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Para Usted Q’enqo … For YOU!

Posted by on March 8, 2013
Para Usted Q'enqo ... for YOU!

Para Usted Q’enqo … for YOU!
Just LOOK at these happy, smiling faces … working together to be the best FOR the world!

Today was a MAGICAL day … we came together to be the best for the world. HOW, you ask? Well, today, the Battalion Park Grade Threes ALL worked toward a COMMON goal … to bring MORE books to the Q’enqo Peru Library. This project has been THREE years in the making. We’ve worked HARD with our partners at Mosqoy. Over that time, we’ve helped them to turn a run-down building into a fully functioning library in a small rural weaving village in the Andes Mountains. We learned all KINDS of lessons – some EASY, some HARD.

THIS year, we are COMMITTED to helping Ashli and her crew to CONTINUE to bring books … AND supplies to Q’enqo. We are SO committed that students chose to do chores, donate birthday and allowance money and even ask their families to help out! Today we banded together … and held a “FUN”d-raiser! We’d like to share our thoughts with you:

“Hmm … which one should I choose? To put more books in the library? Give them better clothing so they stay warm? Give Q’enqo arts and math supplies … or a part time librarian? I’ll choose … books! Books! They only have about 40 books in the Q’enqo Peru Library … which Grade 3 students helped to build or raised money for! Anyways, I think I’ll bring $20 for which ever one gets chosen.” ~Tommy

“Woosh! I swoop a 50 dollar bill out of my piggy bank. “Mom I want to give 50 dollars to Q’enqo Peru!” “Come here, darling.” What now? Is she really going to tell me I can’t donate, I think, running to her room. “What?” “That’s a lot of …” “I know,” I say dreamily, trying to convince my mom! As soon as school starts, Mrs. Renton says we are going to count all the money we have raised for Peru, but first we must watch this video about Q’enqo. “Okay?” “Okay!” the class answers. Once the video is on and everybody is listening I am blown away by how poor everybody is and I can almost feel the sadness rushing through my brains. And, I hope you do too because then you will help Q’enqo Peru too! We raised $494.00 in our class!” ~Ella


We QUICKLY discovered that it is FAR easier to count money once you’ve SORTED it. Creating a T-chart ALSO helped us to organize our work!

“Click, clack, click, clack. We walk into the school. I remembered I brought money for the donation. We counted the money. It was $494.00. We took a picture of each one of us as we held up letters. Mrs. Renton took lots and lots of pictures. On one, we did normal faces with smiles. By the way, have you ever counted that much money in your LIFE?” ~Nick

“You will not guess what we did! We got to wear hats all day because we are raising money for Q’enqo Peru for books for the library. We raised $494.00. I feel really good about the money that we raised for Q’enqo Peru. All the Grade Three classes in the school did it. I hope the money goes to the library! I hope you raise money for a good cause too! Have you ever been so happy in your life ever?” ~Tyler

“Today our class had hat day. Hat day is a kind of day when people wear any kind of hat. We also did a fund-raiser. We’re trying to raise money and send it to a library in Peru so they can get MORE books. Where is the library? In Q’enqo Peru, of course! We’ve raised $494.00. I think the money we raised would change the library forever. In the afternoon, we took pictures of us holding up words that spelled Para Usted Q’enqo … that means “For You, Q’enqo!” After, we counted all the donations. Have you done a fund-raiser?” ~Amro

“Guess what? Today, we fund-raised for Peru! We had $494.00 in our donation jar! The $494.00 will buy more books for the library and it can buy some supplies too. Last year, the Grade Threes raise some money to build a library in Q’enqo Peru. We looked at some pictures and I saw that the library in Q’enqo was really bad because there were holes in the floor and chairs were all flipped over. (That was before the LAST two groups of Grade Threes started to work with Mosqoy!) Do YOU think fund-raising is good?” ~Joyce

“Whoa! This is a lot of money, I thought in my head as Mrs. Renton was taking out the money our class had raised for Q;enqo. Our class counted all the 20 dollar bills, 50 dollar bills, 5 dollar bills, all the loonies, twoonies and the one 10 dollar bill. We raised, as a class, $494.00. Did you know that if you brought an ordinary dollar from Canad into Peru it would be worth $2.52 Nuevo Sol? We raised money so then the people would buy some books for their library and some art and math supplies. We wore hats today for the fund-raiser. I think it was a GREAT thing to do for Q’enqo.” ~Chelsea


We wonder just how MANY more books we will be able to get onto the Q’enqo Library shelves?

“I wonder how much money I’m going to donate? I think 20 dollars, as Mrs. Renton explains that we are going to “fun”d-raise for Q’enqo Peru. After school, I was still thinking about the “fun”d-raiser, wondering how much money we were going to raise in our class. I was thinking we will at LEAST get $200.00. but … no … we got $494.00! $294 MORE than I THOUGHT it would be! I actually brought in 20 dollars out of the $494.00. All that money is going to books. Don’t leave … because I still have to ask you a question! Have you ever been this excited in your LIFE?” ~Danny

“Wow! I can’t believe how much money my class raise for Q’enqo Peru’s library! This is how much we raised as a class $494.00! I STILL can’t believe how much money we raised … but … we STILL haven’t counted the OTHER class’ money. I’ll be shocked if we get to $1000.00 for Q’enqo’s library. I have a question for you. If you were to raise money as a school, or a family, how much would your goal of money be to raise? How would you do it?” ~Jayden

Working cooperatively in small groups, we had to sort, record, count, calculate and figure out the total amounts!

