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A DAY of DRESS-Up AROUND the World!

Posted by on February 3, 2015

People from different cultures have different definitions for beauty.

Isn’t that sad to judge others with our standards … rather than appreciate them?

~Mizuki Nomura

We’ve been working with the Fort Calgary kit this week! Today, we got to try on the traditional clothing from each of the four countries we investigate in Social Studies: Tunisia, Peru, India and Ukraine!



What follows are our reflections on the day:

“When I came in this morning there were tri-folds up and they looked so life-like! My favourite clothes were the Peruvian clothes because their clothing has so many different colours. I wonder how you rap a turban? My highlight was taking the pictures at the Tunisian tri-fold.” ~Haya

“Huh, I wondered, walking into the classroom, seeing lots of tri-folds, (tri-folds are MASSIVE pieces of cardboard folded three times). Then, Mrs. Renton said we were taking pictures of us inside the tri-folds. At first I was confused, then I saw the head-shaped holes inside the tri-folds. Then I understood everything. We were going to put our heads through the holes that Mrs. Renton made. My favourite part was putting my head through the holes in the tri-folds. My favourite kind of clothes were India’s. I think the Indian sari and the Tunisian boy’s shirt are very similar.” ~Mani

“Today, when I came in, I was surprised to see the tri-folds and the traditional clothes. I feel like the tri-folds were real … and … cool. My highlight is seeing all of the tri-folds standing looking perfect. My lowlight was that some people were being funny and laughing and not making good choices. I loved the Ukrainian girl’s clothes because the flower strip is so beautiful.” ~Luisa

“Wowzers! Are we in the right ROOM, I thought! “Please don’t touch the tri-folds … please go around them”, Mrs. Renton said. “Okay, but what are these for” one of my friend’s whispered. She talked about the ground rules. When we started putting on the clothes I was so happy. The first station was the Tunisia one … it was fun! Why? Because it felt like you were wearing it and ACTUALLY celebrating a tradition!” ~Anita

“When I looked into the classroom there was cardboard all of the four countries painted on the cardboard. When we got to come in I first looked at the Ukrainian one which is my favourite. There was India, Peru and Tunisia too. I do not have a least favourite part. My favourite traditional clothing is the Ukrainian clothing because I like the ribbons on it. The Ukrainian traditional clothing for girls and boys both have ribbons on them. I wonder if Ukrainian dancer clothing is different in the country than the city?” ~Thomas



“It feels like I am in all FOUR countries, I said to Mrs. Renton. We are taking pictures with the tri-folds Mrs. Renton painted with Mrs. D. My favourite part was taking the picture in the India tri-fold because it was very interesting and the clothing is amazingly pretty. My favourite piece of clothing is the dress for India because it is a very calm dress. What I noticed in the India tri-fold is that pretty much everyone is wearing a tunic or a sari. I think that’s because it’s a different way to worship their gods. I wonder what the clothing is made of?” ~Shaye

“As I walked into the classroom, I saw an amazing sight. Our desks have been moved and beautiful tri-folds of the four countries we are studying: Peru, Tunisia, Ukraine and India. I wonder what we are going to do with them? Mrs. Renton explained what we would do. My highlight was that we got to wear the traditional clothing. My favourite traditional clothing is the Ukrainian one because it is the most beautiful clothing in all four countries. I noticed that all four countries have a building or a house in the background, except the Tunisia one. I wonder if there is a mountain in all the countries.” ~Bryan

“What? Something’s different around here, I thought to myself when I walked into the classroom. Peru was my favourite part of the scenes. If you are wondering what I am writing about, well, there’s four tri-folds up and they’re from all the countries we are studying. There’s Peru, (my favourite), Ukraine, India and Tunisia. We are dressing up and taking pictures when we are dressed up. Let’s get back to the highlights and the lowlights. I like Peru best because I’m doing my marionette girl from Peru and because one of my bffs is half Peruvian. If you take off the hat on the Indian clothing then it looks the same as the Tunisian clothing.” ~Sofie

“Wow! What the HECK, I thought to myself as I walked in. When I got to the carpet Mrs. Renton told us what the tri-folds were for and what we were doing. I grew impatient. I really wanted to get started. My favourite one was the Indian one. I really liked the clothing. It was so much fun trying all the different clothes and poking our heads in the tri-folds. I can’t believe Mrs. Renton did all this. I wonder how long it took her to finish the tri-folds. It was just a little … a LITTLE hard to keep our hands to ourselves and we had to be careful not to make the tri-fold move. I’m so excited to go check the blog out tonight!” ~Marah



