recess!” ~Ryan

“Do you know how to make a clay mask? I sure do. I found the most easy part was making the nose because all I had to do was crumple some newspaper. I really liked making the clay into a hamburger and then rolling it into a “pancake” shape and flipping it over every five rolls. I found that the most fun part. I find Connie and Gordon really helpful as they are REALLY talented. My least favourite part was making the eyes and nose because taping them is hard. I hope we do something similar in grade four.” ~Omar

“This is hard! Oh, how come I never, never know when you are here??? Anyway, we were just working with Connie and Gordon to make clay masks. They were very fun and awesome. So much has happened and I just wish that I could do it again.” ~Daniel S.

Thank GOODNESS for FRIENDS ... helping one another is KEY!

Thank GOODNESS for FRIENDS … helping one another is KEY!

“”This is cold! Oh, hi there! We are making Peruvian masks with clay. The cold thing was the clay! Clay is really squishy. Before we did the clay we folded newspaper to make eyebrows, eyes, mouths and noses.” ~Carson

“Yesterday we made ancient Peruvian masks with Connie and Gordon. First, I thought it would be hard but it was actually really, really fun! Connie and Gordon showed us pictures of ancient Peruvian masks. The easiest part was folding the paper. The most challenging part was doing the details. We used a LOT of tape to tape everything that we needed taped on. The funniest part was squishing the clay.” ~Evan

“Oh! Hi there! I was working with Connie and Gordon yesterday, making Peruvian masks with clay! It was SO fun! Our classmates got to work with sticky, squishy and FREEZING clay! I have wondered why is the clay SO cold. First, I thought it was in a refrigerator!!! Brrr! But, when I got used to it, it felt really warm. By the time I was taping the parts of my newspaper model, it was recess. But, lucky for me … I got to see Connie and Gordon getting clay by putting them on our desks! I didn’t want to go to recess because, On Sunday, I stepped on plastic and guess what had happened … the plastic broke and my foot and my toe started bleeding. But, it didn’t hurt. Now, back to track. When I was done I was proud of myself by doing all that hard work!” ~Cathy

Looking GOOD ... ALMOST ready for the CLAY!

Looking GOOD … ALMOST ready for the CLAY!

“Guess what? We did … ANCIENT Peruvian MASKS!!! Isn’t that cool! Have you ever felt clay before? I have! And … it is very COLD. I would even say it was freezing when I first touched it! Have you ever tried to fold a piece of paper five times? I have, but with the help of my close friend … masking tape the GREAT! The easiest part was when I taped the eyes and mouth. I didn’t say nose because I don’t want a nose on it because I don’t usually put noses on many of my animal or people things.” ~Mila

“Have you ever made a Peruvian mask? Well, I have and it was AWESOME!!! Some of the Peruvian masks were just scary but most of them were cool. Some of them are ugly. My highlights are playing with the clay because it was so soft, cutting out the eyes and mouth because I like to cut stuff out. My lowlights were messing up when Mrs. R said it was too stretched out. My lowlights were nothing because it was so much fun!!! It was a good thing we did marionettes because it helped a lot because it was a little bit of the same structures. On my mask I put a mustache. It looked awesome. It would be cool if you would get to make a body that comes with it. I can’t wait until we paint!” ~Simos

“Yesterday our class made Peruvian masks with Connie and Gordon. Here are some of my highlights: working with Connie and Gordon, getting to feel the clay with my hands, making the clay into a ball, making the clay into a hamburger shape, putting details on the Peruvian mask, rolling the rolling pin over the clay to make it into a pancake shape. Last year I made polar bears with Connie and Gordon. Here is a question: have you ever make a Peruvian mask? Today my mask had a big crack, but … I think Connie and Gordon can fix it. The feelings that I had when I first touched the clay, it felt cold, sticky, hard, heavy and slimy. I put tons of strength while rolling with the rolling pins, so the it turned flat early. When I was drawing details on my mask, I put a weird shape in, but I still thought it looked good. In the middle, when we were playing with the clay, there was a fire drill. Aimee and I were wearing short sleeves which made us chilly. We were surprised because a real fire truck came. When we came in, someone told me that the fire truck was just practicing for when a real fire happens. I forgot to tell you, we made fake shapes before we die the real one, so then we could feel it, and put the clay on. I wonder if I made it fast if I’d be able to make and play with the leftover clay for the rest of the time. Some people put tongues one but I decided not to. When we were making the fake ones, we used shapes for the nose, mouth, eyes, headbands and eyebrows. I was so glad that they came because I wondered when they would come.I wonder how I should colour my mask?” ~Ella

