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Traditional Clothing Around the World

Posted by on January 25, 2013

What a strange power there is in clothing.

~Isaac Bashevis Singer


Traditional clothing from Ukraine.

“Why are THESE here?” I asked surprisingly when I walked into the classroom Tuesday morning! I thought it was going to be just another normal school day. When Mrs. Renton told us that we were going to be using the tri-folds for the day I was excited. But, when she told us we would be trying on “traditional” clothes I literally jumped up out of my seat! The part that I think was the best was Peru because the shawl was REALLY cozy! The paintings on the Indian tri-fold were really neat. It was really fun trying on all the clothes and poking our heads through the tri-folds for India, Peru, Ukraine and Tunisia. I bet the boys wished that the pants for India were still there! What country would YOU like to live in? I think that it’s nice that all of the country’s festivals are unique. One of the things that is kind of pretty was the pysanky from Ukraine. Next, we’re going to use the artifacts! I KNOW this is going to be fun!” ~Rebecca

“When I came into the classroom, I saw big cardboard tri-folds. Mrs. Renton explained that we were going to try on clothes from our four countries: Peru, India, Tunisia and Ukraine. ~Amro

“The Fort Calgary Kit was very, very awesome! But, there were some things that were NOT that awesome! There were not a lot of pants for us boys! I wish there was more pants! I wonder if the markings on the clothes mean anything? My favourite part was dressing in the clothes from the Ukraine. My second favourite thing was the Peruvian clothing because it was very easy to get on but the Ukrainian one was MUCH harder! I really liked the design from Ukrainian tri-fold. ~Christopher


Traditional clothing from Tunisia.


“Yesterday we came in the class and we saw four tri-folds for our four countries. I wish there were traditional clothing for the teacher! I wonder why there are traditional clothes? I liked the Ukrainian clothing the most because of the designs on the clothing.” ~Tyler

“When I got to school on Tuesday, I was SHOCKED at how amazing the classroom looked! The class was FILLED with tri-folds. It was SO fun … our class was AMAZED! We dressed up in clothing  in a SNAP! BOOM … we started taking pictures really fast! My favourite one was the Ukrainian one because I liked all the heads on the tri-fold and I liked their traditional clothing! I liked my group too! The pictures were amazing. It was the BEST art I have EVER seen on those tri-folds!” ~Davis

“Guess what? On Tuesday, when our class came in, we saw something amazing! We saw big tri-folds with decorations that looked like our four countries! I was curious because how could TRI-FOLDS be useful? But, then Mrs. Renton told us that we can try on all of the traditional clothing. After they had them on, they could stand in front of the tri-folds so Mrs. Renton could take pictures. At the back of the tri-fold, people could stand too! My favourite part was when I got to wear the girl’s Ukrainian clothing because the designs were cool!” ~Joyce


Traditional clothing from India.

“Yesterday, we tried on clothes from Peru, Tunisia, India and Ukraine. I had fun. I like the Indian clothes the best. I like the big man on the tri-fold!” ~Dimitri

“Tap, tap, tap, our shoes say as we walk in. Hey, what’s that, I say to myself? Oh … they’re TRI-FOLDS … I forgot! Then, the teacher came in. It was time to wear the clothing for the tri-folds. Click, click, click the camera says, as Mrs. Renton takes pictures. My favourite part of our four countries was wearing the clothing because it was fun putting it on!” ~Nick

“My favourite country is Ukraine. I like it because for the boys there is a lot of stuff to try on! I wonder if the traditional clothing was really from the countries!” ~Chris

“When I walked in on Tuesday, guess what I saw? Well, I saw tri-folds. Each tri-fold had each of the four countries on it that we are learning about. Mrs. Renton explained to us that we were going to get our pictures done and dress up in the traditional clothing. So, I started in the Indian one … then Ukraine, and Peru and then Tunisia. My favourite was Ukraine. I wish we could do that again!” ~Chelsea


Many of us loved this camel enough to want to SKETCH him later in the day!

“My favourite country is Ukraine for the four countries. I also liked the clothing in Ukraine. I wish there was more clothes for each country. I mostly had to be the TALL man a lot of times when we stood behing the tri-folds!” ~Constantine

“When I came in, I found tri-folds set up. We were wondering what they were for! Mrs. Renton told us what they were and what we were doing. I wish they had pants for the boys in the Indian kit because there was only a shirt.” ~Elijah

“When we came into school we saw all the tri-folds. It was so good and cool. My favourite part was when I wore the Indian girl’s dress. We had so much fun!” ~Cemre

“Hey, what are those tri-folds for? And, why do they have HOLES? I wonder what we are doing with the tri-folds? When the day was over, I had a lot of fun because I got to wear traditional clothing from Peru, Tunisia, India and Ukraine! I wish that there were more pants in the kit. In the Tunisia kit the boy clothing is the most fun because when you pull it off your shirt will try to pull off too, and people will see your tummy!” ~James


Traditional clothing from Peru.