Working cooperatively in small groups, we had to sort, record, count, calculate and figure out the total amounts!

“Guess what? Today was special hat day. We are raising money for the Q’enqo library to help get MORE books! Guess what? Our class raised $494.00 for books and supplies for Q’enqo. I raised my money by doing chores around my house. Have you ever been to Peru or Q’enqo? I am SO proud of how much we raised for the library. I am so happy for what we are doing for the library! I bet all the kids are happy to see more books in the library! Have you ever raised money for the library in Q’enqo Peru?” ~Rayann

“Guess what I did? I made a crown. I made a crown because today is hat day. we wore our hats and donated money for Q’enqo. They need the money for books. They don’t have so much books in Q;’nqo. The money we got is $494.00. I feel happy because I like to help the school of Q’ENQO PERU!” ~Dimitri

$494 bucks! That’s a lot of money for 25 kids and 1 adult to raise in 1 week! we raise all that money to give to Q’enqo Peru to buy books and supplies for the library. But, that’s not all … we also got to wear special HATS. I didn’t. Mine was soaking wet because I fell in the snow yesterday. We could have used that money to buy things for ourselves but we gave it to a different community in the world. It makes us feel really good that we are helping people in need. All five grade three classes collected money for Q’enqo and we are going to count it all. How much money would YOU raise?” ~Christopher

“Today we all wore hats to school. We made donations to Q’enqo for books and supplies. Altogether, we donated $494.00! One class. $494.00! That IS a lot. Well, I didn’t do any chores around the house, but I still donated $15.00 in total. When we look at the picture, it was hard to find me because in one of the pictures I was kinds of covered! Still, it was fun looking for me!@ I feel great that we donated SO much money. If you never do good things for each other, you might want to start. I feel really proud of us. I hope Q’enqo now has a library like we do in Calgary!” ~Lauren

It was TOUGH work doing all those calculations! It made our BRAINS hurt JUST a little!

It was TOUGH work doing all those calculations! It made our BRAINS hurt JUST a little! But … it was a GOOD hurt!

“Guess what I did today. I wore a hat because the class donated to the Q’enqo Peru library. Not everyone brought money for the library. Our class mad $494.00 for the library. Our class got 2 $50s, 14 $20s, 1 $10, 18 $5s, 4 quarters and 3 dollars. If you add them all together, it equals $494.00. I was the only one that brought in 10 dollars. $494.00 is a lot of money for the Q’enqo library. The class decided to donate. Have you ever donated to the Q’enqo library?” ~Constantine

“In the morning we were wearing hats in school. Usually we don’t wear hats in school, but today is a special day! Today is hat day. We get to wear hats and bring donations. All the Grade Three classes in our school are doing this today. Donations go to a library in Q’enqo Peru. Then, a person called Ashli will get the money and buy books for the library. We do this because the kids in Q’enqo can read some books. Altogether in our class we raised $494.00! That’s not much money but it is a LOT in Nuevo Sol, (Peruvian money). $494.00 is about $2000.00 Nuevo Sol! Hey, before you go, I have a question for you. Have you ever raised more than $50.00 in your life? We have!” ~James

The SORTING was the EASIEST part of calculating our final donation amounts!

The SORTING was the EASIEST part of calculating our final donation amounts!

“5, 10, 15, 20 … 10, 20, 30, 40 … SO much counting for Q’enqo Peru! I mean, I LOVE Peru and helping it, but today I wish I was SICK! There was SO much money we had to count, but it was worth it because we added up to $494.00. Finally, we were done and I got to be in a picture for the blog!!! (I really hoped I didn’t look that bad!) Click! Flash! Great! Just great! Maybe it was my imagination, but I was SURE I blinked! Luckily, Mrs. Renton took another picture and I HOPE the other one didn’t end up on the blog! We had Hat Day, but I didn’t really want to wear a hat. I felt really good that I donated some of my money. I didn’t really need any of my loonies because I almost NEVER use them. I bet YOU would love donating to Peru and doing research on Peru!” ~Rebecca

It was worth EVERY bit of brain wracking addition ... to KNOW that we are helping to make a DIFFERENCE!

It was worth EVERY bit of brain wracking addition … to KNOW that we are helping to make a DIFFERENCE!

