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Making Peruvian Masks

Posted by on March 6, 2014

The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.

~Pablo Picasso
Connie Clay Maker brings MAGIC to our classroom!

Connie Clay Maker brings MAGIC to our classroom!

“Yeah! Connie is here! When Connie came this was my favourite part: when I was doing the base colour. Mine was brown. We painted the masks with acrylic paints. We went from a big brush to a small brush. We did this so we could do the designs last. Another highlight was when I saw the finished masks and when the clay forms were done with designs. I was very proud of myself when we finished the masks. Also, a highlight was Connie coming in and when we felt the mask and made its shape. I liked painting small details using the silver paint. The experience was amazing!” ~Daniel

“This is so fun!!! We were painting the masks! My highlight is when we got to paint the masks. I wanted to paint it like a real ancient Peruvian mask. We were painting Peruvian masks. I used greenish, bluish colours. I used gray, gold, dark blue, silver and black. With gray I painted around the face. I did dots for the mouth and eyes. For dark blue, I painted the nose and around the eye brows. For silver, I painted whiskers. I wish I could make another one.” ~Hannah

“WOW! Connie is REALLY good at painting the ancient Peruvian masks! We especially loved painting the masks. I couldn’t paint my mask because my mask got broken in the kiln. But, at least I got a mask! Mrs. Renton still had a picture of my first mask. Thank goodness Mrs. Renton took a picture of my real one. My highlight was seeing my mask painted and finished at the end. Well, really, my highlight was that Connie took time for us and that she came!” ~Catherine

“Plunk. Plunk. PLUNK! The clay “shook” the table! This is a messy job, Kale said peacefully. My favourite part was painting the masks because when you paint you get to be all messy. My favourite part of painting would have to be doing the background! I hope we can work with Connie again!” ~Cohen

Connie showed us some AMAZING pictures of masks!

Connie showed us some AMAZING pictures of masks!

“On February 5th, Connie came into our class. You probably remember Connie. I made butterflies with her in Grade Two. Here is what I used to make my mask: newspaper, clay, tape, a rolling pin, chop sticks and a paper plate. It was a ton of fun. My favourite part was putting the designs on the clay. But, when I was looking in the books Connie brought, I saw some very cool designs that helped a lot. It was a very fun process.” ~Alex

“On February 5th, we made ancient Peruvian masks with Connie Clay Maker. That materials were: tape, newspaper and a paper plate. The nose, mouth and eyes were already made. We had to tape and tape some more! It didn’t really take us that long, maybe 10 minutes. The next thing we had to do was get clay and pat it with our palms of our hand. It was really hard … but we still did it! After that, we rolled the clay until it was as flat as a pancake. After we did rolling we pushed the clay softly on the plate. Then, we took a popsicle stick and scraped the clay off our desks. My favourite part of working was taping the nose together.” ~Isaac

“This is going to be so fun, I exclaimed to Catherine! As Connie the Clay Maker came in I got so excited. The first step that Connie told us was to put a lot of paint on the paintbrush. The second step she explained to us was to slide the brush on one side so it could be smooth. I think there is one more thing that I could tell you. Connie told us … just incase any paint got on your shirt … we had to wear paint shirts. My favourite part was putting the gold on. It was so fun working with Connie.” ~Aya

“Yeah! Connie is back, I whispered to Jenna! I can’t wait to paint with Connie, Jenna whispers. Look … it’s Connie, shouted Kennedy. Please sit down on the carpet, says Mrs. Renton to everyone. So, everybody goes to the carpet to sit down. When Connie sat down on the chair she told us about painting techniques. She told us a tip … if we painted our mask one colour and then, when you want to add your designs you have to wait because the first colour you put on is not quite dry yet. Then, it was time for Connie to leave.” ~Kelly

“Connie the Clay Maker and painting … not a lot could be better! Well, I loved that Connie came into our class, but my favourite part was painting, like I said. Personally, I loved making the ancient Peruvian masks. Our class used acrylic paint. I have some at home. Connie said that acrylics are good to paint with because, when it is dry, you can paint over it if you do not like the colour that you had before. I also liked seeing my mask all finished! When it was finished, it looked GREAT! Well, all of the experience with Connie was a highlight! I hope I get to work with Connie again!” ~Jenna

We couldn't WAIT to get started on our OWN masks!

We couldn’t WAIT to get started on our OWN masks!