Connie show US how to work miracles with a big blob of clay!

Connie show US how to work miracles with a big blob of clay!

“Guess what? Well, too bad … I don’t know what because I came late! I was just getting into the classroom when Mrs. Renton pointed to the sliding doors that led to Mrs. Adamson’s classroom. So, I went in and listened to Connie and Gordon. I only knew Gordon because I made polar bears with him! I missed step one … because I was late! We are making Peruvian masks. When I touched the clay it felt FREEZING, moist and thick! Wait … I almost forgot about step 2. Step 2 was … Connie and Gordon helped us fold paper into eyes, mouths, noses and eyebrows. Then, we rolled the clay into pancake shapes. I forgot to mention that my classmates and I used paper plates as heads. You can probably see I am wrapping it up right now. So, we’re painting them next week and you are being really reeled in!!! Stay tuned for the next post!” ~Cooper

“Yesterday I had so much fun making ancient Peruvian masks! My favourite part was making the clay into a ball. Yesterday the clay was SO heavy! I think Gordon is pretty good at making ancient Peruvian masks and so is Connie! You should feel how cold it is. It is SO cold! It was so cool feeling the clay.” ~Fahad

“Have you ever made ancient Peruvian masks? I have. Let me tell you about it. Before we did these I knew who Connie and Gordon were because we made polar bears with them. It was fun! The clay we made our masks in was moist, squishy and FREEZING but it got warmer when you made it into a ball. We had to roll it into a hamburger and then into a pancake, place that onto a paper plate that you put newspaper things on that you already made. You carve eyes, noses, mouths with popsicle sticks and skewers. I want to tell you they are really talented.” ~Mary

Wow ... ROLLING this stuff takes a LOT of MUSCLE!

Wow … ROLLING this stuff takes a LOT of MUSCLE!

“Yesterday, Connie and Gordon came and did clay ancient Peruvian masks with us. The clay was sticky, cold, moist, squish, weird and heavy. Connie and Gordon are artistic and helpful. The tools we used were rolling pins, skewers and popsicle sticks. If you cut out the mouth you could make a tongue. It was challenging and difficult. You need team work and to help people by paying it forward. But, the first thing you do in building is making eyes, noses and a mouth with newspaper and tape. After that you roll out the clay and stick it on top. We looked at ancient Peruvian masks. I learned how to get finger prints off, (you don’t want finger prints). I wish we could see Connie and Gordon again. Soon Connie and Gordon will pick up the masks and put them in a kiln then bring them back and we will paint them. Before recess we put the nose, eyes and mouth on and then after recess we put the clay on. That’s all folks.” ~Daniel B.

“We did the most amazing thing ever yesterday. We made Peruvian masks! We made them out of moist and squishy clay. The first thing we did was make a model so when we put the clay on we knew what to do. How we made the model is with newspaper! You may think that it is super floppy and barely strong … but if you do the right things to it, it’s stronger than you think! So we did a couple of folds and some taping and there you have it! Eyes, nose, brows and a mouth! Next you take your clay and roll your clay into a hamburger shape and then take your rolling pin and roll your clay into a thick pancake. Then, gently put it on your mask model. Then you start feeling out your “newspaper” nose, eyebrows and mouth and when you are done you can take a stamp and print your initials on it!” ~Riddhima

We sure hope you enjoy our slideshow as much as WE enjoyed this ADVENTURE! Stay tuned for part TWO coming SOON!

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