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Live Webcam Eagle Adventures

Posted by on May 5, 2015

Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.

~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Early foggy morning at the Delta eagle nest.

Early foggy morning at the Delta eagle nest.

Lately, we’ve been doing some pretty amazing learning through some live webcams! Actually, we’ve been watching the Delta and the White Rock eagle cameras since early March … even BEFORE they began laying their eggs. We LOVE that these live webcams exist because they teach us SO much about the world around us.

We’ve done a lot of observing, some research to delve deeper into our wonders, some predicting and some comparisons of the historical data that has been gathered. It’s been BUSY … and we’ve learned SO many amazing things. It hasn’t ALL been happy learning, though.

Learning through observation, research, prediction and excitement.

Learning through observation, research, prediction and excitement.

What follows are some of our insights, highlights, low lights and reflections:

“I love the White Rock cam because I love the baby eaglets. My low light is that the Delta eggs did not hatch. My heart was real broken when the Delta eggs did not hatch. I learned that baby eaglets have an egg tooth. My highlight is when the White Rock eaglets hatched. Phew! A few weeks ago one of the White Rock eaglets was peaking the other eaglet. When I heard the Delta mom broke her leg I was so, so, so sad. But … at the end … she did do hard work.” ~Prayers

“One egg is named Kilo. Kilo is so cute. One day later comes Lima. I said so adorable and Kilo is the biggest. Lima is the littlest. At the White Rock nest … no eggs. So sad. It’s weird.” ~Saadia

“In the beginning it was just us waiting for eggs. Then finally Mrs.Renton announced that the Delta eagle was doing some serious nesting behaviour. Our eyes were fixed on the Delta eagle cam. The day came at last when there were eggs! A few days later White Rock had eggs. It was like egg-topia. Surprisingly White Rock’s eggs hatched before the Delta eggs. We were starting to worry about the Delta eggs. A little while later Mrs. Renton told us the bad news. The eggs were rotting on the inside!” ~Aleah

March 8th, at the Delta nest. CHECK out those TALONS!

March 8th, at the Delta nest. CHECK out those TALONS!

“Hey you! Yeah! I’m talking to you, reader! If you want to read this, you have to read it with PASSION! I adore the eaglets because they are really CUTE! Any ways, what I … I learned that the weight of a MALE eagle is about three math text books and the weight of a FEMALE eagle is about FOUR math text books. I also learned that the wing span of an adult eagle is about 76 – 79 cm and the height of an adult eagle is 180 – 230 cm. The last thing I learned is the size of an eagle brain. It is about 1 inch, (2.5 centimetres), square. (But … it’s not square!) My highlight is watching the eaglets jump around because it looks so CUTE!!! My low light is all the sibling rivalry. Okay … did you like it?” ~Mani

“It has been amazing learning about the eagle cam and sometimes it can be kind of sad because like maybe the eggs aren’t hatching. One of my low lights is that the Delta eggs aren’t going to hatch, because, for two whole days in early April the eagle did not incubate the eggs. Last year the eagle at the Delta nest broke her leg. Her leg is injured this year so she has not been doing well. On the White Rock cam it was sad that Kilo bopped Lima hard with her sharp beak. A female eagle is heavier than a male eagle. A female weighs 10 – 12 pounds. The length of an adult eagle is 76 to 79 cm. The wing span of an adult eagle is 180 to 230 cm, (1.8 to 2.3 metres). It takes 15 hours to peck the first hole in the egg plus another 30 to fully get out of the egg. They use a tooth on their beaks to peck through.” ~Carter

THREE math text books weigh about

THREE math text books weigh about 7 – 8 pounds, (3 – 4 kilograms). FOUR math text books weigh about 10 – 12 pounds, (4 – 5 kilograms).

