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If You Could CHANGE the World …

Posted by on April 12, 2013

UNLESS someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”

~Dr. Seuss (From The Lorax)

globe in handsFlickr Creative Commons Photo by noticelj

“If you could change something in the world what would it be? I know what I would do. I would make it LESS scary for kids to get to school, or to give MORE kids education. Did you know some kids have to walk across collapsed bridges or bike through civil wars just to get to school? That’s how much those kids care to get to school. We might be like, “darn, another day of school!” But, just imagine how hard it would be if you didn’t have school and you didn’t know how to read or write or even TALK! Some kids walk about four miles most days and when they get to school sometimes they find out their teacher decided not to show up. So, then they walked that whole four miles for nothing, and then they have to walk all the way back from the school to their houses. That’s what I would change. What would YOU do? You can tell us if you leave a comment!” ~Tommy

“If I could change the world I would make every village the same. I would also give people houses and food if they didn’t have any houses or food. I wish I had a magic wand. If I had a magic wand I would make all that stuff happen. I wish everyone went to school. If I could I would give everyone who doesn’t have food or a house money. I wish everybody had money.” ~Constantine

“I REALLY wish I had a magic wand! Oh … right … you don’t even know what I’m talking about! (I bet you thought I was losing my MARBLES!) Anyway … of course you read the “headline”, right? PLEASE don’t tell me you didn’t! Okay … well … if I could change the world … I would make sure EVERYONE had enough food to eat, everyone got to school safely, and everyone lived in a safe, comfortable house. AHEM! Still listening? Good. Well, then, I’ll go on, (this might take a while … NO groaning!) Now, of course, I’ll have to pick one … UHHHH! This is SO hard! (Right! No groaning! Pretend I didn’t say that!) I have now made up my mind! Drum roll, please! I will focus on … ding … houses! What if you had to sleep on the street … how would you feel? If you ask ME … it would be VERY uncomfortable! I would TOTALLY care! Okay, okay … I’ll stop being sassy and start focusing! Yesterday, we looked at beds all around the world … and there was one kids … you’ll be impressed, for one … who lived in a beautiful house. But, there was one person who lived on a couch in the street. A COUCH! Just think about it … done thinking? Cuz I’m done. Would you choose living in a BEAUTIFUL house or the street? You should really think about it … and … leave a comment!” ~Rebecca

“Houses around the world. There are big houses, small houses, cave houses and many other different houses in the world. Some houses have kids dying in them and I want to change that by getting better materials, like bricks and concrete. I think it is important to change their homes because in some countries there are wars going on like in Pakistan. Some kids even have to sleep on the street by themselves because their parents are dead or in the army or in prison. Maybe the whole entire family is sleeping on the street. I think children deserve a better home because we are all important.” ~Danny

“Have you seen how children live around the world? It’s a total disaster … and I would like to change that. If somebody were to give me a magic wand the first thing I would do with it would be to place better houses on the ground … and get some never ending ice cream! I’d say that it is important to change the houses around the world because people need warmth and coolness! I think that it is sad and not fair that some people get big and good houses and others don’t even get a thing … that some people get jewels and too much food and money when others only get a penny, that many boys get to go to school and only a few girls do! I don’t think any of it is fair. Do you?” ~Ella

“If I could change the world I would help people with houses. But, to help with houses I would become a builder and raise lots and lots of money to give people better houses for people that don’t have very good houses. And, I’d give poor people money. Did you know that in Afghanistan there is war going on? When I grow up I will also try to fix that. I once heard a quote that said, “She believed she could, so she did.” That’s what I’m going to do.” ~Nick

“I think I would choose school because a lot of people around the world don’t know how to read or write. And, some children can’t go to school. If they are home and can’t go to school, maybe even their mom and dad can’t teach them! And, some children can go to school … but … they have to cross dangerous places … like crossing by a fighting and killing area or crossing a frozen lake in the winter. Now, in the world, lots of the children who can’t go to school are girls! Are you surprised? So, that is why I choose school. If you don’t know what I am talking about, read my classmates’ writing!” ~James

