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Learning Through Webcams

Posted by on February 29, 2016

What’s THAT? Look REALLY closely … can you see the HOLE in one of the EGGS? And, YUMMY, just LOOK at what’s for dinner once they HATCH!

As a compliment to our Building Inquiry, and a beautiful lead-in to our Animal Life Cycles investigation, we have begun to explore some VERY interesting and engaging WEBCAMS! These webcams have taken us all OVER the world and our excitement is HIGH! Yes, we’ve even discovered that ANIMALS build structures! The White Rock and Delta eagle webcams, situated in the lower mainland of British Columbia, make us feel like we are sitting RIGHT there in the TREES with these amazing birds. We are lucky enough to be engaging in an ANOTHER amazing, multi-disciplinary learning adventure. There’s scientific inquiry, math estimation and measurement; there’s art and writing, reading and wondering; there’s learning to be globally responsible citizens and being the best FOR the world … the WHOLE world, including the ANIMALS we share it with. What MORE could you ASK for?

Just LOOK at that beautiful mama great horned owl! WAIT a minute ... what's THAT just PEAKING out from her feathers?

Just LOOK at that beautiful mama great horned owl! WAIT a minute … what’s THAT just PEEKING out from her feathers?

Grab a cup of tea and settle in … we are writing WAY more than we did at the START of the year! Here are some of our INITIAL thoughts about these AMAZING webcams:

“Guess what? We’ve been checking webcams! Eagles normally live near water because they need to drink. David Hancock mounted cameras. He is probably the luckiest guy in Canada! Eagles came because of the trees and eagle bath! The eaglets are oogley. I mean oogley. I … wait … did I say what I saw, with the rest of the class at Pete’s Pond? It was a CROCODILE! I wonder if the White Rock eagles will take the human made nest? Did you know that eagles can eat rotting meat? My favourite cam is the White Rock eagle cam. I hope that the White Rock eagles take the man-made nest.” ~Cooper

“That is awesome! We get to see webcams of eagles. There are lots of webcams like Delta and White Rock and Pete’s Pond. Pete’s Pond is my favourite because you can see gazelles, zebras and wildebeest and we can see some crocodiles. The one we’re looking at the most is the eagles because we are studying eagles and it is really fun. The coolest thing I have seen so far is a great horned owlet peeping out of a little hole it had made because it was the first egg I had seen hatching. The funniest thing that I have see is Kilo destroying his nest. He started by being very, very, very oogley. Then he grew older and became a juvenile bald eagle and he destroyed the nest.” ~Matt

Look VERY closely ... you need EAGLE eyes to spot who's sitting on the branches!

Look VERY closely … you need EAGLE eyes to spot who’s sitting on the branches!

“What have we been up to? We are looking at webcams. It is fun looking at the birds on the webcams. Also, I wonder how the eagles grow so fast!!! My favourite webcam is the barn owls because the two owls are going to lay eggs. Isn’t that awesome? I’ve discovered that other eagles will break the eggs and the mom or dad will attack that other eagle.” ~Aboudi

“Wow! Bald eagles! Barn owls! Great Horned owls! Zebras! Gazelles! Hyenas! Wildebeests! Elephants! Crocodiles! I can’t believe it! We are watching webcams. The zebras, gazelles, hyenas, wildebeests, elephants and crocodiles are all from the Limpopo River. The Limpopo River is in Africa and there is a webcam there. The barn owls and great horned owls are from the Cornell website. The barn owl webcam is in Texas! The great horned owl webcam is in Savannah Georgia! There are two bald eagle webcams. One is in White Rock and the other is in Delta. The Delta eagle is starting the nesturating process. Nesturating means fixing up the nest from the winter when it gets damaged by storms … which means … EGGS! Right now my favourite webcam is Delta and the great horned owl webcam. Speaking of the great horned owl, it has laid eggs and one has hatched. THAT is the NEATEST thing I’ve seen so far!!! Did you know that the female bald eagle is BIGGER than the male? I hope we see more eggs!” ~Elise