“I love the eagles because it’s very cool how cute they are when they are newborn. I learned what sibling rivalry is. It is eaglets bopping each other. And, I learned that eaglets are born with an egg tooth. The egg tooth helps them break their shell. My highlight was that the White Rock eagles eggs hatched. My low light is that we discovered that the Delta 2 eagle’s eggs won’t hatch. I was disappointed. I wish that doesn’t happen to White Rock next year.” ~Bryan

“My highlight about the eagle is that I really think the eaglets are just SO cute, (but I feel bad for Lima getting that BIG brother head bonk)! Oh, let me tell you about the eagle cams. There is the Delta eagle cam and there is the White Rock eagle cam. Ugh. The eggs in the Delta nest are not gonna hatch. Well … maybe there’s still a 20% chance they will hatch. Let me tell you what happened. The mom broke her leg last year then it healed and this year she sort of re-broke it, so she could not incubate the eggs very good. And now, in the White Rock nest, there is Kilo and Lima. First Kilo hatched and it takes about 15 hours to get the first little hole. It takes about 2 days to hatch. After 2 days Lima was out of her egg and that day when mommy or daddy was feeding Kilo and Lima, Kilo wanted to be first to get the food so he gave Lima a BIG head bonk. I wonder if Kilo’s family or Lima’s family is gonna build their nest close to their mom and dad?” ~Sofie

Is THAT what we THINK it is? It's our FIRST egg ... at the DELTA nest!

Is THAT what we THINK it is? It’s our FIRST egg … at the DELTA nest!

“I don’t know which cam I should start with so I’ll start with the White Rock cam. My highlight was seeing Kilo and Lima trying to get out of their shells! I LOVE seeing Kilo and Lima growing up! Really, I don’t have a low light about White Rock. I learned that eaglets have an egg tooth on their beaks to get out of their shells. It must be real tiring! Now, for the Delta eagles. My highlight was knowing the mom has laid her eggs. Now, I have a lot light. It was learning that the mother broke it’s leg last year. So, now the eggs won’t hatch because it hurts when the eagle sits. It’s so tragic. I REALLY wonder how you know if an eagle is old?” ~Haya

“When I realized that we were observing eagle cams I was please because eaglets are quite cute. I learned that an adult female eagle, her wing span is 79 t0 90 inches! My low light was that the Delta eggs didn’t hatch because the mom had a broken leg so she could not incubate very well. I also learned that it takes 15 hours for an eaglet to peck it’s first hole with his or her little egg tooth. My highlight was observing Kilo and Lima struggling out of their eggs. Once Kilo was aggressive and hit Lima with his beak and Lima fell backwards and was hurt because beaks are strong. Lima was only like a day old.” ~Colby

“When I found out that we were going to watch an eagle cam in White Rock BC and Delta BC I was excited. I do not get that such a beautiful bird would start as just a gray chick but it is still cute. I am so happy that I am the first one to find the first egg in Delta BC. I am also happy that White Rock BC had the two eggs hatch on March 13th and March 16th. The eagle in Delta BC broke it’s leg last year and re-hurt it this year. I hope that the eagle will live for a long time. I will remember the eagle cam even when I will be an adult.” ~Thomas

It's grizzly, but, we are ALSO learning a LOT about what West Coast EAGLES like to eat!

It’s grizzly, but, we are ALSO learning a LOT about what West Coast EAGLES like to eat!

“I loved both of the eagle nests. The White Rock cam was AMAZING! The eaglets hatched and they were so CUTE!!! But, Lima is cuter. My low light was Β the Delta cam because I am getting a little bit worried that the eggs are not hatching. I learned that it takes 15 hours to break a big hole to make its way out of the egg shell. I wonder when the Delta nest eggs are going to hatch?” ~Luisa

“I wonder when the Delta eggs are going to hatch. I am growing so impatient. I am so disappointed that they still have not hatched yet, I said to myself. And, that’s when I heard that they are not going to hatch. That was when I was more disappointed than ever!!! Why are they not going to break out of that little space? Because the mother eagle hurt her leg last year and she re-hurt her leg so it is hard for the mother to incubate the eggs, because she injured her leg. Anyways, let’s get on with the baby eaglets at White Rock BC. They are ADORABLE!!! The older one is Kilo. The smaller one is Lima. They are both growing strong. Did you know that we’ve been watching the eaglets very closely and in one of the videos Kilo bonked Lima in the head! I wonder why the parents didn’t do anything about it?” ~Marah

“I find looking at the eagles pretty interesting because I like to see what they are up to and how the eaglets are doing. But, I don’t like how Kilo always KOs Lima. It’s mean. Other than that, I love the cam. It was so cute when I first saw Kilo pop out of the egg. The same with Lima. It’s fascinating how huge an eagle’s wing span can get. I also never knew how giant an eagle’s nest is! When an eaglet is born it takes 15 hours to poke the hole and like 2 more days to get out!” ~Liam

Our predictions were actually PRETTY close ... just a few days too early!

Our predictions were actually PRETTY close … just a few days too early!