“Guess what we did? We raised money for the library in Q’enqo Peru. We started this project three years ago, when I was in Grade One. This year, we’ve decided to continue the library project. So far, we’ve raised $494.00!!! On Monday, I think I will bring $2.00. Maybe $4.00, if I lose my TOOTH, that is! (I hope I will!) The money we brought in was 2 $50 dollar bills, 14 $20 dollar bills, 1 $10 dollar bill, 19 $5 dollar bills, 3 twoonies, and 3 loonies. That makes 50+50=100, +20+20+20… =280+100=380+10=390=5+5+5+5+5… =485+6+491+1+1+1=494. WHOA! Math hurts! Do you think you would donate?” ~AJ

“Hi! I’m a Battalion Hawk Blogger! Yesterday our teacher told us to wear a hat. Today, most of us did. If you’re wondering why, it’s for Q’enqo Peru. Almost everyone in the class donated. We raise four hundred ninety-four dollars! We took some pictures too! Hope you like them!” ~Tre


We know that our work is appreciated and we are THRILLED to be continuing this Grade Three journey!

“494 dollars. That’s a LOT of money. Well, it’s even more when you trade it for Nuevo Sol, (the Peruvian currency). Guess what 494 dollars equals … $1246.65 Nuevo Sol. I’m proud of us. Are you? You might be thinking how are you supposed to buy books for a WHOLE library with only 1246.65 Nuevo Sol. Well, here’s your solution. Something that is $ for one thing her, you could get 2 and a half for 1 dollar there. That’ means for all you chocolate lovers out there, you could get 2 1/2 chocolates there and get 1 chocolate here for the same price! Yum!!! So, next time you are renovating, take a trip to Peru!” ~Ben

“Wow. Look at how much money we made. Wait. Let me dial it back a few hours. Okay … now … where was I. Oh ya. So, today my classmates and I wore hats because our whole class did a special “fun”d-raiser for books and other supplies in Q’enqo Peru for the library. Just our class raised $494.00. But, we still have four more classes to go! I bet everyone single one felt really good when they brought their contributions in. Oh, how I REALLY hope that we get enough money for at LEAST 100 books!” ~Chris

What an AMAZING day. When everything was sorted, tallied, recorded in t-charts, checked and RE-checked, the GRAND total for our five amazing classes of Grade Threes was close to $830.00! The day was FILLED with MANY lessons! Lessons in CURRENCY. Economic lessons … discovering the value of a dollar in another country … and how much FURTHER your money can go in a developing country. Collaborating and working together to sort, calculate and count all the donations! Lessons in being the best FOR the world … because, after all … T.E.A.M. meansΒ Together Everyone Achieves More! We can’t WAIT to tell Ashli what we have ACCOMPLISHED! SURPRISE!

We wonder:

  • Have you worked toward a goal of helping another person or community? We’d LOVE to hear about it!


23 Responses to Para Usted Q’enqo … For YOU!

  1. colleen

    Hi Grade 3’s I am so very happy to see you working to share around the world. The earth truly is one counrtry and mankind thats us] all its citizens. Take care mis amigos and amigas. Your friend Colleen from Vancouver Island

    • AJ On behalf of The Battalion Hawk Bloggers

      Hi Colleen!

      Thank you for the WONDERFUL comment! We LOVE working around the world. The world really does seem like one country. (Except the fact that the “one country” speaks different languages! And different cultures.) We can’t believe how much money we raised for Peru. It’s like a dream come true.

      Keep checking back!

      The Battalion Hawk Bloggers πŸ™‚

  2. Eric

    “by yourself you are one, together you are two”
    Dear Global Grade 3

    Wow! Amazing! Fantastic! More BOOKS! 494,000 dollars OMG I wonder if you do a hole fundraiser for the school you would probably get 1000 dollars! In our school we have to fundraiser one for building a school that needs $8104 dollars and one for building a water well in africa that will need 1000 dollars! Did you know that a child dies every eight seconds because of something related with water? Hopefully if Mrs. Renton says that I can volunteer at your school you can give me them money and I can give it to the fundraiser!

    Cool hats!


    • AJ On Behalf of the Battalion Hawk Bloggers

      Hi, Eric!

      Nice quote! Anyways, thanks for your amazing comment! Books are important, and they seem more important than ever now. Guess how much all the Grade 3 classes raised in total? $850.45!!! You’re raising money for a school in Africa?!? A WELL? You would need $9104 in total. For our fund-raiser, in Nuevo Sol, (the Peruvian currency,) we raised $2149.33!!! AMAZING!!! But, we bet you could raise at LEAST 9104, because instead of just one grade, one whole SCHOOL is doing it! Sadly, we aren’t going to help you with that project because our work with Peru is part of our curriculum … and it fits with what we are studying. Sorry. Good luck with the school building and the well! What part of Africa will the school and the well be in?

      Again, we love the fact that the old Global Grade Threes are checking back!

      The Battalion Hawk Bloggers πŸ™‚

  3. AJ

    Hi, class!

    The last post was awesome! Could we have raised more money? Well, I think so. I wish I brought more money. At least it would have gotten a little bit more money. Amazing how much money we raised. I am SOOOOO surprised. Are you? I wonder how many books it would get. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰ It would get A LOT in Korea.That is for sure. At least 10,000 books. (I think. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰ ) If you had more than google (the number) money, how much would you donate? I would donate at least 3000. That is a lot of money!

    I LOVE being a battalion hawk blogger! I hope next year`s does,too! Mrs. Renton, you`re the best teacher ever!