‘If there is ONE thing I could change about the world I would … what would YOU do? Just one, change the houses of poor people, make hunger go away or let kids in developing countries have a safe trip to school? I would … I would … I don’t know. Maybe … YEAH! I would change the houses in developing countries. I would give the homeless people houses like the people that build homes. I would do that because if you lived on the street, wouldn’t you want a good home?” ~AJ

“If I could change the world, I would give education to everyone who wanted to go to school, because if I were one of those people who didn’t have a place to learn, I would sometimes do anything to get educated. I think getting an education is important because you wouldn’t want to be the only person who doesn’t have an education. I know that some kids have to walk miles to get to school. Sometimes their teachers don’t even show up. So, they just walked miles to see if their teachers were there. Also, if you have education, you can get a good job. Well, now you see how much education is important. What will you do if you could change the world?” ~Lauren

“Cave houses. Straw houses. Wood houses and stone houses around the world. Straw houses would not work for us but it would work in other countries. Stone on the other hand would be better to build a house in Calgary. Sometimes people live on the streets! That is not fair. We live in a nice warm house and some people live on the streets. Is that sad? Some houses are on floating islands made of straw! I have one question. How would YOU change the world?” ~Christopher

“Let’s see. What would I change about where kids live? Gosh! I wish Mrs. Renton could give me a magic wand so I could get this over with. Hey. I know what I could do. I could give EVERYBODY who lived in a bad home some money. Wait. What if the people who get the money are bad? But, I do not think that would happen. I wish I could be like Fix it Felix. You might not know who I’m talking about. He’s a guy from a movie. I could just bang my hammer and the houses would be fixed. Let me guess. You are probably saying “in your dreams”! It would be awesome. But, I am SOO glad that I live where I live. Some kids live on the sidewalk. I could NOT sleep on the sidewalk in some of those countries because there could be poisonous insects or other bad animals. Anyways, I hope you learned something because if not … two things … one, I will cry and two … make that only one reason!” ~Jayden


Flickr Creative Commons Photo by MMcDonough

“I have a theory. Not a stupid theory like pickles are tasty … a helpful theory that has the potential to change the world! My theory is … we have a blog that we talk about changing the world on all the time … and we have only changed one TINY part of the world … not the WHOLE world. And, that led me to this very thought. If I could change the world, I would _________. And you won’t imagine the SLEEP I lost thinking about this. Finally, I came to a conclusion … to let EVERYONE go to school. White or black, girl or boy, everyone should have the chance to get the education they need. Don’t even get me STARTED about the number of kids that aren’t ALLOWED to be in school and have to stay at home and do housework or have to work. Do me a favour and think about those kids who aren’t in school and just how fortunate you are to have been in school. I know I will.” ~Ben

“If I could change one thing in the world it would be giving everyone who doesn’t have that much food and giving them money so they can buy food. Some people in the world don’t have food to put on the table. Also some people have SO MANY things to eat I think everyone should have food on their tables! Hold on. Mrs. Renton, can I have that magic wand? I wish I had a magic wand then I could just change that. It is important to know about people in different countries because the people who are learning about other people could make a difference. Have you helped someone?” ~Chelsea

“Have you ever wondered how kids go to school? Then, read on! Have you ever heard about how some kids have to walk miles to get to school and go through dangerous areas, like steep cliffs or logs across swamps? Those are scary and dangerous paths. In some countries kids have to bike past soldiers to get to school. Sometimes kids in different countries have to lay down when they’re on the bus because there is gun fire? Also, some kids are in war torn countries. It is important that boys and girls both have education.” ~Amro

“If I could change the world … I would make more school in the world because some people have to walk for miles all over the globe! I want to change that. I also want to stop wars because kids have to watch where they are stepping because they could step on a mine! Some people aren’t even allowed to go to school. Will you please help my dreams come true? I’m begging you.” ~Tre

“If I could change developing countries I woud try to buy as much food as I could so they could eat! I think it is important for the people in the world to have enough food so everyone can be healthy, so they can stay alive for longer. I think there are people in the world who pay $1.45 for a week of food. I think that those people should get more money for food. The people that eat a lot of junk food … they should get more healthy food. I think that everyone in the world should be healthier. We saw a website on what people around the world eat for a week for a family and the money they spend on it. We even discovered that one family paid $5.00 in American money and that family had 12 people in it. I think that is not fair. Have you ever been that sad before?” ~Tyler

