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Let There be FOOD for EVERYONE!

Posted by on December 5, 2012

“It takes a VILLAGE to raise a child.”

~African Proverb

And … maybe ONE day that CHILD will find a way to share the world’s food EQUALLY!

~The Battalion Hawk Bloggers

We just read a PHENOMENAL book … actually … we couldn’t QUITE get past page 16 before we felt we needed to take ACTION! It’s called “If the World Were a Village” and it’s written by David J. Smith. If you haven’t read it we URGE you to go out RIGHT now and pick it up!

This is an AMAZING book about what life is like around the world!

The book basically takes the 7 BILLION people living on our beautiful planet and changes the ratios to reflect a world living in a small village with 100 inhabitants so that the NUMBERS are EASIER for us to understand!

This was some pretty TOUGH math for us … our BRAINS hurt just a little after trying to work this out … but we DID it … TOGETHER!

We were SHOCKED to discover that in a small village of 100 people there would be enough food for EVERYONE … but …  HALF of those people do not have a “reliable source of food” and are often hungry. 16 of those people are severely undernourished and starving … and only 34 of those people ALWAYS have enough to eat. But … there is ENOUGH food for EVERYONE.

“If the world were a village of 100 people this would probably be the amount of animals there would be in the village:

  • 31 sheep and goats
  • 23 ox, bulls and cows
  • 3 camels
  • 2 horses
  • 15 pigs
  • 250 chickens

Most of those animals are useful for different things like for plowing the land. But, still, I think that we should share with the people who aren’t that wealthy. Maybe when they go to buy food people could buy some extra things that they could give to charity, or a next door neighbour. Maybe when I grow up I will be a chef and give my food to places that need it.” ~Chris

“If the world were a village, would you think that EVERYBODY would have enough food to eat? Guess what? They would. But, some would be STARVING to death and some would ALWAYS have enough to eat. In this 100 person village the food they have are 31 sheep and goats, 23 cows, bulls and oxen, 15 pigs, 3 camels, 2 horses and 250 CHICKENS! We would guess that they would have more than one chicken a day. If the person did not have the animal that they needed, and they knew a person that had that animal, they could share because sharing is good. Where we dug up this information was from a book called “If the World Were a Village”. The author’s name is David J. Smith. David shrank the amount of people to 100 instead of 7 billion. The reason that people are starving is because some people are greedy, which is never good.” ~Jayden & Lauren

“31 goats and sheep, 23 cows, bulls and oxen, 15 pigs, 3 camels, 2 horses and 250 chickens. That’s a LOT of food, but that’s not even a quarter of the food on earth. However, more than half of the world doesn’t have enough food right now as you are reading this very word. There is enough food for everyone to live a well-fed life. I wouldn’t mind killing a few chickens for food. There are at LEAST 14 billion chickens on earth. And, I don’t LIKE chickens! When I was little I went to a farm and a chicken pecked my hand. I STILL have a scar! Here are some ideas to prevent people from starving: donate food to people in need … and don’t throw out left-overs. Farmers could try to make more food for these people that are VERY hungry by breeding animals that produce food. So, next time you have a meal that people are that are really hungry would dream to have … think how they would feel and how lucky you are.” ~Ben

“For the past couple of days our class has been reading this book called “If the World Were a Village”. When we read it, it blew our MINDS! So it is easier to imagine, let’s say that a village had 100 people, and 31 sheep and goats, 23 cows, oxen and bulls, 15 pigs, 3 camels, 2 horses and 250 chickens. Did you know that in REAL life there are more chickens than PEOPLE? The book told us that a quarter of the people are probably starving right now. So that would mean in the village there would be 34 people that would be hungry and 18 people that would starve most of the time. In the real world there are 7 000 000 000 people. Now THAT’S hard to believe.” ~Tommy

“Do YOU have enough food to eat? You probably do! But, over half the world does NOT, sadly. Even though you may think they don’t have enough to eat because there is not enough food to go around … you’re WRONG! There IS enough food to go around. In fact, there is more than enough food to feed people. It is just that people don’t choose to share it. Some of them even think they’re more important than others. But, everyone is equally important!” ~Ella