“Ekk! I had the best time of my life because Connie came back and we did my absolutely favourite thing … you guess it … painting! We painted our masks. I can’t wait to tell you about the other highlights that I loved. Well … here’s the first thing I want to tell you about. I absolutely loved making the designs. But, most of all, I loved Connie coming in and teaching us and spending time with us. I loved how she took the time to come in. I hope we can do that again!” ~Kennedy

“Wow! Connie is here again! We were painting our masks today! My favourite colour and part was gold and painting the masks. We let it dry through lunch. When I saw them when they had no painting they looked hideous. When they had paint on them they looked incredible when they were all done. It was fun.” ~Zyne

“Splash. Splash went the paint. My favourite part of making the Peruvian clay masks is when I painted it. Painting my mask was fun. I like to see all the shiny colours like the gold paint. I wonder how to make the gold paint or where to buy it. I love painting clay.” ~Melvin

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“Wow! Connie is here for our masks to paint. Connie told us how to paint our masks. It was my favourite part of the day. Painting is my favourite thing to do when I go to my Grandma’s house! It’s like my mask is ancient from a journey into Peru. The best part was painting to me. It was very special to me.” ~Lane

“A few days ago, Connie came in again and taught us how to paint our masks. You paint your whole mask one colour to start. Mine is white. Then, when it dries, you paint your other colours. My favourite part was painting the tusks. I wish Connie would come in again.” `Kale

“Finally! We get to paint our masks! I was hoping to make a colourful mask but Connie said I should use a few colours. It still looked good at the end though. My favourite part was when I saw how my mask looked at the end. When we were making masks I was really disappointed when we had to wait for two weeks to paint our masks. I was excited when we were going to paint with Connie. Soon, my sister will make butterflies with Connie. I’m hoping she will enjoy it as much as me. In any other grades do you get to paint with the amazing Connie? Hopefully we do!” `Peng Peng

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“I painted it green, yellow, purple and gold. The best part was painting the mask.” ~Sam

“Oh my GOSH … I forget Connie was coming in to help paint our masks! Oh my GOSH! YES! That day my highlights were painting the background, the designs and painting it. But, the most extraordinary part was Connie coming in!” ~Amy

“That looks so cool! My favourite part was painting with the medium brush. My second favourite was rolling the clay out. It looked so cool at the end. Mine kind of looked like a fish. If my brother made one it would look like a clown. The clay was heavy. It was the best project ever!” ~Ethan

“Wow! Connie taught my class so much about how to make masks out of clay. Oh … I LOVE clay! All of it was awesome but this is what I liked the best … seeing it finished because it looks like it’s real. It has brown for the face. And,  the designs were green, blue, white and bronze.” ~Hilary

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“Hi readers. On Wednesday, February 5th, 2014, we got to work with clay. Someone came in. Her name was Connie. She works with clay. Yup. You heard that right! The stuff that comes out of the ground! And, we made a mask out of it! It was fun. She told us not to roll over the edge. She also told us to make sure that it was even. Connie took them the next day to cook. After they cooked she came back to paint our masks. That was my favourite part. My mask is gold, silver, purple, blue, bronze, black and yellow. Colourful, huh? Now, they’re on the shelves and tables around the room. I’ll never forget the day we made Peruvian masks!” ~Noam

“Wow! All of this looks so fun! Connie was in for ANCIENT PERUVIAN MASKS! My highlights, or favourite parts, were:

  • Connie came in because it rarely happens.
  • The rolling and pushing the clay.
  • Painting the mask with blue, silver and yellow.
  • Having a big nose!

I had lots of fun with Connie. I hope Connie comes again! My favourite, favourite, favourite part was feeling the mushy clay and painting the mask. Thank you SO much, Connie, for coming in! We LOVED it! I’ll never forget the day that Connie came in!” ~Claire

Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” 

~Edgar Degas 

4 Responses to Making Peruvian Masks

  1. zackaria

    Dear global grade 3

    making an ancient peruvian mask is tricky but really fun. the trick is make t into colourful and ancient colour that really make it so amazing. connie the clay maker is amazing you guys should listen to her then you can be a great artist like connie. good luck. I remember doing the ancient peruvian mask it was so amazing. this was so tuff. heres a tip try to make your mask so like ancient make it colourful. Good luck.

    Zackaria (a former global grade 3)

    • The Battalion Bloggers

      Hi Zackaria!

      Thank you for leaving a wonderful comment on our blog! You’re right, some parts of making the ancient Peruvian masks were kind of tough for some of us. Feeling the shapes and trying to pat the clay down onto the plate around the eyes and other shapes was a bit hard for some of us. Like you said, Connie IS an amazing artist. We learned a LOT from her! In Grade Two, we made butterflies out of clay with Connie. Because we did the butterflies, we knew that we were going to have a great time! We think that our masks are wonderful because we made them look colourful and ancient.

      Thank you, again, for leaving a wonderful comment, Zackaria!

      The Battalion Bloggers 🙂

  2. Peng Peng

    Hi Mrs. Renton!

    This blog post was awesome especially the slide show!

    I am very proud of everyone in there writing. Also the masks were awesome!!!

    Do we ever meet Connie the clay maker in other grades?

    Peng Peng

    • Laurie Renton

      Hi Peng Peng!

      It was awesome to see your comment tonight! We worked hard on this blog post! I am glad that you enjoyed it! The magic of the slideshows is that our families get the chance to see all our awesome work through the process of working with Connie as well!

      I know that the Grade Twos got to spend time with Connie, during their small crawling and flying insects exploration … but … I think that the Grade Twos and Threes are the only ones who get to spend time with the magic Connie!

      Mrs. Renton 🙂

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