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World Kindness Week

Posted by on November 15, 2012

Three things in human life are important. The first is to be kind. The second is to be kind. And the third is to be kind.

~Henry James

Hear ye! Hear ye! It’s World Kindness Week! Yup – from November 17th to the 20th, people all OVER the world are finding special ways to be KIND to one another! It makes our HEARTS sing to think that our world is working together as ONE to bring kindness to everyone they meet!

One way that WE celebrated World Kindness Week was by reading a VERY inspirational book entitled Ordinary Mary’s Extraordinary Deed by Emily Pearson!

We read it together as a class, but it was SO good that MANY of us had to REread it! Now THAT is a book worth getting your HANDS on!

The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit.

~Nelson Henderson

After reading the book and having a VERY entertaining and DEEP conversation about what it means to be KIND, we took some time to reflect personally:

“What is KINDNESS? Kindness is something like niceness and helpfulness! People can be kind for NO reward but some people want rewards! Some people help out for one or MORE reasons like:

  • to be kind
  • to help out
  • to make the world a better place

We should give food and water to the homeless WITHOUT a reward. Everybody should be kind no matter WHAT!!! No one can FORCE you to be kind, but it is the RIGHT thing!!!” ~ Christopher

Kindness can be as SIMPLE as showing initiative and cleaning up the classroom mess on your OWN, withOUT being asked, after a REALLY cool ART lesson!

“If there was no kindness then there wouldn’t be anybody to help you when  you got a broken bone. For example, in football, if you got injured there wouldn’t be treatment. Did you know that it’s Kindness Week? Wait! Maybe you DIDN’T! We will tell you about it! Kindness week is important because that’s when everybody is kind to each other. We think that kindness should be EVERY week. Kindness can CHANGE the WORLD because kindness can change PEOPLE!” ~Amro & Elijah

“We like to think that kindness stands for … well … we will SHOW you, not TELL you:

  • kindness is everywhere
  • intelligence to be nice to people
  • not to be a bully
  • don’t hurt anybody
  • never beat up anyone
  • even though some people punch, don’t hurt them back
  • say sorry if you are mean
  • save the peace

That’s what we think kindness is. When you think of the most popular celebrations you think of Christmas or Easter or Hallowe’en but … one of the MOST important ones is World Kindness Week. We think that World Kindness Week should be EVERY week. Do you?” ~Ben, Danny & Tommy

“You should be kind to people. Being kind is very important because if you are not kind then no one will be kind to you. You should read Ordinary Mary’s Extraordinary Deed. You should REALLY read it. You should be nice even when the week is OVER! Do you know what World Kindness Week is? It is a week where we have to be kind. Kindness is IMPORTANT!” ~Tyler & Nick

“This week is Kindness Week. That means you will see a lot of people being kind to each other. Kindness is very important because if you drop a pencil box and the inside of the pencil box is full of pencils crayons and stuff like Dimitri did and nobody helps pick it up with you … and you have to pick it up all by yourself … you will be sad. You don’t need money to help other people.” ~James

It’s EASY to be kind … and it doesn’t have to COST anything! If someone needs HELP … be AT their SIDE! Being kind has a way of making you feel SO good deep inside!

“It’s World Kindness Week! What? If you don’t know what I’m talking about … I’ll tell you. World Kindness Week is like Ordinary Mary’s Extraordinary Deed book. Ordinary Mary changed the world in 15 days! Mrs. Renton thought it was BIZARRE! To make the world a better place … I think we should ALL help people, just like Ordinary Mary gave Mrs. Bishop blueberries … and she made muffins to give to the mailman and he felt so happy that HE helped 5 people and it kept on going! See?!? We can ALL read Ordinary Mary’s Extraordinary Deed … we can ALL see how important it is to be respectful and kind to others!” ~Rebecca

“World kindness is a week when everybody helps people out. Did you know that if everyone helped out, the world could be a better place for EVERYONE? World Kindness Week is VERY important because if no one was nice to each other that would be a TERRIBLE sight. World Kindness Week should make the world a BETTER place. Maybe World Kindness Week should be 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, or 11 weeks. Maybe it should even be MONTHS or even YEARS!!! I think Kindness Week should be EVERY day!” ~Chelsea

Taking time out of our busy day to help the Kindergarten teacher and the Health Nurse teach our K Buddies the importance of proper handwashing made us feel SO good! A simple kindness makes EVERYONE feel good!