“Do, do do do do, do do! Hello, boys and girls. This week we are going to be learning about and watching webcams of eagles and owls. This week we have been learning a LOT about eagles and owls by webcams and videos! There are so many cams! My favourite one is probably the Cornell Lab one or the Pete’s Pond Botswana one. I like them because the Pete’s Pond has SO many cool animals that you probably won’t find anywhere else than in Africa! And, I like the Cornell Lab one because there are so many cool birds! The neatest thing for me was the movie The Eagles Next Door because it had so many interesting facts about eagles. Some of the things I discovered were that when young eagles are getting ready to start flying they flap their wings and it’s called wingercizing! I wonder what Kilo’s and Lima’s mom’s name is. I hope that we will learn about eagles and owls for the rest of the year AND in grade four! You should check out the eagle and owl cams. They are awesome! Pass the word!” ~Sarah

This is the manmade nest that David Hancock and his team had to build after Kilo BROKE the nest last summer! He is a NAUGHTY juvenile eagle!

This is the manmade nest that David Hancock and his team had to build after Kilo BROKE the nest last summer! He is a NAUGHTY juvenile eagle!

“Wow! One of the EGGS hatched. How cool is it to see a baby owl and its mom? Did you know that naughty Kilo, (from the White Rock eagle webcam last year), was jumping on the nest and then … crash … the branches broke and the nest fell down?” ~Madison

“We are up to the point where they are going to lay eggs! I like the Delta nest better because if I was in the White Rock one I would fall down into the ocean. The nests I’ve seen was Delta and the great horned owl. I have discovered that naughty Kilo destroyed the White Rock nest! I wonder why would naughty Kilo destroy his own nest? I hope that the White Rock eagles come back. I liked the baby eaglets. Kilo and Lima grew pretty fast. I can’t wait until the eggs hatch. All this happened because of David Hancock!” ~Alvin

“Today we watched a movie about eagles. It was called The Eagles Next Door. I discovered that eagles find a tree and their nest can weigh 450 kilograms! A few weeks ago we watched a small video of one NAUGHTY eagle named Kilo. He jumped in the nest then the nest fell down! I can’t believe how cute the eaglets are! My favourite cam is the Limpopo River. I love learning about eagles.” ~Fahad

“Guess what! We are looking at different webcams! Webcams are cams hung to a tree and they take a video of a type of animal. There are ones that I know of in White Rock, BC, one in Texas and at the Limpopo River in Africa. Oh and the webcam that we discovered this morning. Well, Mrs. Renton found it last night! My favourite webcam is in White Rock. Why? Because I like the location. The coolest thing I have seen so far is the bald eagle just staying at one place so long because I would be so tired of doing the same thing. Do you know what I know about eaglets? They do wingercizing, which means they make their wings stronger because they need to be able to fly. Do eagles live everywhere in the world? I hope the webcam can get close enough to the bald eagle nest because I would like to see the nest and eagle more often.” ~Ryan

Ooohhhhh! And HERE'S that VERY naughty crocodile from Pete's Pond! Screenshot taken by Evan. THANKS, Evan!

Ooohhhhh! And HERE’S that VERY naughty crocodile from Pete’s Pond! Screenshot taken by Evan. THANKS, Evan!

“I wonder why people used to kill bald eagles? I wonder why Kilo jumped on the nest and broke it last year. My favourite cam is the Wild Earth because it brings the coolest things. I really like Pete’s Pond as well because it gets stuff like crocodiles. The neatest thing I’ve seen so far is the David Suzuki show because I learned so many things like you have to roll the eggs so the chicks do not die. I also really like watching the great horned owls cam because I am interested in it. I wonder why so many eagles go to the landfills. I still can’t believe that a crocodile took a dead crocodile and smashed it in the water. I also really like Delta because it also brings really cool stuff. I think it looks funny when eagles are wingercizing. I really like barn owls because they are fun to watch. I think Kilo is braver than Lima because he tried everything before Lima. I think David Hancock is really important because he has saved a lot of eagles. I think David Hancock is really cool because he has done so many great things. I hope we do this again in grade four.” ~Omar

Welcome back to the bird show! On with the topic! Okay, so you know how when you go on a website for a bird, (cam), and if you just heard what I said … the topic … I’m going to give you a minute to think about it. Okay. So, if you guessed bird cams you were right. Now I will tell you about what we did in class today. We watched an eagle nesturating, which means getting ready for laying her eggs! Isn’t that cool? I bet that’s a new word for you and your dictionary! My favourite cam is the Pete’s Pond one because, well, it’s scary to tell!” ~Mila

What is THAT? GOOD eye, Evan! ANOTHER wonderful shot from Pete's Pond!