“Aww! That is SO cute! Look at the baby eaglet! Ya wanna know what’s cute? Well, that baby eaglet is adorable! Kilo was born a couple of weeks ago, and now there’s Lima! But, here’s the blue part … there has been sibling rivalry against each other. Kilo’s mainly trying to hurt Lima, the littlest one. Well, luckily there is less sibling rivalry now. Kilo is now learning to become a responsible older sibling, even though his is still getting most of the food! Mama and papa eagle are very nice to their kids. Once Kilo is full, the parent gives Lima some good meals. You rock, ma and pa! Hey, know what? I’ve been thinking … why wasn’t pa or ma doing anything when there was sibling rivalry?” ~Anita

“I loved when the eggs hatched because the eaglets were really cute! I learned the adult eagle wind span is 180 to 230 centimeters! I loved watching the mom feeding Kilo and Lima! I didn’t like when Kilo pecked Lima’s back because he was down for a while. White Rock and Delta are in BC. I don’t like when the mom didn’t do anything when they were fighting! A first born eaglet weighs give dominoes, which is about 85 grams. I loved when the mom laid the eggs! The Delta mom broke her leg last year and now she can’t incubate the eggs!” ~Alvin

An EAGLET only weighs about 85 GRAMS when it is first born ... that is about as heavy as 5 of our plastic dominoes!

An EAGLET only weighs about 85 GRAMS when it is first born … that is about as heavy as 5 of our plastic dominoes!

“I can’t believe it, the eggs are hatching, I said to myself in delight. I know they were a bit late but I’m still happy to see it. I was sad when the mom’s let got hurt and I was happy when it healed. Did you know that a baby eaglet weights 85 grams when it’s first born? Did you know that an adult eagle’s brain is as big as a 1 inch cube? Okay. Last. Did you know that it takes 15 hours to peck out a little hole with the egg tooth and another 30 to get out so 45 hours altogether. That’s a lot of pecking. I wonder what the minimum time of pecking it takes to get out?” ~Robert

“I adore seeing Kilo and Lima, the eaglets, because they are so ugly they are cute! I don’t know how that works, it just does. I learned that eagles can be very intelligent. And just a little picky! I also learned how long it takes for an eagle to get out of their egg! One of my highlights is seeing the eagles on a foggy day because they look even MORE fierce! I’m feeling glum because in the Delta cam, the eggs aren’t going to hatch. Why? Because the parent re-broke her leg. First she broke it, somehow. Now she broke it again. Man, that’s very depressing. I wish her leg would heal.” ~Marcus

It hasn't ALL been easy learning ... SOME times eggs are just NOT viable.

It hasn’t ALL been easy learning … SOME times eggs are just NOT viable.

“Ya hoo! The eagles are back. Eagles are my favourite animal. I really didn’t know that eagle females are bigger than the males. The sad part is the Delta eggs didn’t hatch. Mrs. Renton said if the eggs didn’t hatch they will still continue sitting on them. But, if they start to smell they will abandon them or roll them out off the nest. When I grow up I want to be a zoo keeper. I wonder how eagles mate each other? There is so much to learn about bald eagles. Kilo and Lima are so cute and the mom was taking good care of Kilo and Lima.” ~Roxanne

“I’m astounded by the eagles but I am more astounded by the eaglets! Probably my biggest highlight is watching the eaglets. I think our eaglets are HILARIOUSLY cute!!! My low light is that the Delta eggs did not hatch! That was so sad. I wish one would have hatched, at least. One of the things that I have learned is that eagle’s eggs, if they’re not getting incubated enough, the eggs will change colour like brownish greenish. Eventually the eagles push the odd looking eggs right our of the nest. I’ve also learned that it takes 35 – 38 days, or very rarely, a little bit more for an eaglet to hatch.” ~William

They are SUCH patient parents ... sitting through ALL kinds of weather. BOTH the male AND the female take turns incubating their eggs.

They are SUCH patient parents … sitting through ALL kinds of weather. BOTH the male AND the female take turns incubating their eggs.