“Did you know that there are more chickens in the world than people? Some people in this world don’t have enough to eat. Some people share their food.” ~Zubayda & Cemre

“In our global village there is enough food for everyone. But … it is not shared equally! There are 21 sheep and goats, 23 cows, bulls and oxen, 15 pigs, 3 camels, 2 horses and 250 chickens!!! That’s right … there are MORE chickens than people in this world! One of the ways we can help is you can give some food to other people like we did with the Veteran’s Food Bank. How would YOU make it right?” ~Christopher & Dimitri

“If there were 100 people in a village over 50 people would be hungry. There are 250 chickens, 15 pigs, 3 camels, 31 sheep, 23 cows, bulls and ox. There are 322 animals in the village. There is enough food to go around. Everyone should have 2 chickens. Each and every person should have food! 20 people would have 3 chickens.” ~Danny & Tyler

“If I were to share food by sending it to someone who does not have food, I would make a food plane. Will YOU help? Did you know that there are more chickens in the world than people?!? You can make a difference … anywhere! There are 100 people and 250 chickens in the global village in a book we read. It explains and uses a smaller amount of people so it’s easier to understand, and we get it. The world really has 7 billion people in it. Some of the people always have enough to eat, and some of us are either so hungry or sometimes starving. How can you help?” ~Chelsea & Rayann

“Do you know what the world would be like if it was a village? Well we’ll tell you. If there is 100 people in the village, like the book, how many animals are in the village? Answer: 31 sheep and goats, 23 cows, bulls and oxen, 15 pigs, 3 camels, 2 horses, and 250 chickens. What animals would you like? I would like oxen, sheep, goats and bulls. In the village, 1/3 of the people have enough and the rest don’t have enough to eat. It’s not fair that people get more food than others in the village.” ~Elijah & Amro

We decided to take matters into our OWN hands to make these numbers even MORE manageable within our class of 25. That meant that we had to divide 100 by 4 to get to 25.

Wow … it was SHOCKING to discover that only 7 in our class would ALWAYS have enough or MORE than they need to eat.

And even MORE shocking to discover:

Two THIRDS of our classmates would not have enough to eat … living in a village with enough food for all. THAT is why our FACES look so sad. 🙁

This ALSO meant that we would have to divide the number of ANIMALS in the village of 100 to represent what we would have in a village of 25. Gulp. This was a TON of work!

If you divide 31 sheep and goats by 4 … hmm … what do you get?
Well … that’s 7 and a bit. Hmm … can you DIVIDE a sheep or a goat? That MIGHT not be a good idea … so … let’s round UP!

Although we had to round some of our animal numbers UP to get a FULL animal … we quickly realized that this may not LOOK like such a “big deal” only adding a 1/4 or a 1/2 of an animal … UNTIL we did the MATH:

Rounding UP shouldn’t be a problem … SHOULD it?
Well … maybe NOT such a good idea when you remember our village of 25 represents 7 BILLION … a TRUE statistical mathematician would SHUDDER!

Thanks to one of our very special Battalion Hawk Bloggers, we entered into a “mini” inquiry. What follows are more reflections on this day long adventure into numbers. sorting, equity and sharing:

“Yesterday we talked about “If the World Were a Village” and all of a sudden SMART Mr. Ben came up with a GREAT idea! It took us HOURS to make it. Today we finally finished it! There are 7 sheep and goats, 5 cows, oxen and bulls, 3/4 of a camel, 1/2 a horse, 62 chickens, and 3 3/4 pigs. Because we can’t make 3/4 chickens, 1/2 a horse and 3 3/4 pigs we turned them into 1 camel, 1 horse and 4 pigs. Mr. Ben said that our class would be a village and we could divide the animals. I learned that there is enough food for everyone. But, some people hog all the food so some people don’t have enough to eat. I found out that 1/3 have enough to eat or more than enough to eat. If there are 100 people there will be 250 chickens!” ~James

Thanks to an EAGER Battalion Hawk Blogger … we decided to see if we could fairly divide the animals that would be available in a village of 25 if they were evenly distributed!