  4. Keith

    Hi grade 3 class;

    That is a lot of cash! A very impressive fund-raising total for grade three-rs. Your blog is amazing and very informative. It is wonderful to see kids from different parts of the world being connected and learning in real time.


    • Chelsea and Rayann on behalf of the Battalion hawk bloggerss

      Hi Keith!

      Thank you for leaving a wonderful comment! It is hard to believe that all the grade threes raised $850.45. Thank you for your compliment. We agree. It is awesome to see kids from the different parts of the world and being connected. We thank you again for leaving such a great comment!

      Chelsea and Rayann on behalf of the Battalion Hawk Bloggers πŸ™‚

  5. Dimitri

    Hi mrs. Renton
    Thank you for the all lessons this YEAR ! I hope everyone in the class has a great night.

    • Laurie Renton

      Hi Dimitri!

      I am so glad that you were able to leave a comment on the class blog! I am glad that you are enjoying the year! I sure hope you are having fun going through all the awesome posts you have worked on this year! I wonder which one is your favourite?

      Mrs. Renton πŸ™‚

    • AJ

      Hi Dimitri!

      I have had a good night! Now, the question is are YOU having a good night? The lessons are GREAT, right? I love them.


  6. Ashli Akins

    Wow! What an AMAZING surprise!

    I’m so sorry it took me so long to comment on this blog. It has been a busy but exciting month for Mosqoy. And do you want to know something else? March happens to be my birthday month, so this was an extraordinary birthday surprise to receive!

    Your collective efforts, to work towards a common goal, are so inspiring. I’m writing my master’s thesis right now on international human rights law, and I see your story as an inspiring example for the adults who work with the United Nations, in New York and Geneva, with large decision-making abilities at their fingertips. Your story can show them that we need to work together, that we need to find compassion for those less fortunate than us, that we cannot be stalled by feeling like we don’t know HOW or don’t have the resources. Your story can show them that all we need to know how to do is believe. To have courage to believe in ourselves and each other. And to remind them that humanity is intrinsically GOOD. That human beings want to make a positive difference. We simply need to be given an outlet to give.

    After I first came back from Peru and founded Mosqoy, my dad gave me a little bookmark, with nothing but a simple quote on it, which read: “She believed she could, so she did.” I still have it sitting on my desk, six years later.

    I am leaving for Peru in a month, and am excited to plan our next steps of the Q’enqo Library journey with the Mosqoy team, the Q’enqo community, and your Grade 3 class (the three equal collaborators in this amazing project!). Perhaps we could set up a Skype date before I leave, and then one more when I’m in Peru! Would you guys be interested in that?

    I’m so proud of you. And admire your spirit and extraordinary ability for compassion.

    Thank you, from everyone at Mosqoy!

    Love, Ashli

    • The Battalion Hawk Bloggers

      Hi Ashli!

      Here are our responses to your comment:

      “One day I might go to Peru! I wonder how many books are in the Q’enqo Library now? There are probably a lot of books! I wonder what it’s like in Peru. It’s probably fun in Peru! Did you buy a book for the Q’enqo library? Do you have a house in Peru? When I get home I’m going to ask my parents to go to Peru one day! I want to Skype with you again!” ~Constantine

      “It’s okay that it took a long time for the comment! Wow! My birthday is on March 14th! Are you excited to go back to Peru in a month? I think that we can Skype. Why did you do the United Nations for your Master’s? I really like the quote: She believed she could, so she did. I wonder what the library in Q’enqo looks like now? I can’t wait until we Skype!” ~Tyler

      “Wow! What an amazing comment! Do you mind if I might ask you a few questions and interview you? Why has it been such a busy month for Mosqoy? Oh! Happy Birthday to you … cha cha cha! Why was our common goal so inspiring? What is a Master’s Thesis? Thank you for seeing our story as an inspiring example for the adults who work with the United Nations! I don’t have anything from when I was little that I can remember, but it’s amazing that you do! Of COURSE we’re interested in having two more Skype dates! We are proud of you, Ashli!” ~Ella

      “Hi Ashli! Thank you for your AMAZING comment! Don’t be so sorry that you couldn’t leave a comment on our blog. If you ever saw us, you wouldn’t be sorry … after all … most of the time WE’RE late in replying too! Oh, did you have a great birthday? My birthday is on May 13! When you first came back from Peru, did anyone ask you this … “do you like Peru or Victoria better?” If someone did, what would your answer be? We really loved Skyping with you. I hope Peru has a library like us now!” ~Lauren

      “Hi Ashli! Thanks for the comment you wrote us. We will Skype with you! I have a question for you. Do you have any crafts there in Peru? In Peru there are a lot of mountains!” ~Dimitri

      “Happy Birthday, Ashli! Even thought it’s a BIT late! I think it’s really cool that you have a bookmark that you got from your dad. I’m really happy that you’re going back to Peru! You’re right. All we need to know is “believe in ourselves and about each other!” About the Skypes … SURE we’ll Skype with you! I’m also excited to plan our next steps for Q’enqo! You’re right – human beings DO want to make a positive difference. And, that’s a GOOD thing, right?” ~Nick