What is THAT? GOOD eye, Evan! ANOTHER wonderful shot from Pete’s Pond!

“I like to see eagles because they look nice. It’s nice to see the egg hatch.” Kagan

“Wowzers! I can’t believe it! So many cool birds! Me and my class are looking at so many cool birds on webcams. My favourite part is when they zoom into the nest in the tree! It nearly feels like you’re actually there! So cool! My favourite webcams are the Delta and Pete’s Pond ones. I like the Delta one because they’re starting to nesturate which means they’re starting to patch up the holes in their nest because soon they’re going to lay babies! It’s so exciting! I like Pete’s Pond because of all the different types of animals which come there! The neatest thing I’ve seen so far is wingersizing! If you’re wondering what wingersizing is, it’s really when the baby eaglets stat flapping their wings and bouncing around in the nest to exercise their wings. I wonder why birds put one leg up and sleep like that. So weird! I love webcams! Bye!” ~Riddhima

“Hey! Did you know that birds see ultraviolet (UV) light, which allows them to experience many more colours than we can?” ~Daniel S

THIS handsome fellow was spotted at Pete's Pond by Daniel B! We LOVE that the Grade Three Bloggers are sharing their discoveries and helping to add WONDERFUL photos to this post!

THIS handsome fellow was spotted at Pete’s Pond by Daniel B! We LOVE that the Grade Three Bloggers are sharing their discoveries and helping to add WONDERFUL photos to this post!

“Have you ever seen a live webcam? What me and my class have been up to these last few days is we have been watching webcams all over the world. I don’t know which webcam is my favourite. I love all of them because they’re so cool! The neatest thing we have seen so far is a hyena in Pete’s Pond. What I have discovered so far is that in the White Rock cam there is a mansion underneath it and the people who live there made an eagle pool for the eagles. I hope all the eggs are hatched! I wonder if eggs can be green, blue, or read. I hope we do this next year!” ~Simos

“Yesterday night we saw a great horned owl hatch! We are up to looking at the eagles nest because we are waiting for eagles to lay eggs! My favourite cam is Delta 2 East because the eaglets will hatch. The neatest thing I’ve see is the mama eagle. I’ve discovered that they build their nests 35 meters off the ground! I wonder why do eagles go in the eagle bath? I hope the eaglets hatch because I want to see eaglets really bad!” ~Evan

Wow! That's a BEAUTIFUL shot of the Delta eagle, Alvin! GREAT screenshot!

Wow! That’s a BEAUTIFUL shot of the Delta eagle, Alvin! GREAT screenshot!

“Squawk! Today my class learned about eagles and owls! It was really fun. When David Suzuki was telling about eagles, we saw Kilo and Lima! They were so cute! When they were teens, they were jumping on the nest and flapped their wings to fly. It is called wingersizing. And, when Kilo jumped on the nest it started to tear apart. And, with Kilo’s one last jump, the nest fell down. When their parents returned, they just saw the nest was gone and they flew away. After a few days Kilo was able to fly and flew away. Then Lima left after Kilo flew away.” ~Cathy

“Yay! Wa hoo! It’s working! Guess what we are up to? We are looking at Delta eagles, White Rock eagles and owls! How cool is that? My favourite cam would probably be … I think all eagle and owl babies that come out because I want to see which baby is oogly! The neatest thing is looking at the webcams because you never know what is going to happen. I discovered that in Texas there are barn owls that are nesturating for their babies. I wonder why owls stand on one leg when they sleep. I hope that the Delta mama can lay her eggs because in 2014 and last year, her eggs didn’t hatch and so I hope that they do this year. Hopefully ALL the eggs hatch!” ~Alexia

If you're VERY lucky, you MAY even spot an ELEPHANT or two at Pete's Pond!

If you’re VERY lucky, you MAY even spot an ELEPHANT or two at Pete’s Pond!