“If the World Were a Village” is a book. The book reduces the world’s population of 7 billion people to 100 people on earth. That’s 6 999 999 900 people GONE! Then, from 100, we reduced 100 to 25, the size of our classroom, to make it easier to work with the numbers in our room. There is enough food for everyone in the world but it doesn’t get shared correctly. There are more chickens in the world than humans. In the global village, there are 100 people but there are 250 chickens in the global village! There are more people that are starving than people that are stuffed and have enough to eat and there’s enough to eat for EVERYONE in the global village.” ~AJ

“If there were 100 people in the world more than half of the people would be hungry and less than half of the people would have a lot of food. Today we were sitting on the carpet and we sorted out the 62 chickens, 1 horse, 1 camel, 4 pigs, 3 goats, 1 bull, 2 oxen, 2 cows and 4 sheep. It is not fair that there is enough food to go around for everyone but still some people are starving. The people that have more food than they need should share.” ~Nick & Christopher

“If the people in the village don’t have enough food to live, I would give them food. Some of the people in the village have always enough to eat and some of the people have not enough to eat. If people don’t have enough animals, let’s just say, like if I don’t have enough chickens and the other person has enough …  I could put them together and share the eggs that they lay. Another way is to trade an animal for another animal. In our classroom, Ben said we should print out animals on paper and then roll the dice. Whoever gets the bigger number gets to pick their first choice, but if you have the same highest number … you get to roll again to break the tie.” ~Joyce

We rolled dice to decide fairly which group would select the next animal … until ALL the animals were divided up FAIRLY between the “villagers”!

“Did you ever think about if the world were a village? I don’t get that some people have a TON of food … and they don’t even share!! To tell people what it’s like … we printed off 4 sheep, 3 goats, 2 oxen, 2 cows, 1 bull, 1 camel, 1 horse, 62 chickens and 4 pigs. We sorted them into groups and then rolled the dice. Whoever got the highest number would pick an animal. After everyone got 4 animals, Mrs. Renton passed out the hens. BRRRIIIINNNG! There went the recess bell! After THAT we continued to do “If the World Were a Village”. Mrs. Renton wrote “We ALL have enough to eat!” and “We DON’T have enough to eat!” And, guess what? I didn’t have enough to eat! Then, Mrs. Renton fooled us by saying that everyone had to give THEIR animals to the 7 people who had ENOUGH to eat! You should PLAY this!” ~Rebecca

We KNOW it isn’t as easy as this to make sure that EVERYONE in the world has enough to eat because:

  • not everyone would agree on how to handle it – some people might WANT to be rich and have all the food.
  • there are oceans that separate the people of our global village … and people have different needs.
  • it’s easier for people living together in a village to share their resource and to trade and barter than it is to do this across thousands of miles.

We wonder:

  • how can we ALL work together to ensure that the people in our global village have enough to eat?


25 Responses to Let There be FOOD for EVERYONE!

  1. Elisa Waingort

    Hello Global Grade 3’s!
    I love David Smith’s book. I’m glad there is a second edition though I haven’t read it, yet.
    You ask a very important question (how can we make sure that everyone has enough to eat) and you recognize a very important problem (greed). To change this situation would take a change in people’s mindset and a willingness to give up some of what you have to give to others that don’t have enough. But I think the solution isn’t to just give a little of what you have to charity, for example. I think a real sustainable change is going to mean an overhaul, of sorts, in the way people think and the way we use the resources that we have. Governments, with the support and demand for change from people, need to lead the way. We need to recognize that one single injustice is unacceptable and then we need to do something to change that. I have a lot of other thoughts on this but I would love to hear what you think, too.
    PS Stay warm!

    • The Battalion Hawk Bloggers

      Hi Elisa!

      Thank you for your amazing comment, Elisa! We think it’s cool that you follow each and every one of our posts and leave comments for us to think about and learn from too! We read the “updated” version of David Smith’s book. We really LOVE his book. The pictures are beautiful and it also shows us how the world would look with smaller numbers. 7 billion is SUCH a HUGE number that even our TEACHER has a tough time visualizing that … so we LOVE how David Smith takes this number down to 100. Speaking of David Smith, he just left a COMMENT for us TOO! We feel PRETTY lucky! 🙂

      Our school library JUST got the second edition of “If the World Were a Village”. We haven’t read it yet … but we WILL!!! We CAN’T wait to see what the CHANGES are in it!