“What would I choose? That is a hard question. I think it should be school, (education), because if you go to school, you learn lots of things and when you grow up, you can find a job and get money because when you were little you learned a lot. It is important to get education because, let’s say you never went to school, but soon you get older and you don’t know some things. Then, you get a job and you don’t know anything that your boss says to you. Then you won’t pass anything. If you have education and you get money when you grow up you can buy food.” ~Joyce

“Hello! Let’s talk about FOOD! If I won the lottery, (10000000), I would give 100000 to people who don’t have that much food. I really don’t think that I would win the lottery but … some people don’t even have food to feed their children. Isn’t that shocking? It makes me so sad to see children starving and have no food on their table. Oh, I forgot to tell you, some people only have $1.00 to spend on food. Wow. Only if I had a magic wand … I could change the world! It’s important for people to have food. Not only for people … animals too. Some children work when they are three or four just to get money for food. If you see people without food you should give them some food!” ~Rayann

“If I could, I would change the world. In a count of 3, 2, 1 I will tell you why. Because, some people in the world have to take dangerous ways to get to school. I would make school less dangerous to get to and get back home! Sometimes it’s because they have to cross a war zone and there are soldiers in the streets. Some kids even have to cross rivers and lakes. Some kids have to cross a broken bridge and that’s not safe. They could fall in and get stuck. What would you do to change the world? Kids have to walk miles to get to school. Some kids have to stay at home and work because they can’t afford it or they just can’t. Girls in some places around the world can’t go to school. More girls than boys can’t go to school. Leave a comment on the blog about what YOU would change around the world!” ~Elijah

“I wish that everyone in the whole world was treated fairly because some people in developing countries don’t get to even go to school. By the way, for people in developing countries, way more girls don’t get to go to school. I would really like to change that and other stuff in the world. I think about this always when I am at home on a meal like breakfast or lunch or dinner or even at school. I think about how lucky I am to have shelter and a full belly and learning almost every day except for Saturday and Sunday. My class has been learning in Social Studies about this. There are dangerous ways for some kids to get to school. Sometimes the teacher doesn’t even show up. UNFAIR! The kids walk two to five hours. Some even go on the backs of trucks. They could fall off. Don’t even get me STARTED on the seat belts, crashes and tonnes of other stuff! Sometimes I don’t even want to go to school and those children BEG their parents to go. If you want to learn more leave a comment, please!” ~Davis

We wonder:

  • What would YOU choose to change if you could wave a magic wand?

15 Responses to If You Could CHANGE the World …

  1. Daytime Grandpa & Grandma

    Greetings, Battalian Park Bloggers – we always enjoy reading your wonderful blog comments and thoughts. We believe that you are all well on your way to changing the world, just as Norman Vincent Peale has stated! You are such an inspiration to people in your school, the city, and in fact, the world – with the many countries who have visited your blog. Keep it up and we know that you are going to succeed!!

    • The Battalion Hawk Bloggers

      Hi Daytime Grandma and Grandpa!

      Thank you for leaving another wonderful comment on our blog! Your compliments made us feel really good. We’ve sure learned a lot about the world this year. One of the most interesting things we’ve done this year is watching our flag counter grow … and learning more about the countries that are checking us out! We’ve learned a lot about making a difference in the world too. It doesn’t even have to cost any money to help make the world a better place. Sometimes even just a little smile can make the world a better place!

      The Battalion Hawk Bloggers 🙂

  2. Ross Mannell

    Hello Battalion Hawk Bloggers,

    I thought I would add this comment on your latest post because it has taken some time for the parcel you sent to arrive. As you know, I have received it and was very surprised by its contents, particularly the movie clapper board. 🙂

    By chance, I was asked to film a village music festival and so I have already made use of the clapper board. To share what I found and have used, I have a link for you…

    This link first looks at the clapper board and its uses. The clapper board also led me to reworking a blog I have seldom used so it could deal with a new idea. It has become a blog where I will at times share how or why I do things the way I do in extended comments. I left two old posts on it but the first post made just for this blog is for you and looks at how the movie clapper board is used. It also has a You Tube clip showing me use the clapper board. Here is a direct link for the “Aligning Video Clips” post…

    The main link then looks at the rock samples and even the chalk you sent. I consider the two possibilities you offered for the rocks and wrote which of the two I preferred but I also added a third option for the stones. I wonder what you will think of my third option?