“Wow! You will not believe how much I just found out about eagles. Okay. I guess I should tell you about them. They were endangered not long ago. Why? Well, here are some reasons: shot, poisoned, etc. But, before I tell you about facts, I should tell you a story! Last year there was a big storm and the eagle nest was broken a bit. The mother had two kids: Kilo and Lima. Luckily they knew how to fly so when Kilo was jumping on the nest … well … the nest fell off the tree. When the mother eagle came home she was mad but, anyway, they build a new nest, (David Hancock did). Now on to the facts about eagles. When an egg comes out other eagles try to eat it. Aslo, when an egg comes out it has to be rolled every couple of hours. If not, the baby eagle will die. Also, when the eaglet, (baby eagle), comes out only 50 percent of baby eagles survive their first year. We are part of the problem of why we are losing eagles and other wild animals. I hope that this problem is fixed soon. Anyways that’s all I have to tell you about eagles. Hope you enjoyed it!” ~Carissa

Alexia and HER mom spotted the Savannah Georgia great horned owl stepping away from her owlet ... and ... the SECOND egg which was SOON to hatch!

Alexia and HER mom spotted the Savannah Georgia great horned owl stepping away from her owlet … and … the SECOND egg which was SOON to hatch!

“There is an eagle! Oh. Hi. I love the White Rock eagle cam because they live above a mansion. The coolest thing I’ve ever seen is the oogly eaglets. I discovered that before they fly they wingersize, which makes their wings stronger. I hope the White Rock eagles go to make a nest or live in the one David Hancock made them. I love eagles.” ~Carson

“Wow! What a wonderful view it is! Oh I was just looking through the webcams. Our class has been watching these cams for weeks. In fact, there are more than just one or two cams that we have been watching. Here are some of their names: Pete’s Pond, White Rock, Delta, Cornell Labs and many more. My favourite is Pete’s Pong in Africa because there is nearly always some kind of animal from a peacock to a crocodile. Oh, that reminds me of the time there was a crocodile attack. I should tell you about it. We were watching the cams and all of a sudden all the animals left the shoreline and ran away. Then, the cameraman started looking in different places to see what was going on. Finally he saw what was causing it. The thing that was causing it was a rock, ah … no … it was a crocodile as still as a rock, as quiet as a mouse, but, yes … a sneaky lowly mannered crocodile. Then another crocodile joint it. Now, if you want to leave you can … and think they were just having a tea party … so bye, bye. And, for those readers who have stayed, I am sad to say that it is not how it goes. But, those who have stayed I warn you … meat, blood and even death. But, now if you have bad dreams about it don’t say I didn’t warn you. Now … on with the story. Well, the crocodile was dearly dead then all of a sudden the first one bit the nearly dead one, lifted it above its head and smashed it down on the rocks and repeated it several times. Then the crocodile at the other one. I told you it was bad. Bye, now! Don’t have bad dreams!” ~Tanek

Oohh ... and a HYENA at Pete's Pond in Botswana! GOOD eyes, Daniel B!

Oohh … and a HYENA at Pete’s Pond in Botswana! GOOD eyes, Daniel B!

“Naughty, naughty Kilo, breaking the nest! In class we have been watching eagle and owl cams for the past week or so. Last summer Kilo , a not so baby eagle was jumping around the nest and … the nest started slipping our of the tree!!! With one last jump from Kilo the nest fell out of the tree and zoomed to the ground. Luckily Kilo and his sister Lima had already fledges, (fledged means taking flight for the first time). So, they didn’t fall with the nest. Phew! After the nest fell, David Hancock is a man who cares for the eagles so he helped by making part of a manmade nest for the eagles. Even now the eagles haven’t moved into the manmade nest. I really hope that the eagles move into the nest so they have a home! Maybe you have been wanting to know some stuff about eagles. Well, here are five facts. 1. Bald eagles were endangered not that long ago. 2. The male eagle is smaller than the female because it helps her keep her eggs warm. 3. When the eagles eat fish the male eats the head. 4. Baby eagles are called eaglets. 5. It takes both parents to care for their babies. Now, the eagle White Rock cam isn’t the only webcam we have been watching. We have also been watching Delta eagle cam, barn owls and, my personal favourite, Pete’s Pond. Pet’s Pond isn’t an eagle OR an owl cam. It is an African cam where you just see some African animals and that’s why I like Pete’s Pond the most. Some animals we have seen at Pete’s Pond are: wildebeest, giraffes, crocodiles, hyenas, gazelles, kudu and zebras. And now we are going to talk about owls! So, we have been watching barn owls and I am going to tell you a true story that happened to the Texas barn owls. So, it all happened in the middle of the night and the mama owl could tell something was outside and on the cam you can see the inside of the owl hut and the outside of the hut in a little screen in the corner of the main screen. So, anyways, the mama could tell that there was something outside and on the little screen we could see a rattle snake climbing down the side of the hut and started coming in the hut! We could see the mama biting the snake again and again. Then the mama won by kicking it out of the hole and onto the ground. That was the end of the story … so … bye!” ~Aimee