“This is Kindness Week. Kindness is something you should have in your heart ALWAYS! Kindness week lasts from November 17th to the 20th. But, we should still ALWAYS try to be kind to others! In a book that we read called Ordinary Mary’s Extraordinary Deed, it talks about people helping others and eventually the whole WORLD gets help! It’s a GREAT book! I recommend it! It only takes ONE person to make the whole WORLD happy!” ~Ella

“Kindness is when someone does something really nice to you and if we do that over and over again we can make the WORLD a better place! Kindness MOST of the time MAKES people’s day! What do you think kindness is? Kindness can make someone who is REALLY grumpy HAPPY! I like kindness because people turn from grumpy to NOT grumpy. Kindness can make others be kind to others.” ~Davis

Showing kindness can be as SIMPLE as offering to help someone out without being asked … or doing something COMPLETELY unexpected like Ross Mannell did when he sent us our AMAZING care package FULL of Australian treasures!

“Kindness is important because it makes someone smile every day and that person will maybe do the same to others and will help someone else make their day. You can do this by helping someone do stuff or by giving someone a gift. Not just gifts and money … you can also say something NICE to others. If you see a stranger that is homeless, first if you want to give some food to a stranger, DON’T … only do it with a parent because that stranger you don’t KNOW and you need to be safe. So be safe and also have FUN a little bit like the example of the Veteran’s Food Bank where some of our classmates gave food to the Veterans.” ~Joyce

“This is Kindness Week. Kindness is something you should have ALWAYS. Kindness week is from the 17th to the 20th and we should ALL be kind in that period of time! How would you feel if you had been helped? I would feel VERY good! Have YOU read Ordinary Mary’s Extraordinary Deed? It’s a GREAT book. It talks about how ONE girl made a BIG difference. You should ALWAYS remember to be kind because if you aren’t very nice you COULD lose one of your BEST friends. TRUST me … I have done it BEFORE! So … we can ALL make a good deed. Every step you TAKE you can do a good deed!” ~Jayden

“We read Ordinary Mary’s Extraordinary Deed. It’s about being kind to others. If you are kind to others they might pass it on. There is a book called How Full is Your Bucket? It is about a kid that is having a bad day. Then, people started to fill his bucket. He fills OTHER people’s buckets. When he was being nice to people, his bucket fills up TOO!” ~Constantine & Tre

WE showed kindness by telling our PARTNER about Ordinary Mary because she wasn’t with us when we read it as a class! We wanted her to enjoy the book as much as WE did!

“When you see someone that is poor, ask your parents if you can give money and other things. You should not just do kind things on kindness week … you should do it EVERY day. We read a book that’s called Ordinary Mary’s Extraordinary Deed. It was about a girl named Mary who made the world a better place by picking berries and giving them to her neighbour. Her neighbour didn’t know who they were from so she made the berries into blueberry muffins and gave them to five people she thought it might have been. We can help the world by being kind and by being the best FOR the world. You know what could HAPPEN if you do kind things to others! So, try your BEST to help the world. Be friendly to others. Be helpful to others and kind!” ~Rayann, Zubayda & Cemre

WE showed kindness today by offering to write replies to our AWESOME blog readers … instead of going to gym … to help Mrs. Renton get caught up on our BLOG! She was VERY appreciative … I think we MADE her DAY!

