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That Ross … He is SO Amazing!

Posted by on June 27, 2015

A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees.

~Amelia Earhart

It’s HERE … it’s HERE, shouted everyone, in unison, as our caretaker delivered our much anticipated package … from … AUSTRALIA! WHAT? ANOTHER package from Australia? Yup! That Ross … he is SO amazing! We think his special acts of kindness must be starting all KINDS of trees … all OVER the WORLD, like Amelia Earhart talked about!

What follows are just SOME of our thoughts about Ross:

ANOTHER Australian surprise arrives for us!

ANOTHER Australian surprise arrives for us!

“I have LOVED the knowledge that you have pushed into our brains over the extended comments packed with amazing information about koalas, the Kids’ Cancer Project and all sorts of stuff that pushes our learning forward. Thank you for sending Suzie and the card reader home to us where she belongs. We are very thankful for that. We also love how whenever you have a birthday for your blog you don’t ask us to do anything like send you fun stuff. You do DRAWS and put people’s names in and you give OTHER people cool stuff!” ~Oliver

“Dear Ross: Thank you SO much for taking time out of your very busy days to write us extended comments. It’s really thoughtful of you to buy stuffies for every blog milestone and randomly pick a class that left a comment. And, not only that, but the money you use to purchase the stuffies goes to the Kids’ Cancer Project and OTHER good places. You helped us push our learning even FURTHER because you sent us the card reader. I learned what a peregrine falcon is! Thank you for EVERYTHING, Ross! We really couldn’t have done it WITHOUT you!” ~Mani

“YOU should be getting a gift for YOUR blog’s birthday but instead YOU give away items! The Kid’s Cancer Project and other charity programs are lucky that you buy their products. Orlando Pirate won’t be lonely because he has Suzie and all the other adorable plushies you gave to Mrs. Renton’s classes!” ~Aleah

“I was so happy when Suzie Sunshine and Orlando came in. I almost burst! I love how whenever you get a milestone you put a stuffy up for a draw or something else up for a draw. I love that you buy stuff that helps cancer, animals or other stuff! I’m thankful that you put stuff up for a draw because I love listening to the animal reader and holding Suzie Sunshine and Orlando. I hope you have a FANTASTIC day!” ~Adam

The anticipation is CRAZY in this room!

The anticipation is CRAZY in this room!

“Dear Ross: I am thankful for you because you are caring for children, wildlife, etc. I think that the children, animals and other foundations are also very thankful and proud of you! Instead of you getting gifts for your blog birthdays, you give gifts for us! Once the Orlando Pirate settles into his new home he will be playing with Suzie and he will hopefully be very happy in our classroom! Thank you for sending exciting new packages and also for helping fundraisers!” ~Faith

“I was BURSTING with excitement when Suzie Sunshine arrived. I can’t believe we won! I screamed in my head! Now, we just got Orlando the Pirate. It was SO amazing that we won BOTH draws. I want to say thank you for ALL the extended comments, the draws, the way you care about the planet and the things that live on it.” ~Shaye

“Hi Ross! I just wanted you to know that I really enjoyed reading your comments and entering your contests. It was SO cool how we won Suzie Sunshine and Orlando Pirate in your contests. It was just SO awesome blogging with you this year!” ~Liam

“Thank you Ross! We learned a LOT! I didn’t know that there were Backyard Buddies! The first milestone you had was fun. I can’t believe we won the Suzie Sunshine!! I’m really WOWED that you got 100 000 visitors and the Blogging Hawks only have 26 000! I thank you!” ~Olivia

Oh my GOODNESS ... just LOOK!

Oh my GOODNESS … just LOOK!

“Dear Ross: Thank you, Ross. I loved how you sent us Orlando and the Backyard Buddies. It was fun doing the comments and replying again. It was fun to have you help our learning. We were so glad to have you because you’re the best. I was thankful for you.” ~Roxanne

“Thank you for all the things you have done to push our learning further. My favourite thing you sent us was Suzie Sunshine and the animal card reader. Today, the class opened the package for the pirate bear. It’s always so exhilarating when you send us stuff. I hope next year’s class thinks that too!” ~Haya

“I loved the extended comments. I also loved replying to them as well. The information that Ross gives us boosts our learning so much further. I also really loved the contests that Ross does for his milestones. Instead of Ross getting presents, he gives them to classrooms all around the world! For cancer, fundraising for animals, blog birthdays and 100 000 views! I really like all of the blog posts Ross makes, the collections are my favourite. I love that blog!” ~William

What does the PACKAGE say?

What does the PACKAGE say?