“What in the world are these tri-folds standing here for, I thought as I walked into the classroom.. Then I saw a hole in one of the tri-folds. I went to check it out and then I saw a camel and a guy and then I looked at another tri-fold. I saw a Ukrainian family. Then, I knew it was our four countries. After we tried on the traditional clothing. Our group tried on the Peruvian clothing. I was the dad on our first picture!” ~Danny

“My favourite country is … wait a minute!!! You don’t know what I am talking about! I was talking about the Fort Calgary Kit and the traditional clothing! now … where was I? My favourite country is Ukraine. I still like the other countries, though. If you’re wondering why I like Ukraine, it’s the traditional clothes!” ~Tre


We wonder if the colours and designs mean something special!

“Pssst!” “Ya!” “Ya. you!” “Ya, I’m talking to you! You’d never guess what we did on Tuesday, January 23, 2013.” “Go on!” “Guess! Oh, never mind. I’ll just tell you!” Mrs. Renton has these tri-folds and traditional clothing. The AMAZING clothing is from Peru, Tunisia, India and Ukraine! I think my FAVOURITE piece of clothing would be Peru’s because the skirt is SO neat. So is the Peruvian shawl. I wonder if the designs on the shawl mean anything? India’s clothes too … except for the part when I took the clothes off. I was SO itchy! I also did not like the Tunisian one because the dress kinda looks like clown pants except it’s a dress. The Ukrainian clothing was TOO tight! Okay … now I’m starting to sound like GOLDILOCKS!” ~Jayden


We LOVED the HATS … but were careful to HOLD them … JUST in case!

“When I came into the classroom, I asked the teacher what we were doing today. She said we were going to put our heads into the tri-fold because there was a hole in the tri-folds. The countries were Peru, Tunisia, India, Ukraine. My friend and I liked the same ones. They were India, Peru and Ukraine. We had fun putting the traditional clothing on.” ~Zubayda


The Ukrainian kit seemed the MOST complete … with lots of clothing for the BOYS to try on as well!

“Hmmm … I wonder what THIS is for … ?” I wondered as I walked into the classroom! It turned out that we had the Fort Calgary Kit. WOW! The classroom was CHAOS! But, unfortunately, I joined in it. I stuck my head in the holes, and was silly with the tri-folds!  “What’s going on?” Mrs. Renton asked? “Ummmmmm …… !” Then she said, “I’m very disappointed.” We all looked guilty. Then, I looked at the calendar. NONE! I really was surprised. When Mrs. Renton wrote the calendar, there was SO little to do! Fort Calgary Kit, kit, kit, kit, kit and only kit. But, what TYPE of kit, you may ask. A kit with traditional clothing from Peru, India, Tunisia and Ukraine. It was fun, but I wish that there were pants for the Indian boy’s clothing because it was … so incomplete. My favourite part was wearing the clothing because it felt so cool in clothing. I wonder if there is more than ONE traditional clothing type for our four countries? I wonder how long the Fort Calgary Kit has been around?” ~AJ


We took a TON of photos today … it was SO much fun!

“3, 2, 1, CLICK! Done! That was the sound of Mrs. Renton taking the 20th photo! Woops, you probably don’t know what I’m talking about! On January 22nd, we had the Fort Calgary Kit. We had clothing for boys and girls for Peru, Tunisia, India and Ukraine. My favourite part was when I put on the Ukrainian clothes because they were the only boys clothes that had pants. I wish the boy’s clothing was more detailed because there wasn’t any pants for the boys. I wonder how long the fort Calgary kit has been around for, because I think it’s a GOOD idea!” ~Tommy


We took some time to sketch our FAVOURITE tri-folds and traditional clothing!

“Click! That was the sound of Mrs. Renton taking yet ANOTHER picture! Wait! Don’t keep reading … you don’t know what I’m TALKING about yet! Here’s what happened. Here’s what happened. It was a long, long time ago. Well, not THAT long ago … it was only YESTERDAY! So … I’ll cut to the chase … me and my friend Tommy were walking into the classroom when we saw the tri-folds and were ASTONISHED! Expecting to find them blank as paper, when we went to the other sided, only to be surprised even MORE as we saw an AMAZING painting on each! Then, Mrs. Renton went on to the most boring part of all … the rules! Dah, dah, dah, dah! (impending musical sound) Even though it’s the most boring, it’s the most important. As I slipped the Tunisian shirt on and was about to put on the had, Mrs. Renton came and saved the day. Right before I put on the hat, I could have had LICE! And … this takes me RIGHT back to where I started … so … CLICK! That was the sound of Mrs. Renton taking yet ANOTHER picture!” ~Ben


This camel was a HUGE hit!