      “Thanks for the comment! We were all surprised that you finally got to leave a comment. We are so happy to see you on Skype. We are excited to Skype with you. Is it fun to go to Peru? I am so happy to see you on Skype!” ~Zubayda

      “Thank you for the wonderful comment. You know how it took you a long time to put a comment on the blog? It kind of takes us a long time to put a comment on the blog sometimes too, (especially when we are busy). When did you come back from Peru the last time? How many weeks or days or months are you going to Peru? When you Skype with us are you going to show us more about the traditional clothing and also the Peruvian symbols on the weaving?” Danny

      “Hi Ashli! Thank you for your fantastic comment. You’re not alone … we sometimes take a long long time to get back too! Oh ya … I almost forgot … have an AMAZING birthday party!!! When is your birthday? We’re glad that you’re helping Peru. Mrs. Renton is very intrigued with Peru. Why did you want to go to Peru? Has there ever been any incidents while you were there ever? I would love to Skype with you, Ashli!!! Ha ha … my Auntie’s name is Ashli and it is spelled like that too!” ~Elijah

      “Hi Ashli! Thanks for leaving a comment on the blog. I didn’t know that March was your birthday! Happy Birthday. That’s nice of your Dad to give you a book mark. I think the quote “She believed she could, so she did it” is exactly what I am going to do! I like that quote! Have fun when you go back to Peru and we would LOVE to Skype with you again! We hope that you Skype with us soon and from wherever you are!” ~Joyce

      “Wow! What a comment! We had no idea it was your birthday last month! That’s okay that it took you a long time to leave a comment. We’re really happy that you chose to get your Master’s. We think that quote that your Dad gave you is awesome. Mrs. Renton puts really good quotes on our wall behind her desk. I think she should put that quote on the wall too! It’s awesome that you’re going back to Peru. I would love to Skype with you two more times this year!” ~Tommy

      “Thank you for leaving a great comment on the blog! And … Happy Birthday to you! We hope the adults who work with the UN will hear our thoughts and help find compassion for the less fortunate people too. The quote on the bookmark that your Father gave you is really what YOU are … it is a good treasure! We would LOVE to set up a Skype date with you too! We wonder what the Skype would be like? Before you go, I have a question for you! Why do you want to write your Master’s Thesis on International Human Rights?” ~James

      “Hi Ashli! I have a question for you! What is the closest country to Peru? Happy Birthday! Hope you liked the surprise! I have so many questions for you! It’s just that I don’t have enough time! We hope you keep checking on the blog and we will keep posting on the blog! Oh … and keep leaving comments! We really want to have that Skype with you!” ~Tre

      “Thanks for your amazing comment on the blog! Wow! I can’t believe that you still have that bookmark that your Dad gave you. I bet you’re really excited to visit Peru again! The people there are probably so happy to see you! I am really excited that you want to Skype us! I would love to Skype with you! Hope you have a great trip to Peru!” ~Rayann

      “Hi Ashli. Thanks SO much for leaving an AMAZING comment on our blog! (We kinda needed it!) Anyway … I bet it IS busy and exciting at Peru AND Victoria! Of course, I would ALWAYS treasure something my Dad, Mom, sister, etc., gave to me … especially a quote! We would love to Skype with you again. I wonder what we are going to talk about. If I could, I would go back to Q’enqo with you! I would LOVE to see EVERYTHING!!! One question … if you put all of the years together of how many years you’ve stayed in Q’enqo, how much do you think it would be? I cannot BELIEVE how much money we raised … and don’t say you spent it all on chocolate bars and candy! Just kidding! I really hope you leave more comments!” ~Rebecca

      “Hi Ashli! Thank you for leaving a comment on our blog! I agree. If you don’t believe you can do something then you can’t do it. Our class would probably like to have another Skype with you. I can’t believe that you still have that bookmark that your Dad gave to you. I am really excited that you are going to Skype with us. I hope that you can Skype with our class. Thank you fro saying “I’m so proud of you” to us!” ~Chelsea

      “Thank you for your amazing comment! Happy Birthday. I never knew March was your birthday month! I hope your birthday is an exciting day. How old were you when your Dad gave you the bookmark that had the quote on it? I can’t believe you kept that bookmark for six years! We would be pleased to Skype wit you soon! I can’t believe how much the library in Q’enqo has changed. Before it had no books and a hole in it. Now it has paint and books!” ~Amro

      “Hi Ashli! That was such a nice comment you have here! The quote “she believed she could, sho she did” is a very nice quote. The only thing I wonder is … who made up? Just one thing … who came up with the Nuevo sol or New Sun for their money? We all really want to Skype with you. Happy Birthday.” ~Christopher

      “Hey Ashli! Wow! It’s your birthday. I LOVE birthdays. My favourite part is when people surprise me. What is yours? You want to Skype with us … we ALL want to Skype with you! We all love helping the library. When we saw the pictures of it from last year, the last year’s grade three students did a LOT, right? We are getting quite a few books too because the money goes further in Peru than it does in Canada. You are right. If you never give up and you never stop trying you will eventually achieve your goals. I think we should also get the library some Spanish books. See you when we Skype.” ~Davis