      We think that if EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US, that COULD help, made the decision to help by giving and sharing our food it could make a difference … kind of like Ordinary Mary’s Extraordinary Deed. But, you are right … sometimes we all just get so busy living our lives that we just don’t think about it. We think this can happen especially when you are living in a place where you DON’T see the poverty all the time. Maybe if we saw this more often we would always be aware. That’s why it’s SO important for us to learn about others in the world. When we learn about the lives others lead it helps us to build awareness and compassion and generosity with our fellow “villagers”. We are ALL global citizens and it is up to each and every one of us to make the world a better place. We can each do OUR part … but imagine what we could do if we ALL worked TOGETHER? 🙂

      Thank you, Elisa!

      The Battalion Hawk Bloggers 🙂

      PS We will stay warm … if YOU stay COOL! 😉

  2. Ross Mannell

    Hello Battalion Hawk Bloggers,

    As happens on reading one of your detailed posts, you again started me thinking in many directions. You know when that happens, my mind goes in all sorts of directions to long to add here so here is the latest “Extended Comments for Students” post with my comment for all of you…

    Thanks for again making me think about the world and what we can all do if we worlked together.

    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

    • The Battalion Hawk Bloggers

      Hi Ross!

      It’s GREAT to receive another extended comment from you! We LOVE it when our posts start your mind a-thinking! We are sorry it took us so long to write back … we are FINALLY getting caught up! We have promised ourselves to be COMPLETELY caught up before we head off for Winter Break!

      Your video was VERY inspiring … we LOVED it! We really liked how it went from the individual to the family, to the class, to the school, to the community, to the town, to the nation, to the planet and then out even further into the great beyond! We LOVED how you said “Are we not a small community amongst the stars?” When you look at earth THIS way it really shows that we should really stick together … the earth IS a village.

      Ross … 68 generations? We can’t even BEGIN to think about that kind of math. How long did it TAKE you to work through your family forest to find THAT huge number. That’s even BIGGER than the current world population! Ouch. Our brains hurt just THINKING about it!!! 😉 Wow. Ross … you must be an AWESOME mathematician TOO!

      You are right, Ross. Part of the reason many people don’t think about helping is because we don’t see these people suffering through droughts, famine and war. It isn’t a part of our everyday lives. That is why it is SO important for us to learn about our world! If we saw our neighbours on the streets starving we would help them. We couldn’t let that happen. We agree with you that we need to help and giving animals that people can keep alive, like chickens and cows to provide food like eggs and milk and NEW animals, is very important. That’s about helping to build capacity too. We are doing a little learning about this as well. We think the way we should do it is to teach people and show them how to be independent … with support … so that they don’t wait for other people in the global village to send food. It is about helping, when needed, teaching and sharing what they need to become independent.

      We really love your quote: “One world, one village, one family … Together, hand in hand, we can achieve great things.” It is really POWERFUL because we should ALL be in this TOGETHER. It is OUR world, and none of us should be left out.

      Thank you, again, for another great extended comment. If we ALL work together … IMAGINE the possibilities!

      The Battalion Hawk Bloggers 🙂

    • Ross Mannell

      Hello Battalion Hawk Bloggers,

      Like you, I can fall behind in commenting, especially when times can be busy. Now school posts have calmed down, I am almost up to date so the last 3 comments for you will finish off the backlog. 🙂

      One small secret in the video clip I made for you… In the first photo on the clip, I am the baby on the right. The other boy is my older brother and the dog was called Topsy. While our dog is long gone, my older brother is a linguistics lecturer and researcher at a university. Of course, you know me through blogging. 🙂

      I can’t claim responsibility for all of the research into my history. Two uncles spent much of their lives researching family history. A cousin continued the research after inheriting material from her father, my uncle. She went on to produce a book for the family. It contains hundreds of pages looking into the past. The problem is, the further back in time you go, the less reliable records can be. There are many links to kings, queens, dukes, emperors, knights, lords, etc in my family past as there would be for all of you. The 68 generations I gave as an example takes me back to emperors of Rome.

