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AMAZING Libraries Around the World!

Posted by on February 28, 2014

Any book that helps a child to form a habit of reading, to make reading one of his deep

and continuing needs, is good for him.

–Maya Angelou

We have a special interest in libraries. We LOVE books and we feel SO lucky to be SURROUNDED by books! We also know that there are MANY children around the world who are not nearly as fortunate as we are. When Mrs. Renton shared a story about a VERY special man who is bringing books to some of these children, through the biblioburro, we were VERY surprised!

We COULDN’T believe that this could be a REAL library … but it IS. What’s even MORE cool is this is not the ONLY cool mobile library out there … there are TONS of interesting mobile libraries all OVER the world! Here are some of our discoveries:

“The biblioburro libraries bring books to kids on a donkey. And they read kids a story. I would like to go to a biblioburro library.” ~Sam

“I think that the Q’enqo library would be very, very interesting to visit. I love learning new things. I think it is interesting because I like learning about the Q’enqo library. It may have about 120 books in the Q’enqo library. In our library there are 28 000 books compared to the Q’enqo library. I’m sure it would be quite impressive to read one of the books there. We said for the past four years we’ve been helping a library in Q’enqo Peru. I think we should go to libraries all the time because it is nice to read books. Books help you learn new words and about the world.” Lane

MOST of us would LOVE to visit an ELEPHANT mobile library!

MOST of us would LOVE to visit an ELEPHANT mobile library!

“Wow. I thought Mrs. Renton was showing us a book and she showed us that in Thailand, in some parts, there are elephant libraries! We started to talk about this topic when Mrs. Renton showed us the biblioburro. It takes about 18 days (to get books) if you were the last village out of 3 villages. These libraries must carry a ton of books. The people who drive those elephants would be lucky because they get to ride elephants. I sure wish I could go to a library like that.” ~Daniel

“This is the library that we are building. We are sending more books there. Ashli helped to make this library. There are about 120 books in the Q’enqo library. Really?!? That’s IT?! Yes … only 120 books. So, we are helping them to (get more books). Some other kids do not have libraries so some people have to deliver books to them. There is a library called a camel library! Camels deliver some books to them!” ~Hannah

WHAT? ELEPHANT libraries take books to kids living in remote areas in Thailand! Each elephant can carry a LOT of books!

WHAT? ELEPHANT libraries take books to kids living in remote areas in Thailand! Each elephant can carry a LOT of books!

“In Thailand, the ELEPHANTS deliver books to children for a MOBILE library! It takes five weeks to go around one whole time (on their route). Who ever knew that ELEPHANTS could deliver books to people in Thailand? In our library we have 28 000 books! In the public library they have 115 000 books! Reading is important … it helps you find out more about the world!” ~Zyne

“Can you believe that in the Q’enqo library there are only 120 books? All of us froze when we heard that there were only about 120 books. We have 28 000 books in OUR library!!! The Public Library has 115 000 books. That is WAY more books in our library than in the Q’enqo library. I hope that we start giving books to the Q’enqo library so they have as much as US!” ~Aya

There are EVEN libraries that arrive on BOATS! IMAGINE that!

There are EVEN libraries that arrive on BOATS! IMAGINE that!

‘Hmm … what do I think about libraries around the world? Oh. I know … that we are SO lucky. We just have to walk or drive to our library but some people around the world have to walk hours or have people deliver the books to them. I think books are important because you can learn about the world … or … I can get into a good fairytale too! What? In our school we have 28 000 books in our school library and there is only 120 books in the library in Q’enqo Peru. Our class read a story called Two of Everything. In it, a man finds a doubling pot that when you put one thing in, two of that same thing will come out. Then, you can put those two things in and out comes four of that same thing … and so on. I wish we had that pot so we could put all of our library’s 28 000 books in and then give them all to the library in Q’enqo Peru. But, have half of the books so we each have the same amount. Altogether we could have 56 000 books! Oh do I hope they get more books there!” ~Jenna

There are TONS of interesting ways that library books travel to people around the world!

There are TONS of interesting ways that library books travel to people around the world!