      “Hi Ashli. You know, it’s not your fault that you could not respond sooner. Times get busy. By the way … I wish you a happy birthday. Your second paragraph came at a good time because we’ve been talking a LOT about the International Rights of the Child. I think that the bookmark that your Dad gave you was a good present. I can’t believe that you’ve had that bookmark for six years. I agree. We should have another Skype before you leave and before the end of the year! It was REALLY great of you to leave a comment on the blog. Please leave another comment. Thank you!” ~Jayden

      “Hi Ashli! Don’t worry, we take longer to answer comments. Sometimes we take WEEKS to answer a comment, (especially if we are on holidays). Happy belated birthday. I have a question for you. Why did you start Mosqoy? I don’t want you to think that I don’t like Mosqoy … I’m just wondering why NAME it Mosqoy … and why Peru? Last night my brother made up a quote. “Be the solution, not the pollution.” I think that the quote is true now. Pollution is the worst thing that could have ever happened. Some day, I hope someone stops pollution. I really enjoy working with Mosqoy, Ashli. It’s great. Skyping with you would be great too.” ~AJ

      “Hi Ashli! We’ve been looking forward to your comment for SO long. Don’t worry about it. We can understand how busy you can get. Happy Birthday month!!! That deserves something: “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Ashli, happy birthday to you!” Good luck with your Master’s Thesis. You’re gonna do awesome! What a great quote your Dad’s bookmark has on it. We hope you have a GREAT time in Peru. We would LOVE to Skype. We are looking forward to the next time we hear from you.” ~Ben

      The Battalion Hawk Bloggers πŸ™‚

  7. Ashli Akins

    Wow! Well, this is the longest response I’ve EVER received on a blog! And what good questions you all have! I would love to have the opportunity to answer each one of your questions, one by one.

    Here’s what I’ll do: Ms. Renton and I will set up a time for me to have a Skype Meeting with you in the next couple of weeks. And then, I’ll write some blog responses on here, almost EVERY DAY between now and then, to try to answer all of your questions! That way, we can have an even more in-depth conversation about our project when I get to talk to you!

    Thank you so much for putting a smile on my face! And for all of the birthday wishes!

    • The Battalion Hawk Bloggers

      Hi Ashli!

      Thank you for leaving another comment on our blog. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer all of our questions. We hope you had a GREAT birthday! We look forward to reading your answers. We also look forward to Skyping with you as well. Maybe we could Skype when you are in Peru … and you could show us the streets of Cusco with your laptop!

      The Battalion Hawk Bloggers πŸ™‚

  8. Ashli Akins

    Hi Battalion Hawk Bloggers!

    I’ll answer just a couple of questions now, and then try to answer some of the more complicated ones later this week and next week!

    Constantine asked, “Do you have a house in Peru?”

    I don’t personally own a house there, no. But I do live in a house there! I live with a family, who I consider my own family. They are like my adopted Peruvian family. I am the legal and spiritual godmother (or “madrina”) to Nelson, their four-year-old son. It is a big honour to be a godmother in Peru, since it is an important tradition for indigenous Quechua communities. They believe that their child will inherit the traits of his Madrina when he grows up, so they must choose wisely. It is my responsibility to act as a good role model for Nelson, and to teach him how to be a positive influence in the world. I live with two other children as well, Ruby (who is 13) and Ruben (who is 11). They are Nelson’s older siblings, who I have known since Ruby was 7 and Ruben was 5. I love them very much. Their parents’ names are Ruben and Lourdes. Ruben is a police officer and Lourdes runs a little corner store in the front of their house, where kids come to purchase school supplies, stickers, kites, and other random items.

    My house is in Ollantaytambo, which is a community of about 2000 people, in the Sacred Valley. It is the very last town where the road stops, before tourists catch the train to Machu Picchu. From Ollantaytambo, you can hike up the mountains to visit more remote, smaller weaving communities (where there are only 100-200 people in each).

    I have my own room in the house, which has rock walls and a tin roof. Its door opens onto a rock patio. (Basically, instead of a living room like we have in Canada, most Peruvian houses have an outdoor rock patio in the middle of all of the bedrooms, which acts as the living room.) I share the kitchen with the rest of the family. Does that answer your question?

    As for my birthday…

    Lots of you asked about my birthday and gave me wonderful wishes! Thank you so much! Here are answers to three of your questions:

    1) Elijah asked: When was your birthday?

    My birthday is on March 31st. This year, that happened to be Easter Sunday, so I had a long weekend for my birthday!

    2) Lauren asked: Did you have a good birthday?

    It was amazing! I was so lucky to be in Victoria on my birthday, where my best friends are. Also, two of my friends had the same birthday as me! How cool is that? We decided to host a joint birthday party for the three of us! We went camping, since it was a long weekend. Many of our friends went with us. We went to the Juan de Fuca Trail, which is on Vancouver Island, and camped on the beach by the Pacific Ocean. The weather was amazing! So sunny and hot! We swam in the ocean, played on a rope swing, went on hikes, climbed rocks, took lots of pictures, played music (I play the violin), saw seals, sat by the campfire, made dinner over the campfire, and laughed a lot. It was the best birthday I have ever had.