      The maths wasn’t too bad. All you have to do is double for each generation. You can do this manually but, being the nerdy type of guy, I have a way you can do the calculation more easily using a spreadsheet if you have Excel.

      Click on one of the cells in a spreadsheet and type the following…

      When you hit enter, it will give the answer 1024. What that means is 2x2x2x2x2x2x2x2x2x2 and that is 1024. What it says to me is 2 to the power of 10.

      For 68 generations…

      This will give the answer something like…

      The E+20 tells me there are twenty whole number places before the 2 so this means the number above is…


      This is close to the 300,000,000,000,000,000,000 I gave in the post.

      Does that blow your mathematical minds? 🙂

      …back to the real world of commenting.

      One of the big advantages of our connected world of today is the ability for large numbers of people to become aware. The world is waking up to the idea this is one world. With awareness can come concern, with concern can come the will to improve.

      There is an old proverb (Chinese I think). It says…
      “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

      I think this old proverb is exactly what you have realised. We can feed people but it is far better to help them learn how to feed themselves and give them the help they need to do so.


      • The Battalion Hawk Bloggers

        Hi Ross!

        Happy New Year! We were SO excited to see your video … when we got back from holidays it was sitting in Mrs. Renton’s mailbox. When she showed us the DVD we wanted to watch it RIGHT away. Just by looking at the COVER it looked SO professional … just like some of our STORE bought DVDs! We voted to watch it that afternoon! The video of the Wizard of Oz looked like it was a PROFESSIONAL movie! We didn’t see very many children in the play so … you are right … the Candelo Public School must be very small. We thought that MAYBE there were about 70 students in all!

        They did an EXCELLENT job of acting out the story. Some of us thought it was hilarious when the scarecrow tried to move the lion off the stage … several of us burst out laughing, including Mrs. Renton! We also really loved when the witch was melting and shrieking and disappearing! The WHOLE presentation was SO good!

        We thought that when they were thanking the actors and the teachers that they missed out by not publicly saying thank you to YOU for all YOUR hard work. We know they would be very, very grateful for all your hard work. We liked seeing your name when it said “filmed by Ross Mannell”! We think you are a TRUE professional film maker!
        Not very many of us have families that we know of who have done this kind of family tree research you’ve shared with us. It would be SO much work. Your calculations really DID blow our mathematical minds … even though some of us are very passionate about math … those calculations were VERY complex! Gulp! We think you are a man of MANY talents! 😉

        We have decided that we have to go back to the video you made for us to search for the picture of you as a baby, your brother and your dog Topsy! We are excited to find you and we love that you shared that little secret with us!

        We are very grateful to the Candelo school for letting you send the DVD to us and we are SO glad that you sent it to us because you knew that we would enjoy it! Please let the Candelo school know HOW much we LOVED their performance! Thank you SO much, Ross! Happy New Year!

        The Battalion Hawk Bloggers 🙂

        • Ross Mannell

          Hello Battalion Hawk Bloggers,

          Happy New Year to all of you. 🙂

          I spent the Christmas/New Year period scanning old photos, negatives and slides and creating digital copies of old video recordings. While nowhere near complete, it has been a great process rediscovering old photos and videos. The first I photos had taken didn’t start until about 1965 but there were photos going back to the 1930s and 40s. The videos go back to 1982 when I first started using a video camera of my own. This was a journey back in time and has so far added another 1000 to 2000 photos to my iPhoto collection and expanded my digital video library. I hope to be able to use some of them as resources for blog posts in the future.

          I am glad you enjoyed Candelo Public School’s play. I’ll pass on your complement when they start their new school year at the end of the month. I think they liked the idea of their play going international. I am not certain of the exact number but your estimate of the Candelo School population would be close. I think there are 70 to 80 students. 🙂

          The Scarecrow’s problem with Lion was a play highlight, especially when he had to pull up his pants just a little. Tin Man had a much easier time with Dorothy. I wonder if they will get to see the upcoming film “Oz The Great and Powerful” due for release this year? I think this is the first to show how the Wizard of Oz arrived.