“Wow. I did not know that elephants are librarians! In Thailand the elephants deliver books to kids for a mobile library. Isn’t that amazing? I know! How many books do the elephants carry in their boxes? Maybe 200, 400, 600? I seriously do not know. There are usually two elephants carrying books beside each other. I had fun finding that out.” ~Cohen

 “What? The Q’enqo library only has 120 books and we have lots and lots of books in our library. I hope that they can get more books in their library! I almost forgot to tell you! Mrs. Renton read us a fantastic book about libraries around the world that is called My Librarian is a Camel. One of the libraries uses elephants … actual elephants that travel around Thailand. Isn’t that cool? Hmm. What shall I tell you next? Oh, I know. In Kenya, the library uses camels that are being guided by a person that rides around looking for people that want to borrow some books. I have to tell you I had a great time sharing this with you!” ~Kennedy

“Hi blog readers! For the past three years we have been making a library in Q’enqo Peru! We helped raise money to build a library. So far we have around 120 books in the library in Q’enqo. In my school we have 28 000 books! That’s a lot of books! I hope the Q’enqo library gets MORE books!” ~Noam

The Library in Q'enqo Peru holds a special place in our hearts!

The Library in Q’enqo Peru holds a special place in our hearts!

“This is all about the Q’enqo library. In Q’enqo Peru, a small rural village up in the Andes Mountains, needed a library so the Battalion Bloggers raised money to build a library and get books, chairs, shelves, paint and much more. In the Q’enqo library right now they have about 120 books! That’s not very much because in our school library we have 28 000 and at our public library we have about 115 000 books! That’s a LOT! I love reading books because they can teach you new things and you can learn so much more. I wish that everybody in the world to read at least one book, and like it, and keep it!” ~Claire

“Wow! I didn’t know that! Did you know that biblio means books in Spanish? The person who is taking the books to kids is riding a burro. I definitely wish that we could find some awesome books and send them to Peru because they only have 120 books! We have 28 000 books in our school library. I wonder what it would be like without books?” ~Hilary

We wonder how many books an ELEPHANT library can carry?

We wonder how many books an ELEPHANT library can carry?

“Oh my GOSH! The elephants are SO cute! I am so glad these kids get books from them! I’m glad they even get to read. Books are good for you so you need them. Why, you mat say? because you can learn about anything you like or read a good old fairytale like I like to do. That’s why you need books!” ~Amy

“Did you know that in Columbia, donkeys bring books to kids to read? It’s good to read because if you know how to read and your parents don’t know how to read you can read for them. Also, if you read, it helps you to spell. In Thailand people put books on elephants as a library! I wonder how many people get the books off the elephant? On Summer break, in England, people put books on wagons and carry them around the beach! In Peru they also have donkeys (to deliver books). In Kenya they have books on camels! The camels have 2 boxes and the boxes hold 200 books. I hope I can learn more about libraries around the world!” Isaac

Books travel in different ways in Australia TOO!

Books travel in different ways in Australia TOO!

“Today, Mrs. Renton showed us the Biblioburro. You might be saying “WHAT IN THE WORLD?!?” Well, a biblioburro is a library with burros, (donkeys). In Kenya they have camels as libraries. Each camel can handle 400 books! I hope the library in Q’enqo gets more books!” ~Melvin

“What? Some people in Thailand ride elephants to deliver books! Other people in Australia use trucks to give books to kids in remote areas. My favourite one was the camel that brought books to the kids. What I would do is raise money for books. If I ran a library I would have an elephant. I love books because you can learn SOOO much. If I was writing a story it would be about a bird, named Flappy Bird. I would give it to kids. I would try to deliver all the books in the world to kids. Some people in Finland use boats to deliver books!” ~Ethan

“Did you know that there is a library that can move all over the place? It’s true. Donkeys and elephants can carry at least 100 books. My favourite one was when they use the mail express to get books in Canada, (in remote areas like Iqaluit). Amazing! If you read the book, My Librarian is a Camel, tell me YOUR favourite way to get a book! Guess what? We communicate with a young person in Peru. Her name is Ashli. We helped her make a library but right now they only have 120 books and we have about 28 000 books in our library! At the public library they have about 115 000! Wow! I’m hoping that soon the library in Q’enqo Peru will have 28 000 books TOO!” ~Peng Peng

Burrows ... wheelbarrows ... books travel the world in the MOST interesting ways!

Burros … wheelbarrows … books travel the world in the MOST interesting ways!