    Isn’t it amazing how much learning can come from a very thoughtful gift sent from Canada to Australia? Your rocks will now be added to my collection as the first samples I have from Canada. 🙂

    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

    • The Battalion Hawk Bloggers

      Hi Ross!

      Thank you for your AMAZING comment! We are SO relieved that the parcel finally got there because we were afraid that it might have been lost! We think we ALL learned a lesson from this experience … don’t let Mrs. Renton make BIG decisions when she has a bad cold … especially when it comes to sending parcels overseas!!! Next time we send a parcel overseas, through snail mail, we should always choose “by air”!!! Lesson learned!!!

      We were surprised AND happy to know that you got to use the clapper board. We thought you might never actually use it … and put it on a shelf for display … it just felt GOOD to send you something special! We think it’s cool that on the same day that it arrived you were asked to film at the festival! It was perfect timing! It felt GOOD to see the YouTube video of you using the movie clapper!

      We think it was cool that you showed us how to use a clapper when you are making a movie with more than one camera … and we love the way that you are using the new/old blog to share your “how to” posts! We DEFINITELY think you should be a director/film maker!!! 😉

      We are really GLAD that the rock samples we sent prompted you to do some MORE digging! We are really eager to find out what they REALLY are. Even some of the geologists we’ve had check these samples out don’t all agree! What you say … that they could be igneous rocks with crystals … makes sense! The link you sent for diabase was great. We’re STILL not sure! We think these rocks are a mystery … maybe we need Sherlock Holmes working on the case!!!

      We wonder how you cut the rocks so perfectly? Do you have a special tool? We think it COULDN’T have been a hammer because a few of us tried that and ended up with many, many pieces!!! It makes us feel SO good to know that some Alberta rocks have made it into your amazing collection, Ross! Who knows, maybe NEXT year, the NEW bloggers will find some DIFFERENT samples to send your way!!!

      One blogger thinks that we should do a whole post dedicated to asking the world to help us identify these mysterious rocks. What do you think?

      Thanks, Ross! We will probably keep coming back to this blog post of yours as we learn a little more. We love that your mind starts to wander and you further explore our questions. We always learn SO much from you!

      The Battalion Hawk Bloggers 🙂

      • Ross Mannell

        Hello Battalion Hawk Bloggers,

        I must apologise for taking so long to answer. In between your comment and now, I have produced two more DVDs and taken a series of photos in a local national park.

        The DVDs were made for two towns. April 25 each year is ANZAC Day* for Australians and New Zealanders. I had decided to attend three memorial services on the day.

        The first was in my hometown of Merimbula. I attended the 6:00a.m. Dawn Service and was surprised with how many people were there. It was the largest crowd I can remember.

        At 9:00 a.m. I attended the ANZAC Day march and ceremony in Pambula about 5 miles (8km) from home. This was the first ceremony to be made into a DVD.

        At 11:00 a.m. I travelled about 18 miles (30km) to Candelo for another ANZAC Day march and ceremony to film for the second DVD.

        * for information on ANZAC Day, here is a post I prepared for local schools…

        Making the Festival Film…

        I am still waiting to hear from the organisers of the village festival. They need permission from the composers to have the DVD released. While the clapperboard doesn’t appear in the DVD, you will know it has helped me align video from three cameras. Of the five performances, two are favourites so I would love to be able to release the DVD. If the DVDs aren’t released, I may just be making a copy for the composers.

        Rock Samples…

        One of the most interesting activities in science is trying to find out answers. When you think you have answers, you share with others and wait to see if others agree. The rocks were a mystery and a mystery is perfect for a Sherlock Holmes type of person. My search included finding some online geological surveys of your area in order to try to narrow down the type of rock. I found diabase is possible in your area although we call it dolerite here. Whether it is would need a geologist to confirm.