          When they publicly thanked all those involved, they did include me but I edited it out as I needed to save a little time in making everything fit (besides, I couldn’t turn the camera on myself). The “filmed by Ross Mannell” was from their program. I normally write “DVD Production: Ross Mannell”.

          Families and histories… I was fortunate to have relatives who have dedicated so much time in trying to track the family back through time. It’s what helped me decide going back in time shows we must all be in one huge family otherwise the numbers don’t make sense. The maths was interesting for me.

          Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

  3. larissa

    Hello grade three bloggers,

    Great blog post! I noticed that the people that had food were fewer then the people that diden’t have enough, also those 2 photos stood out to me. I loved the video of the 100 villagers it shows that we need to help those people in need,and that reminds me when my church went out to downtown and made lunches and then handed them out to the homeless. Hope you have a good day!


    • The Battalion Hawk Bloggers

      Hi Larissa!

      Thanks for the fantastic comment, Larissa. It makes us feel great to know that last year’s bloggers keep checking back!

      Have you ever read the book “If the World Were a Village” by David J Smith? It feels sad to know that there are fewer people who do have enough food than not. If you haven’t read it, we recommend it because it is a GREAT book! Did you know that there is an updated version? It was updated for 2011. We haven’t read it yet, but it is on our list of things to do BEFORE we reply back to David J Smith!

      We like the video too because it tells us about some of the world’s languages and how to say hello in each of the most common languages spoken in the world! Mrs. Renton thought it was funny how the CHICKEN showed up at the END of the video … since the book taught us that there are MORE chickens than PEOPLE living on earth. We thought it was funny too!

      While none of us have ever gone downtown to make lunches to hand out for the homeless, we have worked hard to bring in donations for the Veteran’s Food Bank this year. We collected at Remembrance Day and at each of our Winter Celebration concerts last week. It is VERY generous that you went downtown to make sandwiches and then handed them out to the homeless. It makes our hearts swell to know that people do that. Two of us have gone to the Drop-In Centre to serve Christmas dinner. It made us feel really good to know that we were making a difference.

      Keep checking back! We LOVE that last year’s bloggers leave comments for us!!! We will be publishing a new post right before we leave for the Winter Break!

      The Battalion Hawk Bloggers 🙂

  4. David J Smith

    I’m delighted to see the excitement and thoughtful process around my book. Teachers can contact me through the “email me” links on my website, Maybe you’d like to talk about an author visit? And yes, take a look at the second edition — the data has been updated 18 times since the book was first published, and the second edition has some new content as well.
    All the best,
    David Smith

    • The Battalion Hawk Bloggers

      Hi David!

      Thank you for your great comment. It makes us feel SO awesome that you left a comment for us on our blog! We think it is SO cool that an author checked out our blog!

      We really liked your book and we had a LOT of fun reading it and doing the math to take it down even FURTHER to 25 kids. It was also a lot of fun trying to share the animals evenly within the classroom.

      We read your updated version and didn’t even know there was a SECOND edition! We were SO excited to have our librarian drop by with it the other day.

      We just read the section on food this morning. Wow … HOW did it go from 250 chickens in a village of 100 to 700 chickens just nine years later … but … all the other animals didn’t shrink or grow in number when divided to fit into a village of 100 people? We are AMAZED by that!!! That means, if we do the MATH right … there are 175 chickens in a village of 25 people. We wonder why the chicken population is increasing so rapidly!

      Mrs. Renton told us that you have a new book called This Child, Every Child. She is going to buy it over the Christmas holidays so that we can explore it when we get back to school in January because we have been learning and writing about the rights of the child as well. We wrote a blog post about it:

      She showed us a youtube video about how you came up with your idea for the book “If the World Were a Village”. We thought it was SO neat that you came up with the idea because of a question one of your students asked you! We think our readers would LOVE to watch the video too because it shows how great ideas can come from just a simple question!