“We are looking at webcams. For bald eagles we have Delta and White Rock. We also have Pete’s Pond. For great horned owls we have Savannah Georgia. For Barn owls we have Texas barn owls. My favourite webcam is Pete’s Pond because you can see crocodiles, gazelle, wildebeest, hyena and zebra. Baby owls are called owlets and baby eagles are called eaglets. On Delta and White Rock you can see juveniles. Wingercizing is what some people call an eagle exercizing. When an eagle fixes its nest it’s called nesturating. One year White Rock’s babies were called Lima and Kilo and Kilo BROKE the nest! David Suzuki and David Hancock study birds. Cornell studies birds and has webcams. Dottie and Dash are the barn owl parents. That’s all folks!” ~Daniel B

 “Squawk, squawk!!! That is amazing! We are watching the cams. You don’t KNOW about the cams! I should tell you about it. Okay. Let’s get started. We should do the eagles first. Last year there were two baby eaglets named Kilo and Lima. Kilo was playing on the nest. The nest fell out of the tree and this guy named David Hancock build a manmade one for them but they have not moved in yet. Nest, we can do the Texas barn owls. Last night the owls left the box they live in but I do not know if they are back yet. If you search it up you can watch a video of a rattle snake attacking the owl with it babies last year. The two owls right now are named Dottie and Dash. Now, I only have time for one more cam and it is the great horned owl cam. We jut finished it. There are two eggs but there is a hole in one of them. They make their nests high up in the trees. I will tell you more about this later. So, go check them out. You will be AMAZED! See you later!” ~Mary

Thanks to Mary for this WONDERFUL screenshot with BOTH the Delta eagles at the nest last evening!

Thanks to Mary for this WONDERFUL screenshot with BOTH the Delta eagles at the nest last evening!

“My favourite webcam is Pete’s Pond. It happens at the Limpopo River. There were crocodiles, gazelle, wildebeests and zebras. Today I learned these things about eagles: not long ago eagles were endangered. Eagles start coming back to their nests earlier and earlier. There was an eagle who ate one of the eagle eggs. It’s hard to survive if you’re an eaglet, even for one year! In 36 days an eaglet named Kilo was hatched. If the eggs don’t get rolled, the eaglet inside will die. Bald eagles normally eat a lot of fish. Eagles do something called wingercizing to get stronger. Remember about Kilo? He was wingercizing and broke the nest and it needed to be built again. So, now we will call Kilo Naughty Kilo. The neatest thing that I’ve seen so far is an egg hatching! It was very surprising. We could even hear the peeping sound! Oh! I also learned that some birds sleep on one leg! They do that to keep one of the feet warm.” ~Ella

“Wow! That is a super cool webcam. I hope we check it out more. Oh ya. I have to tell you about my favourite webcam. It is the great horned owl webcam. Right now we are waiting for the egg to hatch. The first one has already hatched because it kept scraping the shell from the inside. The neatest thing that I have seen on the webcam is the owl look straight at the webcam because it was cool to actually see the front of the owl’s face. I have discovered that the owl lays its eggs before all the other birds. I thought it was a good discover because I think the owl can’t wait to lay its eggs and see it’s cute new born babies. I wonder why they call the owl the great horned owl. I hope the babies survive when they’re young. I can’t wait to see the great horned owl’s babies on the webcam.” ~Jamie

Well … we’ve only JUST begun. Some of us have been SO curious about learning how to screenshot with our laptops and iPads, even while we’re at HOME, that we’ve shown FIERCE engagement and active life long learning! Wow! The SKILLS we are developing are EXCITING! And … Mrs. RENTON is THRILLED to know that she has some NEW photographers to HELP her with these posts!

