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Our Hope and Dreams for the NEW Grade Threes!

Posted by on June 24, 2014

“I light my candle from their torches.” 

— Robert Burton

“The adventure of life is to learn. The purpose of life is to grow. The nature of life is to change. The challenge of life is to overcome. The essence of life is to care. The opportunity of life is to serve. The secret of life is to dare. The spice of life is to befriend. The beauty of life is to give.”

— William Arthur Ward

One Response to Our Hope and Dreams for the NEW Grade Threes!

  1. Ross Mannell

    Hello Battalion Bloggers,

    I am sorry it has taken me some time to leave a comment on this beautiful post. I felt so honoured you thought to include me in comments as part of it. The way we shared our learning has been such a high point for me and I hope will be for the new incoming Grade 3 children.

    Learning shared enriches us all both for what we learn and for the joy of interacting and making new friends.

    As you move on to Grade 4, I wonder what adventures lie ahead? There is so much out there for us to know and it only takes keeping our minds and eyes wide open to what lies ahead.

    For the new Grade 3 students, your Grade 3 learning adventures are about to begin. What learning adventures? They’re the exciting discoveries waiting to be found and I know I will be watching to see what is happening in a school over 12,500 kilometres from my home here in Australia.

    The last two months have been very busy for me involving filming and producing DVDs for schools and community groups. There has been a 15 school Music Camp performance and a twin DVD set for an adult choir. Photos and a series of short video clips were produced for the Panboola Bioblitz where scientists and volunteers, including school students, studied plants and animal life in a wetland area.

    Now, I am working on a twin DVD set, one DVD for each night of the festival, for a 13 school performing arts festival involving singing, dancing and music from over 500 students. I always find this festival exciting as I discover what each school has prepared. I will be sending a twin DVD set to your school when they are done. Perhaps on a cold or wet day you might be able to see some of the performances coming from schools ranging from a one teacher school up to a high school with over 800 students.

    By the end of this month (August), all booked projects will be complete so I might be able to spend more time blogging and, as the Battalion Bloggers know, this can mean new extended comments as I discover new learning from what others share. Before the end of the year, my “Extended Comments for Students” blog will reach its 200th post. I wonder who it will be for and what it might include? That’s a discovery I am yet to make.

    Ross Mannell
    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

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