“I love the eagle cams because they’re so cool! Plus, it is also amazing that … man made cameras can show and tell us about Mother Nature. I learned that not just any eagle can be a fierce predator … almost any eagle can be a VERY FIERCE PREDATOR! And, that the female is actually LARGER than the male eagle! My low lights are that the mother eagle broke her leg TWICE! Delta’s eggs did NOT hatch!!! That is really sad. Don’t the parents notice that is has been over 50 days?!? Don’t you think that is REALLY BIZARRE?” ~Faith

“I loved when the Delta and White Rock eggs were laid! But, my low light was that the Delta eggs are never going to hatch because the eggs were left alone for two days. My other low light was when the Delta mom broke her leg last year, but recovered, but then she broke it again. My highlight was when both of the White Rock eggs hatched. I learned that it takes 35 to 38 days to hatch. My other thing I learned is that it takes 15 hours to poke a hole through. After it pokes the hole it takes one and a half days to hatch. Oh. I just remembered … I have one more low light … when Kilo hit Lima with his or her beak. Wondering who Kilo and Lima are? They’re the eaglets!” ~Adam

Those West Coast eagles are LUCKY ... they get an amazing diet of fish, duck, birds ... we learned SO much!

Those West Coast eagles are LUCKY … they get an amazing diet of fish, duck, birds … we learned SO much!

“Hello there! Are you wondering what I am writing about? Well, I am writing about my ups and downs on our Delta and White Rock eagle nests we’ve been watching. So, let me get on with this! I learned that females are bigger than males. I loved when the White Rock eggs hatched and seeing tiny Kilo and his or her little fluffy feathers. One of my highlights is when the White Rock and Delta eggs were laid. My low light is that the Delta mom injured her leg and can’t incubate her eggs and the chicks are dying inside the egg.” ~Shaye

“Hi! My name is Olivia and the last few months I’ve learned a ton about eagles. The day our blog went down, Mrs. Renton showed us an eagle cam. A few days later we saw an egg in the Delta nest. So, White Rock had two and Delta has two. On April 16th the White Rock eaglet hatched but the Delta had no eaglets. It was a happy day and a sad day. So, Mrs. Renton went to the website. It said that last year the Delta mom broke her leg but it recovered from the injury. So, it looks like she injured it again and she didn’t sit on it for a couple days. I hope she recovers. Did you know that the eaglets have names? Their names are Kilo and Lima. The website is called The Hancock Wildlife Foundation. I love eagles and eaglets.” ~Olivia

It is SAD to watch the Delta eagles still taking such gentle care of their eggs. We wonder when they will figure out that there will be NO eaglets this year.

It is SAD to watch the Delta eagles still taking such gentle care of their eggs. We wonder when they will figure out that there will be NO eaglets this year.

“I LOVED learning about the beautiful Bald Eagles and how long it takes for an egg to be laid after mating. I also loved learning about how long it takes for an egg to hatch after being laid. I learned that it takes 5 to 10 days for an egg to be laid after mating. We also learned that it takes 36 to 38 days for the eggs to be hatched. My low light was hearing that the Delta’s mom broke her leg last year and re-injured it this year and was absent from incubation for two straight days! Now the eggs have no chance hatching. My highlight was seeing the little eaglets, Kilo and Lima, for the first time!” ~Oliver

Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 6.07.16 PM

Wow. It was a LONG wait … but it was EXCITING! WELCOME to Kilo and Lima! Take GOOD care of each other, little ones … NO more SIBLING rivalry!

Such HUGE learning … but … we’re NOT done YET! We will spend some time watching Kilo and Lima grow. It’s been fun watching them take their FIRST steps. We are SO thankful that The Hancock Wildlife Foundation runs these web cams. If YOU are interested in seeing what’s happening in the White Rock AND the Delta 2 nests … JUST click on the HYPERLINKS! We’ll MEET you THERE! Oh … it’s time to go … it’s:

DINNER time!

DINNER time!

The human spirit needs places where nature has not

been rearranged by the hand of man.

~Author Unknown

11 Responses to Live Webcam Eagle Adventures

  1. Marah

    Hello Grade 3s

    I showed my mom ALL our hard work!!! I showed her
    the pictures and I read to her my reflection about the eagles she really enjoyed them very much!

    I’m so proud of all our work.

    see you

    Love,Marah πŸ™‚

    • The Blogging Hawks

      Hello, Marah!

      Thank you for the nice comment! We love that you took time out of your day to leave us a comment. We really like that you come to the blog and leave comments for us! Thank you so much for spending time on the blog with your Mom … and for sharing our learning. We are also proud of our work!