    3) Davis asked: What is your favourite part of birthdays?

    I think my favourite part is that a birthday is an excuse to be surrounded by people you love and to do the things that you most love to do. Now that I am an adult, I don’t get to see my friends and family as much as I would like, because we have all moved away from each other. I also don’t have a lot of time to enjoy the hobbies I love to do, because I work and travel too much. A birthday reminds me that these things are important! It reminds me to hug everyone I love as often as possible.

    I will write more later, answering questions about Mosqoy, the library, Peru, and my thesis! Thank you so much for your questions!

    • The Battalion Hawk Bloggers

      Hi Ashli.

      Thank you for answering some of our questions!

      It must be awesome to have a “second” family in Peru! If you stayed in a hotel you would have to pay hundreds of dollars because you go there for such long periods. Living with your second family wouldn’t be nearly as expensive … and you get to hang out with people you love! Not very many of us know what it means to have a God-Parent … but some of us do! It’s a pretty special privilege!

      Ollantaytambo sounds very small … even smaller than Canmore! We wonder if Ollantaytambo even HAS hotels! Your house sounds neat there! It would be fun to have a rock patio in between all the bedrooms but we don’t think it would work in Calgary! We have at LEAST seven months of cold weather. Sometimes it even seems like LONGER! The Sacred Valley must be warmer than Q’enqo is … in the Andes … because having a rock patio in COLD weather would be pretty hard.

      It sounds like your birthday WAS pretty awesome! Two of us also have birthdays in March! You were lucky to go camping in March … that would just never work here! Some of us love birthdays because you can have friends over to play with, you get to have fun, you get to eat cake, you get to unwrap presents, (although some of us donate money to special causes instead of presents … like UNICEF), and celebrating in neat places!

      We will get to your next comment soon, Ashli. Thank you for helping us learn more about you and Peru.

      The Battalion Hawk Bloggers πŸ™‚

  9. Ashli Akins

    Hello, my friends in Calgary!

    Today, I’m going to respond to a few more of your questions! For today’s topic, I’ll answer all of the questions you’ve asked relating to my MASTER’S THESIS:

    Ella asked: WHAT IS A MASTER’S THESIS?

    Well, I’m going to ask YOU a question first! Do you like school? Do you like to learn? What’s your favourite part about school? What’s your favourite subject?

    I LOVED school (and still do)! I was very lucky to have inspiring teachers when I grew up, who taught me that learning can be fun! They taught me that – by learning more – I could make more of a difference in the world! How cool is that? Who wouldn’t want to just keep on learning?!

    What have you learned from Ms. Renton? Have you learned new things this year, that you didn’t know last year? I’d love to know what they are!

    There are many kids around the world who don’t have the opportunity to go to school, or who have to stop school at a certain age. In Canada, we have the opportunity to keep studying as long as we want! LEARNING gives us knowledge. KNOWLEDGE gives us power. POWER gives us ability. So, with that ABILITY – I feel like it is my responsibility to do something very good with it, to help others, since I am very lucky to be given the opportunity to LEARN.

    Do you know how many years I have been in school? I never added it up until I started writing to you guys! And then I began counting, and I was AMAZED! I went to elementary school for 8 years (kindergarten + grades 1-7). Then, I went to high school for 5 years (grades 8-12). Then, I went to university for 6 years (to complete my bachelor’s degree in three majors, so it took two years more than normal). Then, I did my master’s degree, which has taken 2 years. So, total, that equals… 8 + 5 + 6 + 2 = 21 YEARS?!

    To answer YOUR question, a master’s degree is what you can get after you have finished a bachelor’s degree (which is what you receive when you go to university after you graduate high school). People choose to get a master’s degree if they are really passionate about a certain subject and want to become an EXPERT in that subject.

    So, what’s your favourite subject? If it were READING or ENGLISH, for example, you could get an entire bachelor’s degree in ENGLISH, going to university for four years to focus on that subject. After you graduated from university, if you still loved the subject and wanted to become an expert on one topic in English, you could do a master’s degree for another two years. So, then you would ask yourself, “What is my favourite part of English?” Perhaps it was reading Harry Potter. Or learning new words. Or learning how to spell. If it were Harry Potter, you could choose to do a master’s degree, learning all about “How to write about wizards!” or “Authors that create their own fantasy worlds.” How cool is that?

    A “thesis” is the biggest homework assignment you will have ever done! It is the final assignment to complete a master’s degree. A thesis is basically like a book, and is about a subject of your own choosing. You do all of the research you can about that subject and then write a book about it, to submit it to your teachers. My thesis will be about 20,000 WORDS.

    So, to answer the next question, asked by James, why did I choose this subject? The answer is simple. MY PASSION is International Human Rights. So, I want to become an expert in that subject. I always make my biggest decisions in life based on passion.

    What gets you excited? What makes you feel like you could become anything you wanted to become? What makes you curious? Is there anything that moved you so much you wanted to cry?