“Oh my gosh! Did you know that our school has 28 000 books in our library? In Q’enqo there are 120 books. Did you know that camels can carry 200 books? Today our teacher told us a story about libraries. There are some libraries that don’t have a lot of books. I didn’t know that. In the public library there are about 115 000 books. I wonder how many books an elephants and a biblioburro can hold! A biblioburro is a name for a library donkey! There are different animals across the world who carry different amounts of books to kids. My favourite library is the biblioburro!” ~Kelly

“Beep! The library truck honked! Did you know that in Australia your library might be a big truck? There are about 72 of those library trucks in the whole of Australia! These trucks carry thousands of books to the children who can not go to a city library! Some mobile libraries are more than that. There are solar powered high tech libraries! The solar panels are on the roof. Inside the truck could have computers, air conditioning units, florescent lights and other stuff. I wish I could go inside one of them!” ~Martin

A "little free library" is an AWESOME way for people to borrow or leave books! This is outside the CBC building!

A “little free library” is an AWESOME way for people to borrow or leave books! This is outside the CBC building!

Books can be dangerous.  The best ones should be labeled “This could change your life.” 

~Helen Exley 

We wonder:

  • What is the most interesting library YOU’VE ever seen or heard of?
  • What library would you MOST like to visit?

9 Responses to AMAZING Libraries Around the World!

  1. Laurie Renton

    Good morning, Battalion Bloggers!

    Someone just told me about the “little free libraries” that Noam mentioned yesterday when we were discovering how books are brought to children around the world!

    What a SPECIAL idea! I know someone said they’d seen one in our city. I hope one of us is able to get a photo of it. It would be AMAZING to post it on our blog!

    Another FUN library is:

    Mrs. Renton 🙂

    • The Battalion Bloggers

      Hello Mr. Clark!

      Thanks for leaving an awesome comment for us! We all think your learning commons pet is ADORABLE! We wonder how many BOOKS your turtle can carry? 😉 We bet he could carry one or two PAPERBACKS … but … they’d HAVE to be WATERPROOF!!! 😉 Our class thinks you should name the turtle FRANKLIN!!! Then, you could put an AWESOME display of FRANKLIN books ALL around his house!!! But, we didn’t want to put our ideas onto your google form because we thought it would just be a contest for your school!

      We have seen many pictures of mobile libraries around the world … they are pretty cool! When you were a kid in New Zealand, did you ever borrow books from the mobile library? In our libraries we need a library card to take out books. Would you need a library card to borrow from a mobile library?

      Thanks for your comment!

      The Battalion Bloggers 🙂

      PS One of our students wonders what KIND of turtle Franklin is? 😉

  2. Hilary

    Hi Mis Renton

    I really loved the really rocking awesome slideshows my best one was the finished ones because they really do look real!!! Oh and I love the marionette writing.

    I wonder what the next post will be?

    Hilary 🙂

    • Laurie Renton

      Hi Hilary!

      What a LOVELY surprise to see your comment tonight! I am THRILLED to hear that you loved the slideshows for our masks! I thought our masks turned out SO well!

      You will be surprised about our next post … because … I am JUST about to hit publish NOW!!! I hope you LIKE it! Fingers crossed because the writing for this post ROCKED!!!

      Mrs. Renton 🙂

  3. Hilary

    Hi Mrs Renton

    Thank you for replying back to me!!! I saw the pictures about the marionettes. I definitely loved the slideshows they were awesome!

    we’re just about to find out how much it rocked!!!


    • Laurie Renton

      Hi Hilary!

      I am so glad that you got to see the newest blog post! I agree. It is a pretty special one with all the wonderful writing and the pictures that help to show the process we went through to make our amazing marionettes! You’re right – the slideshows really help to bring our blog to life!

      Mrs. Renton 🙂

      PS Remember, when you are posting a comment, to never leave your last name! 😉

  4. Kennedy

    Hello Mrs.Renton

    Just so you know this is NOT going to be a long comment! 😉 Isn’t the little free library so cool? I wonder if a lot of people use them? well like I said this wouldn’t be a long comment, so bye!!! 🙂

    Kennedy! 😉

    • Laurie Renton

      Good morning, Kennedy!

      I truly love the idea of the free little libraries. My mom send me a fantastic photo, that someone shared with her, of an old phone booth transformed into a free library. I will share it with everyone on Tuesday when we are back from Spring Break!

      You’ve asked a really good question. I think it would be a hard one to answer unless we could actually talk to someone who is responsible for maintaining one of these free little libraries. I wonder who takes care of the one outside the CBC building. They might be able to give us a ballpark figure of how often the library is accessed!

      Mrs. Renton 🙂

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