      The Blogging Hawks πŸ™‚

  2. Stacie

    Wow, Grade 3s! Isn’t it cool that technology allows us to watch nature as it’s happening! It is sad that the two Delta eggs are not viable, but that is all part of the circle of life. Hopefully, the mama will heal and have more eggs in the future!
    Kilo and Lima’s feathers look so soft and fluffy and I really like their names! Keep us posted on their developments!

    • Marah and Haya

      Hi Stacie

      Thank you for the lovely comment!
      It is AMAZING that technology can show you animals in their habitats!
      Did you know Kilo and Lima’s names come from the military alphabet. Kilo and Lima are growing like CRAZY!!! we wonder how much they weigh now? We wonder when the eagles/parents will know that there eggs are not going to hatch.

      Haya and Marah (On behalf of The Blogging Hawks) πŸ™‚

  3. Faith

    Hi, Room 1! Marah, that was such an amazing comment! Anyways, me & my Dad were just checking out the Blog this morning and we read ALL of our hard work and my Dad was SUPER proud of all of us! This is what my Dad has to say: It’s really cool that Mrs. Renton is able to teach you about eagles, but, even cooler, is that you are learning math, english, science, biology, without even realizing it! That is the best way to learn! Did you know that, an eagle has phenomenal vision that allows it to see a rabbit from over 3 km away? Faith: Wow isn’t that amazing!? I didn’t even know that! see you guys later!


    Faith πŸ™‚

    • The Blogging Hawks

      Hi Faith!

      Thank you for the wonderful comment! It’s nice that you complimented Marah’s comment too! Most of us didn’t know that an eagle could see a rabbit from 3 kms away. We think it’s amazing how good an eagle’s vision is! We think it was a good choice to learn about eagles … they are fascinating! Thank you for pushing our learning even further by telling us something we didn’t know about eagles!

      The Blogging Hawks πŸ™‚

  4. Leigh Ann

    Hi Blogging Hawks! It is great you are learning about eagle’s. Carter and I have been watching some eagles in Invermere for a couple years! 2 years ago 2 eaglets were born and we watched them get bigger and start to fly. It was interesting to hear that the siblings fight so badly over the nest as they get older (sometimes killing the other one). I hope Carter and his sister are nicer to each other!! Last year the tree that held the nest blew over and we were worried as to where the eagles relocated. We were happy to see the nest was back this year and that there are 2 eagles there. I am hoping there are some babies in that nest!! It is pretty interesting to see all the bones and shells under the tree/nest as it tells us what the eagles have been eating. We canoed right under the nest last weekend. One eagle was in the nest and the other flew over to it. Carter was scared the other eagle was coming to get us with its sharp claws and beak! ha

    Have a great day!

    Leigh Ann

    • The Blogging Hawks

      Hi Leigh Ann!

      Thank you for the awesome, extended comment! We loved hearing about the eagles in Invermere that you have been watching, as a family, for the past two years! Carter told us a little more about the nests and how you discovered that there are two of them!

      It’s so sad that siblings will kill and eat the younger eaglets. We’re watching a Barn Owl cam as well. One of the tiniest owlets died, probably because of starvation, and its bigger siblings ate it just like eaglets will sometimes do. We understand that that is life, sometimes in the wild. Good thing HUMAN babies aren’t like that!

      Once, on the Texas Barn Owl cam, a Texas rattlesnake attempted to get into the owl nest and eat the egg or the chicks. Luckily, Dottie, the owl mom, fought the snake off with her beak and talons and the snake fell off the owl box!

      It was funny when you told us that Carter was scared when an eagle flew overhead … they DO have sharp beaks and talons! We don’t think ANY of us would like to be the intended target of an eagle hunt!!! Carter has the RIGHT to be scared … we WOULD have been scared too!

      The Blogging Hawks πŸ™‚

  5. carter

    Hi class I love the amazing photos on the eagle web cam. Olso everybodys eagle righting sounds really interesting. My to favourite eagle pictures are the one were the eagle has the big duck and the one that has the eagle peering over the foggy tree.



  6. Audra

    All the pictures were amazing! And I learned so much about eagles and their babies! It’s wonderful to read all your comments…it’s obvious you have all enjoyed learning about them too. Big shout out to Mrs. Renton for helping you on your learning journey.

    Great work!


  7. anita

    hi class and amazing blog vistors!!!
    i realy hi fun looking at the eagles and evenchewly, the eaglets…
    even though im still pretty blue with the fact that delta nest is shut down,but i guess that is life.

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