“Dear Ross: I would like to say THANKS for all the things you gave to me and my class! From Suzie Sunshine and the card readers, to Orlando the Pirate! I loved your comments because they were really good and extended. I’m so happy that we got Suzie and the card reader and Orlando. At first, I didn’t know what the Backyard Buddies were but now I know. I love that you care about this world so much. I do not have a favourite thing we got because I love it all!” ~Robert

“Thank you SO much for the Orlando stuffy. We were SO happy when we got Orlando. Suzie is so happy because Suzie has a friend! It is real nice to give prizes when your blog has a birthday!” ~Prayers

“Dear Ross: I am VERY grateful for all the extended learning you taught us. It’s very kind of you to support animals. Putting up a contest is a very great and kind idea. The comments you sent us were very awesome. I wish you a good next year!” ~Bryan

“Dear Ross: Thank you SO much for the Backyard Buddies, the card reader and the cards! Thank you for Orlando and … for extending our learning. The words thank you don’t express how thankful I am. It’s very sad that some people including children around the world have cancer. It’s very thoughtful of you to give money to help find a cure for cancer! Thank you again for helping us push our learning further!” ~Marah



“Thank you SO much for pushing our learning past the limits! If I had to think of one word that would describe you it would be generous because you’ve supported the Backyard Buddies, the bilbies and SO much more! Your extended comments are AWESOME because you tell us stuff that we didn’t know! We would think that you would get gifts on your blog’s birthday but we’re the ones who get gifts! You’ve also hit HUGE milestones that we could never hit like: three years blogging, 100 000 visitors and MORE! I hope the next Grade Threes feel as gifted as me!” ~Riley

“Wow! Orlando is amazing. And, Suzie is also! Thank you SO much for everything. I think it is wonderful that you care so much about helping kid’s cancer. I once gave $20.00 and got a tiger stuffy and gave it to my little sister and she was SUPER happy.” ~Love Sofie

“Yes! We won two challenges. One was Backyard Buddies and, two, Orlando the Pirate. Ross Mannell is the BEST! Thank you so much for the extended comments and congratulations of the 100 000 visitors. And, thank you for letting us join the awesome challenges.” ~Alvin

Getting CLOSER!!! QUICK ... pull the PACKAGING off!

Getting CLOSER!!! QUICK … pull the PACKAGING off!

“I appreciate all your work, Ross, to make classrooms happy. I’m so happy that you did a draw for your blog’s birthday. I’m really happy that you care for all the kids in Australia that have cancer. Ross, I wish more classrooms sent more comments for the koala draw.” ~Thomas

“Wow! How many stuffies are you going to send us? I LOVE when you send us great and lovely stuffies on your blog’s birthday while you should be getting all of these cool things. Thank you so much for these, Ross. You are the best.” ~Saadia

“Ross, we’re super happy we got Orlando and Suzie. We all love Suzie when she’s with us. When we did the super animal card reader we always tried our best to take care of her. Now we got Orlando and we are going to take care of him too. When we do the card reader we will do it with Suzie AND Orlando now. I hope they will be safe forever!” ~Luisa

“Hey, Ross! I LOVE that you care so much about us and so many other people that, for every milestone that happens to your AWESOME blog, you decide to help others! I am also extremely grateful that we won Orland the Pirate and Suzie Sunshine because it’s very cool to know that you help the Kid’s Cancer Project because you’re helping to make a cure for cancer by donating! And, Suzie helps us to learn more about animals and the sounds they make. Thank you so much for helping to push our learning further by leaving extended blog posts for us. Like you, I think animals are very fascinating indeed.” ~Marcus

Oh boy ... I THINK we're in LOVE!

Oh boy … I THINK we’re in LOVE!

“Thank you, Ross, for all the things you did for our blog and for Orlando and Suzie Sunshine. When you left comments on our blog we learned a lot of interesting facts. When you showed us those pictures of all those interesting rocks and geodes, I got even more interested in rocks and minerals. We’ve had a lot of fun with Suzie Sunshine and now we get Orlando! I know that Mrs. Renton will take care of Suzie Sunshine and Orlando over the summer!” ~Colby

“Thank you for everything you have done for us this year, Ross. What I like about you, Ross, is that you care about cancer foundations and stuff like that. Also, when you have a blog birthday, you would think you would get gifts but you’re nice and you care to give other people gifts! I love that you take time out of your busy day to leave us comments on our blog. Thanks for EVERYTHING, Ross!” ~Carter

“Hello, Ross! I am only here to tell you how happy I am! First of all, instead of getting gifts on your blogdays, (blog birthdays), you give them! You personally go and buy stuff and hold a competition and you ALSO pay for the expensive shipping. And, through all of that, you’re helping important foundations! For example, your purchase of Suzie Sunshine is donating to help the Australian Wildlife Foundation. And, Orland Pirate helps kid’s cancer! Your extended comments on the blog always leave us wondering! Through all of these videos and disks you make, HOW do you find the time to write such long comments? You are a MIRACLE worker. PERHAPS you could change a PUMPKIN into a CARRIAGE!!!” ~Anita

ORLANDO ... the PIRATE bear ... we KNOW he will enjoy living in CANADA!

ORLANDO … the PIRATE bear … we KNOW he will enjoy living in CANADA!

Ross, words will NEVER be enough to adequately express our profound gratitude. You have stretched our learning, helped to flatten our classroom, and wondered along WITH us on this magical learning journey. Thank you for INSPIRING us and for SHARING our adventure this year! Here’s to many MORE milestones and adventures!

Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.

~James Matthew Barrie

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  1. Ross Mannell

    Hello Blogging Hawks,

    I was surprised and honoured by the post your class has shared and have prepared some replies you can see at…

    I hope you all have a wonderful summer vacation and come back ready for the learning adventures ahead in Grade 4.

    Ross Mannell
    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

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