      Thank you, David, for leaving a comment on our Global Grade 3 blog. It was VERY exciting for us to see that you had visited us and cared enough to share your thoughts.

      The Battalion Hawk Bloggers 🙂

  5. AJ


    Today was SOOOOOOO exiting!!! (The sea train opens… TODAY!!) (And I went on it. 🙂 😉 ) At first, it was so roomy. Then, people got off. (EVEN MORE ROOMIER!!!!!!) We stopped at Down-town/Kerby. (WEIRD.) My mom, my dad, and I waited 6 minutes. SIX WHOLE MINUTES IN THE COLD!!!! (At least it was better than 66 minutes!) (At least somebody was giving people hot cocoa.) (My tounge STILL hurts.) (Because I burnt my taste buds.) The ride back was CHAOS!!!! Almost the whole ride back was PACKED!!!! And I don’t mean 1 person. I mean like 2000 PEOPLE!!!! (Just kidding 🙂 😉 !)

    AJ 🙂 😉

    • Laurie Renton

      AJ, I think it’s WONDERFUL that you and your family took the C-Train today because, not only is it the FIRST day RUNNING, it will help to save our ENVIRONMENT too! It will cut down on car pollution … which is better for the EARTH! Isn’t it WONDERFUL that someone was giving out hot chocolate? Was it to celebrate the first day of the C-Train? It sounds like you had an EXCITING adventure with your family AND made a kind decision for the earth TOO! Bravo!

      Mrs. Renton 🙂

      PS When you leave your symbols to make a happy or winky face make sure to leave a space between each of the “groupings” so that it will work for you. If you don’t leave spaces, it will just end up looking like this (:);))

      so … do this:
      🙂 (keyboard space) 😉 (keyboard space + whatever other punctuation you were going to include)

      Don’t worry … I edited for you!!! 😉

  6. Joyce

    Hi Mrs. Renton and class,

    I sure think that your comments are getting fantastic! I love to do comments, but it is just I don’t have enough time to do them.

    • Laurie Renton

      Hi Joyce!

      I am glad that you are enjoying the comments on the blog – they take a lot of work, but it is sure worth it! I know that you are very busy and I am grateful that you leave comments once in a while! What is your FAVOURITE part of the blog?

      Mrs. Renton 🙂

  7. Joyce

    Hi Mrs. Renton,

    My favourite part of the blog is when you put your post on the blog. Also, I can communicate with my classmates or even the world. On the blog, I noticed the screen is starting to snow. I think it fits on a Christmas season. I love when it is Christmas! Merry Christmas!!! On my weekend I went to my music class. I have to perform in front of the class and their parents. What is your favourite part of the blog? Please reply soon. Bye!

    Your truly Joyce

    • Laurie Renton

      Hi Joyce!

      You are QUICK! I just ADDED the snowflakes yesterday – when I saw it as an option for our WordPress I thought it would be PERFECT for this time of year. It’s kind of fun to see snow falling outside AND on the blog!

      Hmm. You asked a VERY hard question, Joyce! I have SO many things I love about this blog:

      – I am excited EVERY time we publish a new post … just like you!
      – I love the revolver map and seeing who is “checking us out”!
      – The flag counter is exciting TOO because every time we get a new flag, I can click on it and learn more about that country … often I am discovering stuff about countries I don’t know much or ANYTHING about!
      – When I see a new comment left behind by one of our Battalion Hawk Bloggers, or last year’s Grade Three Bloggers, or one of our readers … I am OVER the moon!
      – I love the writing that we do for an authentic audience, the mental math we do when we tally how many new hits we’ve had since the last time we checked, and the incredible learning we do about and WITH the world!
      – I love how we have somehow made the world smaller by connecting with people around the globe.

      Gosh … it would be SO hard for me to choose my favourite part. Can I just say that my favourite part of the blog is HAVING one? Hee hee hee! That way, EVERYTHING is included!

      I am proud of you for performing in front of your classmates and their parents during your music recital! When I played piano, at your age, I used to do the same thing. It wasn’t easy for me, because I was VERY shy, but I did it and had fun! You will have to tell us ALL about it on Monday, Joyce!

      Thank you for leaving SUCH a great comment, kiddo!