        I do have a geologist’s hammer. It has a large pointed end and a hammer end for breaking off rock samples and breaking them open but it wasn’t necessary for the rock I split. I used a normal screwdriver and a quick hit with a hammer to split the rock.

        It can be dangerous breaking rocks open as they might shatter and spray out pieces or fly off on being hit but the sample split cleanly. I think this was because it was made of many small crystals. A hit with a hammer would split it into many pieces but a sharp hit at one point can split some rocks.

        One of the advantages of blogging is the ability to share ideas and ask others to take part in learning adventures. A post about the rock might work but a geologist would probably need to have a piece to look at. Perhaps using the pictures I used in my post might help. As you know, I add “Schools and students have permission to use this graphic for non-commercial, educational purposes.” Under my photos and graphics if I am allowing their use.

        Mind Wandering…

        I suppose it comes from being interested in many things but I never know when an idea will come on reading a blog post. I have had another class comment on a post I made for them. It seems mind wandering can be contagious. Their teacher said the post sparked “many different trains of thought and deviations from our curriculum.” Here’s a link to the post…

        My next filming session is a week away for a charity and then a week and a half later for a music camp performance so the clapper board will get some more use. 🙂

        Ross Mannell

        (This comment also appears on the Extended COmments blog.)

        • Christopher, Amro, Constantine, Tre, Nick, and James

          Hi Ross!

          Wow! You made two MORE DVDs … we hope we get to see them! We bet your DVDs are AWESOME! We think you’re the BEST filmer we’ve heard of. Have you ever used other geologist’s tools? Some of us know it’s dangerous to break open rocks like you said … some of the fragments could fly and hit you. It’s true … wandering minds come from being interested in things. Some of us never knew you left comments for other classes too. We all wish you good luck for the next TWO films. We can’t wait to see your NEXT comment! Thank you for the amazing comment, Ross!

          Christopher, Amro, Constantine, Tre, Nick, and James 🙂

          • Ross Mannell

            Hello Christopher, Amro, Constantine, Tre, Nick, and James,

            Taking photos and making videos have been hobbies for a very long time now. I had my first camera for photos in 1965 and my first video camera in the 1982. Blogging and blog commenting has been my newest hobby only really beginning at the end of 2011 and becoming big in 2012.

            I do have my geologist’s hammer for taking rock samples. Apart from that I have some gold panning pans and gravel sifters but generally I just use my eyes to spot interesting samples. Keeping your eyes open is an important tool. 🙂

            I have lost count of how many classes I have visited since I stared blogging but I can tell you about today (Saturday, June 1). I visited one blog in each of USA, Canada (you), England and Ireland as well as four class blogs here in Australia. That’s eight so far with more in the waiting queue.

            The next DVD to be produced is under way now. It is of a 14 school music camp performance. They effectively had two nights and three days to come together, learn their parts (including learning new instruments in some cases) and put on a show involving singing, dance and instruments. It will take me about two weeks to compete the job.

            Ross Mannell
            Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

        • Rayann, Lauren, Jayden, Rebecca, Cemre, Chelsea and Ella

          Hi Ross!

          Thank you for leaving another comment! Sorry it took us a long time to reply. We have been so busy. WOW! That’s really interesting how you smash the rock with a special rock hammer. It DOES sound really dangerous cracking rocks open. Have you ever been hit by one of the tiny rocks? We are really glad that you are using the clapperboard we gave you! We hope the composers give permission to release your DVD! We are SO happy for you! You have a lot of stuff going on in the next couple of weeks! Thank you, once again, for leaving an extended comment!

          Rayann, Lauren, Jayden, Rebecca, Cemre, Chelsea and Ella 🙂

          • Ross Mannell

            Hello Rayann, Lauren, Jayden, Rebecca, Cemre, Chelsea and Ella,

            Don’t worry if it takes a long time to reply. I know I fall behind when I am busy.

            If breaking rocks, it can be a good idea to use safety glasses if you have them. The worst accident would involve a stone chip hitting your eye. With care, I have seldom been hit by pieces of rock when breaking them. I’m more likely to be hit by a stone thrown up when I am mowing my lawn but I use steel capped boots for that job. 🙂

            I haven’t heard back from the music festival people as yet so I don’t know whether the DVD will be released. I don’t mind if it isn’t released. My fun comes from seeing and filming the shows. The DVDs allow others to share the experience. I know the latest DVD I am making will be released. The music camp DVD already has parents waiting for a copy.