“When I first came in the class my mouth got open. I had so much fun when we were getting in the clothes.” ~Saadia

 “When we walked in the doors Mrs. Renton told us to be careful with the tri-folds and to find a walk way that would not move or wreck the tri-folds. When we walked in there were tri-folds from Ukraine, Peru, India and Tunisia. My team’s first tri-fold was the Ukrainian tri-fold. The second tri-fold was the Peruvian tri-fold. The third tri-fold was the Indian tri-fold. And, the fourth but the last tri-fold was the Tunisian tri-fold. My favourite tri-fold was the Ukrainian tri-fold because it was the most decorated tri-fold.” ~Robert

“When I went into the classroom I was like … WOW! I loved the tri-folds. My favourite tri-fold is India because I like the girl’s sari! I like how Mrs. Renton put earrings in the Indian girl’s ears.” ~Prayers

“Wow! What happened to the classroom? It looked like the tri-folds at the zoo! What are we doing today?!? There was a Tunisia, Ukraine, Peru and India tri-fold with beautiful paintings on them. One of my highlights was getting my head in the tri-fold because it reminded me of the zoo! My lowlight was finishing the last station. My favourite traditional clothing was the clothing from India because it felt like a silk uniform. I recognized that the Peruvian clothing was more decorative than the others because they represent different things that they celebrate. I wonder if Peru has more than one type of traditional clothes?” ~Riley

“When I was walking the bell rang. I knew I had to run to the office and go to my class. When I came in I didn’t know we were taking pictures! I was excited to take pictures. But Mrs. Renton told us to be gentle. Then she set us up in our groups. We even decided how we were going to do the clothing. One of my favourites was the sari. It even had earrings. I also think that every clothing was different because that’s how they keep themselves safe. I wonder if all people wear traditional clothing.” ~Roxanne

“As I walked into the classroom I noticed that our desks were moved and there were four tri-folds. I was wondering what they were for. Right away I peered. There were carved circly oval shapes. Then I noticed on the backside of each one there were the names of that country. And, they were our Social Studies countries. Then most of everybody in the class was saying that we get to put our faces on the tri-fold to pretend w were wearing the traditional clothing. My highlight was sticking my head through the Tunisia tri-fold because there’s only one carved circly oval shape thing that you stick your head through. I wonder how Mrs. Renton could paint that?” ~Colby

“Wow! When I looked through the window I was extremely surprised! I could not wait to try out the tri-folds! My highlight was that I got to try all the girl’s clothes in all four countries. That is my highlight because I am making a girl marionette and I a a girl and girls are cool! The good thing is, I don’t have a lowlight! My favourite traditional clothing was the Indian clothing because we are on the third book of the Indian trilogy. I don’t think any of the traditional clothing has any similarities. I wonder why our traditional clothing and different traditional clothing isn’t the same?” ~Faith



“When I came into the classroom I saw four tri-folds. Sofie and I were trying to guess what countries but we thought Tunisia was India because the boy clothing looked kind of Indian. My highlight was dressing in their traditional clothing. If you’re wondering where we got the clothing, we got the clothing from Fort Calgary.” ~Olivia

“Wow! As I walked into the classroom this morning, I noticed tri-folds set up all over the classroom. I was looking at the tri-folds wondering what they were for but then I remembered we were learning about the four countries: Peru, India, Tunisia and Ukraine. My favourite traditional clothing was from Ukraine because it looked really detailed with all the colours and designs. My least favourite part was, well … actually … I didn’t have a least favourite part! The clothing was a lot different from Tunisia and India.” ~Carter

“As I walked in the doors of the classroom I noticed four tall tri-folds in the middle of the room. Wow, I said, as I noticed, from the painting on them, that they were from our four countries: India, Peru, Ukraine and Tunisia. But, they had cut-outs in the people’s faces that were on the tri-folds. Mrs. Renton said we were wearing traditional clothing from the four countries. My favourite part was putting my face in the cut-outs in the India one. But, I didn’t like having to go on my tippy toes and almost falling over. I absolutely LOVED the Tunisian clothing because of the cool gold designs on it. I have noticed that in every country there was a hat to go with the clothes. The Tunisian clothes look a lot like the man’s clothing on the Indian tri-fold. I wonder why every piece of clothing has a hat to it.” ~Marcus

“Huh? What are those, I thought when I came into the classroom. Are those tri-folds? They are HUGE! Wait … that’s India … that’s Peru … that’s Ukraine … and that’s Tunisia. My favourite is the Peruvian one because I like the way they are dressed.” ~Liam