      Mrs. Renton 🙂

  8. Zack

    Hello grade 3 bloggers.

    This is amazing blog post. All of you had a lot of juicy words I was into it. Keep on doing the awesome work global grade 3s.


    • The Battalion Hawk Bloggers

      Hi Zack!

      We are THRILLED to see that you are still following the blog! It makes us feel GREAT to know that you still enjoy checking out our blogging adventures! We are glad that you can see that we are working hard on juicy descriptive words! We wonder what YOU liked best about blogging last year!

      The Battalion Hawk Bloggers 🙂

  9. Ella

    Hello class and Miss Renton,

    I think that we as a class are great at blogging! I have always wanted to just leave my own comment on the blog except whenever I try I am too busy and can’t finish or I don’t remember how! YAY! I just saw that there are only 7 more days till Christmas! Speaking of Christmas I do not know what to get my brother Spencer for Christmas. He is 5 years old. Any suggestions?

    Bye! Your classmate Ella

    PS Have a WONDERFUL day!

    • Laurie Renton

      Hi Ella!

      What a LOVELY surprise to see your comment tonight after dinner! I am SO thrilled that you managed to find the time to leave one. Did you share our exciting news with your family tonight? Did you check the link to the interview together? I am SO excited about the possibility of Skyping with David J. Smith!

      Oh my goodness. I am not READY for Christmas, yet! We have TOO much to DO as a class! I vote for NO holidays!!! 😉

      Tomorrow we will have to have a chat with your classmates to see if THEY can help you come up with some awesome ideas for Spencer for Christmas!

      Mrs. Renton 🙂

  10. Eric

    Hola, Ni Hao!
    Hello, global grade three, that was just how you say hello in Chinese and Spanish, I think! So, at our or school, we have boxes all around! Placed by our leadership people. These boxes are for food donations. You are able to donate caned goods, and others. There are some challenges that we have to try doing:
    Challenge 1:
    Fill the boxes 3/4 high, which we have done!
    Challenge 2:
    Make a sculpture with the goods,
    Challenge 3:
    Fill the box to the rim.
    We have finished some of them! But not all! Did you do any completions to do with your donations? I hoped you did, and you can also use our schools idea!


    P.S I finally have a blog influesnsed from you guys! Thx!
    P.S I am going to Hawaii! First time! 🙂 🙂

    • The Battalion Hawk Bloggers

      Hi Eric!

      It was VERY exciting to see your comment! It makes us feel good to know that you are still checking back with us! We love the way you wrote hello in Chinese AND in Spanish!

      We have boxes all over the school too, Eric! How COOL is THAT? When people came to our Winter Concert we asked them to make a donation to the Veteran’s Food Bank, if they would like to. We bet that you had a TON of fun with the challenges your leadership club gave to you … especially the sculpture on! We would LOVE to see pictures of the sculptures – will they be uploaded onto your school’s website?

      Oh my GOODNESS … you have your own BLOG now? Eric … it makes us feel FANTASTIC to know that the Global Grade 3 blog inspired you to begin blogging yourself! What do you blog about? Will you share the link with Mrs. Renton? If you are brave enough … you could share the link with US too! That is SO exciting!

      We can’t wait to hear all about Hawaii … going for the very FIRST time … it will be an AMAZING adventure! We wonder if you will find any fossils or magnetic sand or lava! Ross tells us that you can find pumice in the MOST unusual spots as well! Have an AWESOME holiday, Eric! Thanks for continuing to read about our adventures!

      The Battalion Hawk Bloggers 🙂

  11. Ella's Grandma

    Ella shared your blog with me , I really enjoyed it. I am looking forward to checking it often. Ella’s Grandma Marilyn from Sask.

    • The Battalion Hawk Bloggers

      Hi Marilyn!

      Thank you for leaving a comment on our blog! We really like when we get to share our blog with our families. We feel blessed that you want to check the blog often! It might take us a while to get back into routines after the wonderful two week holiday we’ve just come back from … but … we will come up with a new and exciting blog post in the next couple of weeks.

      The Battalion Hawk Bloggers 🙂

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