    I love to travel. I love to learn about other languages and cultures. I love to meet people from all over the world, and share stories about our similarities and differences. I also love helping people. And I have hope that our world has the potential to be a very PEACEFUL place. Your fundraising efforts remind me of that.

    Everybody has the same rights – to food, water, shelter, education. There is even a human right to have a childhood like you have! To play! But many people in the world don’t get to experience these rights. Many children around the world don’t get to play. They don’t have a childhood. I want to do everything I can to help those around the world who do not have these rights. I want to make the world a more equal place. With rights come responsibility. I have many rights and I am very privileged, so I feel like it is my responsibility to care for others around the world, to share these privileges.

    My master’s degree will teach me things that will allow me to better fight for the rights of others around the world. If you’re interested in this subject too, I would recommend reading, “The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.” There’s actually a children’s version, which you can see here:

    WOW. I am so sorry for writing so much! I will keep my responses shorter from now on! You just asked questions on topics I am SO interested in, so I accidentally talk a lot about them!

    My next response will answer all of your PERU questions. But I’ll make it much shorter! πŸ™‚

    Love, Ashli

    • Rebecca, Chris P., Danny and Christopher

      Hi Ashli.

      We are sorry that it took us so long to reply to your wonderful comment. 5/5 at our table like school. Our favourite subject at our table is science, math, PE and art! Those are our favourite subjects. We have a blog post of the International Rights of the Child. That is unbelievable that you have been in school for 21 years. During the past year, we have been learning about Peru, Tunisia, India and the Ukraine. We wonder how you like Peru … if you are in Peru right now. we also wonder how often you go to Peru? Learning about other cultures and languages is SO cool. How many languages can you speak? We appreciate that you took the time to write this long comment.


      Rebecca, Chris P., Danny and Christopher πŸ™‚

    • Dimitri, Ella, Davis, Rayann and Tyler

      Hi Ashli..

      Thank you for such a wonderful comment! Sorry it took so long for us to reply! We have been so caught up in school. We had to finish our art project for the gymnasium … and also our Peruvian sketching! Our class has learned a lot about math, science, socials and mealworms! You should check out our blog post for the International Human Rights of a Child! Have we told you about our marionettes? Well, guess what, the principal wanted us to write about them for the school newsletter! Wow! We can’t believe you’ve been in school for 21 years! Bye!


      Dimitri, Ella, Davis, Rayann and Tyler πŸ™‚

    • Elijah, Chelsea, Lauren, Tre and Joyce

      Hi Ashli!

      Thank you for leaving us a great comment! Sorry for taking so long to reply. Some of us don’t like school and some of us do like school. Most of us like learning and some of us don’t because there are things that we don’t really like. PE and math are some of our favourite subjects. We like PE and math because in PE we can play sports and in math we do fun games. We learned that other people around the world don’t have the same rights as us. Thank you again for your GREAT comment.


      Elijah, Chelsea, Lauren, Tre and Joyce πŸ™‚

    • Ben, Amro, Tommy, Nick and Constantine

      Hi Ashli.

      We are so sorry it took so long to reply. We love school as well. Yes … we love learning! As Mrs. Renton says … we are LERDS! Probably our favourite part of school is seeing our friends each day. We all have our different variety of favourite subjects. For example, Ben’s is writing. Tommy’s is art. Nick and Constantine like art too. And … Amro’s is math! We’re glad we have an inspiring teacher just like YOU did. Mrs. Renton has been doing the SAME things as YOUR old teachers (who inspired you). We agree there’s SO much to learn about in the world. Who WOULDN’T want to learn ALL about it? Not only has she taught us, we’ve taught Mrs. Renton as WELL! She has taught many things, including curricular information and non-curricular information.

      Wow. You’ve been in school for 21 years! Holy crow – we haven’t even been ALIVE for that long! We learned about the rights of the child earlier on in the year. We even made a blog post about the Rights of the Child. You should check it out if you haven’t already. Have you read the book This Child Every Child? If you haven’t, you should read it. It’s AWESOME! Do you know about the organization UNICEF? We raised money for them at Hallowe’en. Did you know UNICEF stands for the United Nations INternational Children’s Emergency Fund?

      Thank you for answering all our inquires.

      Ben, Amro, Tommy, Nick and Constantine πŸ™‚

    • AJ, Jayden, James and Zubayda

      Hi Ashli.

      We’re so sorry it took so long to reply. It’s just that we’re sooo busy. Anyways, we are happy that you left a comment.

      We all love school. Some of our favourite subjects are: gym, music and blogging. We ALL love recess and lunch. One of the bloggers wants to get an engineering master’s!

      These are some of the things we enjoy learning about: marionettes and making things during our building unit in science. We also learned how to make borax crystals!

      Do you know that we have an entire blog post about the International Rights of the Child? It was one of our first blog posts. Even though it seems that it was at the beginning of the year, we’re still learning about where kids live around the world.

      Again, we are so grateful that you left a comment. We hope you check back again.

      AJ, Jayden, James and Zubayda πŸ™‚

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