“You will NOT believe what we did yesterday! We were trying on traditional clothing for these countries: Peru, Tunisia, India and Ukraine! My favourite part of the clothes was the Peruvian girl’s outfit … only because of the BEAUTIFUL shawl and designs on the shirt. One of the questions I have is “do Peruvians have a name for the shawl?” There were also tri-folds all over the room! They all had the traditional clothes painted on them. But, instead of painted faces, there were cut out holes in the tri-folds. Then, the fun started! We all tried on the traditional clothes and stuck our heads in the holes for pictures. It was AWESOME!” ~ Ella


MANY of us are VERY intrigued with the traditional clothing from Peru!

What an AMAZING day! TOMORROW, we get to explore some ARTIFACTS from these four countries! We’ll tell you MORE about THAT in the NEXT post!

Until then, we HOPE you can HELP us out!

We wonder:

  • Do the designs on the clothing MEAN anything?
  • Do the colours on the clothing mean anything?
  • Are these the ONLY traditional clothes in our four countries? We know that the traditional clothing in the Jungle region of Peru  is different than in the Mountain regions. Is it that way in ALL of our countries?
  • We suddenly began to wonder if CANADA had traditional clothing. We’re going to do some inquiry. Many of us think that Canada won’t have official traditional clothes because we are a mix of different countries coming to settle here. Maybe our traditional clothes are First NATIONS  and INUIT … since they were the first to live here. Our other countries are OLDER than Canada … so they have more HISTORY than we do too as Canadians. What do YOU think?

7 Responses to Traditional Clothing Around the World

  1. Eloise

    The students in Mrs. Renton’s class have become tremendous writers! You really know how to keep a reader’s attention right from the beginning of your paragraphs. I really enjoyed reading the blog about the tri-folds and ethnic clothing from Fort Calgary. What a terrific idea to actually dress up in the clothes and take photos surrounded by a traditional back ground from each country. Wouldn’t it be wonderful one day to meet the people of Peru or India, or to be fortunate enough to take a trip to Tunisia or Ukraine? They look like very colourful and beautiful places to live.

    • The Battalion Hawk Bloggers

      Dear Eloise,

      Thank you for the wonderful comment you left for us on the blog! It made us feel AWESOME inside to know that you can see that our writing is improving! Mrs. Renton told us yesterday, after she posted the last piece on the Fort Calgary artifacts, that she could hear EACH of our voices in the pieces that we wrote for that post! Wow! We are learning how to “throw that fish hook out and REEL the reader in!”

      We agree with you. It would be AMAZING to be able to visit one of our four countries. We’ve learned SO much about them … but there is SO much more to learn. We just did a vote and we found it interesting that 11 of us would choose Ukraine as the first country to visit, 8 chose Peru, 2 chose India and 1 chose Tunisia … but … most of us would like to eventually visit all FOUR!

      Thanks for leaving us a great comment, Eloise! We hope you come back soon!

      The Battalion Hawk Bloggers 🙂

  2. larissa


    Great writing everyone. I remember doing that in grade three. My favorite one was probably India because of what they do on your hand. It looks like alot of people liked Ukraine. I liked Ukraine too but not as much as India. Happy blogging!

    one old global grade three(Larissa)

    • The Battalion Hawk Bloggers

      Hi Larissa!

      We are SO glad that you still visit the Global Grade 3 blog … and that you were an OLD Global Grade 3! We really appreciate that you liked our writing because it makes us feel good. We’ve been working on using entertaining beginnings, juicy words and reeling the reader in … and we’re glad that our hard work is showing! (We’re glad we reeled YOU back!)

      We liked trying on the traditional clothing from the Fort Calgary Kits … we still think the boys’ clothing needs more articles to try on!

      Thank you for leaving a wonderful comment, Larissa! We hope to see you back again soon!

      The Battalion Hawk Bloggers 🙂

  3. Jayden

    Hi everybody!
    I just think that trying on the traditional clothing was amazing. Did you have a favorite part? My favorite part was getting to pass around the artifacts. I would have to say that the desert rose was my favorite because the way it looked.
    See you tomorrow! Bye
    PS. Hope those of you that have a cold or the flue get better soon!

  4. Lauren & Euna

    Hi Battalion Hawk Bloggers!
    I really enjoy reading your blog! I really liked the Marionette video! The song was really funny. I am enjoying making Marionettes in my class! I hope your glad the sun is up again!
    from: Euna and Lauren

    • Chris and Danny on Behalf of the Battalion Hawk Bloggers

      Hi Lauren and Euna

      Thank you for your great coment. We are glad that you enjoy our blog. Most of also think the marionette animoto song was pretty funny too. We hope you are having fun making marionettes. Our class is also very happy that the sun is finally up.

      Chris and Danny (on behalf of the Battalion Hawk Bloggers) 🙂

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