            Ross Mannell
            Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

        • Ben, Elijah, Tommy, AJ, Chris, Tyler and Davis

          Hi Ross!

          You shouldn’t be apologizing! We were the ones that took so long to reply. We hope you send us a copy of your videos! We LOVE the videos you’ve sent us! Recently, have you used the clapper? It’s so nice that you were sent to film your birth place! We hope you get word from the festival organizers. We truly hope that it is going to get released. We agree that one of the most exciting parts of science is figuring out the answers. That work method could work in so many different ways! Ha ha ha! Sherlock Holmes. Cool! Some of us have hammers but not geologist hammers! It sounds sharp! Some of us have smashed open rocks with normal hammers. We knew that they had crystals but we didn’t know what type. We agree. Showing our ideas to the world is one of the many benefits of blogging. We get what you mean by mind wandering … we get some of ou best ideas from you! Mind wandering IS contagious! Good luck on your charity music camp filming! Thank you, once again, for one of your brilliant extended comments!

          Ben, Elijah, Tommy, AJ, Chris, Tyler and Davis 🙂

          • Ross Mannell

            Hello Ben, Elijah, Tommy, AJ, Chris, Tyler and Davis,

            Go back just over a year and ask me if blogging and blog commenting would become a big part of my life and I have would probably thought you crazy but it has become an important part of what I do. At first blogging was a curiosity but an encounter with a class in England set the ball moving quickly. They were the first to receive the mineral samples. I still contact them at times. I recently sent a message of encouragement to the Grade 6 as they were facing their SAT tests.

            I think you’ll find being a lifelong learner will keep your minds wandering. I’ve found the more you come to know, the more you realise there is so much more to discover. When I am out hiking, I love finding something to catch my curiosity.

            A recent task I started was for another Canadian class. Mrs. Watson and K/1/2/3 are in British Columbia and were looking at waste washed up on their beaches. I shared some ideas then set myself a task to see what I could find on local beaches. I have been able to visit our two smallest beaches so far. Here is the post they received…


            Ross Mannell
            Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

  3. Danny and Danny's Mom

    Hi Mrs.Renton and class,

    I am proud of my class and all the writing that we have done. I think that we all appreciate how lucky we are to live in a country like Canada and to be fortunate enough to go to Battalion Park School. We all have homes to go to at the end of the day and are taken care of by our parents. – Danny

    I think your writing is EXCELLENT and how you described the problems around the world is very insightful. I am looking forward to reading more of your blog posts during the year. – Sheryl

    • The Battalion Hawk Bloggers :)

      Hi Danny and Sheryl!

      We appreciate that you think our writing is excellent! It makes us feel great to know that our hard work is paying off! We agree that we are very lucky to live in Canada. We also know that there are people living in Canada who are less fortunate than we are. It is true that we have homes to go to at the end of the day … and many children around the world who don’t. It’s important to learn about how others live around the world because we can help to make a difference if we know about the challenges many people go through in their daily lives.

      Thank you for leaving a comment! We’re glad your going to keep checking back. It makes us feel great when people leave comments.

      The Battalion Hawk Bloggers 🙂

  4. Eric

    Hello Global Grade 3,
    I wish I also had a magic wand, but unfortanetly we aren’t wizards. But at my school of 4&5GATEwe got into groups and try making diffrences in the world, like there is one group thats trying to stop the Global Water Cricis, and the one group I am in is a group that is trying to stop plastic from getting all over the world and make it stop using a valuble reasource

    Peace out dudes!


    • Laurie Renton

      Hi Eric.

      Thank you for leaving another comment on the blog! I think we ALL wish we had magic wands! Luckily, it can be a simple as showing kindness or giving a smile to make someone’s day. Bigger change takes a lot more work … as I am certain you remember through our work with Mosqoy building a library in Peru … and putting books on the shelves. We would love to hear more about your work helping to stop plastic from littering our world! I hope you stop by again to tell us a little more about how your group is working toward this!

      Mrs. Renton 🙂

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