“When I went into the classroom tri-folds where there. Mrs. Renton did a lot of work with the tri-folds. Mrs. Renton was a very detailed artist. Another teacher helped her with the tri-folds. It was fun taking pictures with my friends.” ~Alvin

“When I walked into the classroom I saw four big cardboard stuff. But, then I walked in a little bit more. Then I saw all four countries we were studying. Then I noticed all their heads were cut out. My funnest thing was when I got to stick my head through them because it was fun to stand on the chairs. My least favourite thing was when I was almost too short to stick my head through one of the people in India. When we were dressing I noticed that India has almost the same pants as in Ukraine because they were red and designed the same way.” ~Adam

“Wow! Mrs. Renton? You did this all in one night?!? No … that would be physically impossible! We are talking about tri-folds that Mrs. Renton put up. She painted four of them but she said it took weekends and weekends and weekends … even WITH Mrs. D.’s help! There was one for India, Ukraine, Tunisia and Peru! Each tri-fold was very decorative. each station came with the traditional clothing of the region. They also came with the types of headwear that people would have in different regions, but we couldn’t put them on because we were worried that they had head lice!” ~Oliver

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The day FLEW by, in the BLINK of an eye! We have a LOT of new wonders BECAUSE of this experience:

  • Why are traditional clothes SO different from country to country … could it be the CLIMATE? Could the COLOURS hold special MEANING?
  • Even WITHIN a single country the clothing can vary from region to region. Why IS this?
  • Do many people in these four countries still WEAR their traditional clothing … or … do they just wear them for special celebrations?

6 Responses to A DAY of DRESS-Up AROUND the World!

  1. Stacie

    Wow! You all look amazing in those traditional clothes! Did you know that the red hat from Tunisia is called a Chechia, and it dates back over 500 years? Every year, March 16th in Tunisia marks National Dress Day, when all civil servants wear traditional dress, including the Chechia!

    • The Blogging Hawks

      Hi Stacie!

      Thanks for the “factastic” comment! We had SO much fun with the Fort Calgary kit! We liked it because it made our learning go farther! It was really fun dressing up in the traditional clothing! The Fort Calgary artifacts were very fun to sketch and handle. Our kit called the red hat a fez … it was neat to learn another name for it! We think it would be SO cool if Canada had a national dress day … because there are so many cool nationalities in Canada!

      The Blogging Hawks 🙂

  2. jdcampbell2014

    Hi Grade 3,
    I was really pleased to see your great writing and your great thoughts that came from dressing up yesterday. It sounds like this was a great surprise for you. It was very interesting for me to think about some of the questions you asked. For example, Bryan noticed that the Tunisia display didn’t have buildings and he wondered if there were mountains around. Faith asked why our traditional clothing is different from theirs. There were lots of great responses here. Thanks for sharing.
    Mr. Campbell (your proud Principal)

    • Mrs. Hall

      What a great day of learning for you! I have a doll at home that my Baba dressed up in traditional Ukrainian clothing. It looks like a lot more fun to dress up in the real thing. It was nice to see so many students trying on different costumes. Did you feel like you were living in that country by remembering the research you have done? Did you smell the camels from Tunisia or hear the music from Peru?

      • The Blogging Hawks

        Hi Mrs. Hall!

        Thanks for the lovely comment! It was so nice of you to subscribe to our blog too! Thank you SO much for bringing in the doll that your Baba dressed in traditional clothing for you! We thought your doll was AMAZING wearing the traditional Ukrainian clothes! Do you know which region it is from in Ukraine? Everybody was so excited to see the doll. We felt a little like we were in each country because of the tri-folds and the clothing! Nope … we didn’t smell any camels. We’re GLAD about that, though, because a few of us have had the displeasure of smelling them at the zoo!!! We listened to the traditional music while we had the kit in our room. It was fun!

        Thank you SOOO much for sharing the library with us yesterday while our NOT-so SmartBoard was being replaced with a SMARTER version!!! We liked it when you helped Mrs. Renton pronounce the Ukrainian names we were researching!

        We hope you keep checking back!

        The Blogging Hawks 🙂

    • The Blogging Hawks

      Hi Mr. Campbell!

      Thank you for the lovely comment! It made us feel SO happy that you went to our blog and left us a comment! It was a BLAST using the Fort Calgary kit! It was REALLY fun because very FEW of us get to dress up in traditional clothing of ANY kind! One student even said that she felt like she was IN all four countries because of the tri-folds! The artifacts in the Fort Calgary kit were fun to sketch and to hold! We bet YOU would have had fun TOO! We could have had you stand in the BACK of some of the tri-folds for our photo shoot!!!

      The Blogging Hawks 🙂

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