We wonder:

  • which of these webcams is YOUR favourite?

14 Responses to Learning Through Webcams

  1. Irene

    Wow! So many webcams, so little time! I think my favourite was the one with the babies hatching – so cool! Even cooler is how into it all of you guys are. Keep on keeping on, global Grade 3s!

    • The Grade Three Bloggers

      Hello Irene!

      Thanks for the amazing comment! You’re right, there ARE so many webcams! We usually check the Delta eagle webcam, because the eaglets have hatched, and the barn owls in Texas because their eggs are all starting to hatch!

      Keep checking back! Have a nice day!

      The Grade Three Bloggers 🙂

  2. william

    you guys must have so much fun watching those eagels I wish I was still in grade 3. : )
    My favourite picture of the Eagles is the one with mother sitting on her baby’s, ITS SO CUTE!!!!!!!
    I cant wait for more Eagle posts,there so cool in my opinuon,there also my favourite posts on theyour blog.But Your marreonttes are also really cool.Cant wait to chech back I’m off to Emonton now, Bye.


    • The Grade Three Bloggers

      Hi William!

      Thanks for the amazing comment! We also think the eagle posts are cool because it’s nice to learn all about the eagles and see them up close. We do have so much fun watching the eagle cams too! We think our marionettes are ALSO really cool because they are all unique and we worked so hard on them!

      We do have a new eagle post. It was published on Saturday. There’s a surprise at the end of the post about the Delta nest!

      Keep checking back! Have a nice day, William!

      The Grade Three Bloggers 🙂

  3. Rachel

    Ryan’s sister wonders how long eagles live for?

    • The Grade Three Bloggers

      Hi Ryan and Rachel!

      Thanks for the awesome comment! We think this is a GOOD wonder! Bald eagles can live between 20 and 30 years in the wild but, up to 50 in captivity. They can live longer in captivity because there are no predators. Predators are enemies … like people or other animals that can hurt them.

      Keep checking back! Have a nice day!

      The Grade Three Bloggers 🙂

  4. Ryan

    Ryan wonders how far away an eagle can see.

    • The Grade Three Bloggers

      Hi Ryan!

      Thanks for the awesome wonder! The Hancock Wildlife Foundation, (the one we are following for the Delta and the White Rock eagles), says:

      “Bald Eagles see about 7 times better than people can. One thousand feet (300 metres) up in the air, a Bald Eagle can spot its prey over 3 square miles (8 square km). They are able to do this because they can see both forward and sideways at the same time.”

      We never actually knew how far they could see until we saw your questions! We did some research to find out … so we learned something too!

      Have a nice day! Keep checking back!

      The Grade Three Bloggers 🙂

  5. Rolé

    Hmm, I’m going to pick the eagles as my favourite. They are so interesting. What an awesome way to learn more about our world.

    • The Grade Three Bloggers

      Hello Role !

      Thanks for the awesome comment! We also think the eagle cam is our favourite too. If you like the eagle cam than you should check out the owl cams. We agree that eagles are interesting. We also think that it is a good way to learn more about the world.

      Keep checking back. Have a nice day.

      The Grade Three Bloggers 🙂

  6. Prasenjit

    It’s so exciting when we are looking at the live webcam in the forest or at the riverbank, and wondering which animal will show up next, one night we saw a crocodile climb onto the bank. Super fun way to evoke kid’s interest in the biological sciences

    • Laurie Renton

      Hi Prasenjit,

      Thank you for the generous comment. The webcams are exciting. That’s cool that you saw a crocodile climb onto the riverbank. It is a fun way to learn about animals.

      Keep checking back. Have a nice day.

      The Grade Three Bloggers 🙂

  7. Emily

    hi class I love leaving comments on are the best class and teacher.

    • The BPS Bloggers

      Hi Emily!

      Thank you for leaving that lovely comment! That was SO nice of you for saying that we are a nice class and a lovely teacher! We think YOU are pretty awesome too! We also like leaving comments so other people can respond to us!

      Have a great day! Keep checking back!

      The OTHER BPS Bloggers 🙂

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