“World Kindness Week, November 17th to the 20th, is when people are supposed to be nice and kind to other people. A book that is PERFECT for W.K.W. (World Kindness Week), is Ordinary Mary’s Extraordinary Deed. Have you heard of it? It’s great! The book is like a chain reaction. Mary is nice to one person. That one person is nice to FIVE people. The five people are each nice to FIVE MORE people, and so on and so forth. Soon, it goes all the way BACK to MARY. The total people that were nice were: 6 103 515 625! That was the population in 2002!!! That was a year after my BROTHER was born. BUT, the population has gone up by a BILLION!!! After all, that is a LOT! Did you know that every 3 seconds one person dies while every ONE second three people are BORN? It’s WEIRD!” ~AJ

We ALL agree … World Kindness Week is a VERY special week. But, we ALL think that world kindness should happen EVERY day. IMAGINE the possibilities!

Well, there you HAVE it! We hope you rush RIGHT out and grab yourselves a COPY of Ordinary Mary’s Extraordinary Deed … and you read it with someone SPECIAL … just like WE did today! TRUST us … they will THANK you! 🙂

We wonder:

  • What will YOU do to make World Kindness Week special?
  • Has anyone done something nice for YOU that was completely unexpected? We’d LOVE to hear ALL about it!


6 Responses to World Kindness Week

  1. Kim

    Thank you so much for this post! I had no idea that this week was World Kindness Week. I have been wanting to introduce random acts of kindness to my boys for a while now and this is the perfect excuse. I look forward to hearing their ideas about what we should do and think it will be so uplifting for us to do them together!

    • The Battalion Hawk Bloggers

      Hi Kim!

      Thank you for your great comment and for your patience as we reply back to you! Sorry it took us such a long time to reply … we are really backed up! We didn’t even know there was such a THING as world kindness week, but, we are thrilled that there is one! We think Random Acts of Kindness are very, very important because it lifts the spirits of others and it makes YOU feel good TOO! Kindness doesn’t have to cost money – there are SO many EASY ways to be kind to others:

      – you can SMILE at someone … and sometimes that will MAKE their day!
      – you can offer to do the dishes and clean up after dinner!
      – you can shovel your neighbour’s sidewalk without them knowing or asking!
      – you can give someone your shopping cart without asking for the quarter or the loonie back!
      – you could hold the door open for someone!
      – if someone can’t find the loonie in their purse for a shopping cart, you could just GIVE them one!
      – if someone drops something you could pick it up to help out!
      – if someone scrapes their knee, you can help them!

      We think you should read a book called Have You Filled a Bucket Today … we are going to read it as a class and it is FULL of great ideas for kindness!

      The Battalion Hawk Bloggers 🙂

  2. Daytime Grandma

    Grandpa and I have been enjoying the many blogposts that you have done. We find that we, too, always learn from your wonderful comments. I certainly didn’t know that Remembrance Day is the date that marked the end of World War 1. Nor had we heard of World Kindness Week – or Ordinary Mary!! For our Christmas Book Club meeting, each member of the club is going to bring a childrens’ book to give to the S.O.S – an organization here that helps familys in need. I am going to try to find the book “Ordinary Mary’s Extraordinary Deed” as my contribution! And in answer to your question on something nice that someone did for me – I was in the grocery store last week with my arms weighted down with more that I could comfortably carry. A lady with a shopping cart came over to me and said “here – I think you need this cart.” She gave it to me and then went back to get herself another one! I thought that was such a great “random act of kindness” and it made me realize just how much another person’s kindness can mean.

    • The Battalion Hawk Bloggers

      Hi Daytime Grandma!

      Thank you very much for telling us how much you like our blog posts. It makes us feel good. Sorry we took such a long time to reply. We are really backed up. We think it is very important to answer each comment left by our readers … sometimes it just takes us a while to get caught up again! We think that’s a GREAT idea to bring books to the S.O.S. foundation. If we were kids in need, we would LOVE to receive books! We wonder what S.O.S. stands for … can you tell us? Can people donate chapter books AND picture books? We are very glad that you ordered Ordinary Mary’s Extraordinary Deed … it feels good that someone trusts us that much with our recommendations! Have you read Have You Filled A Bucket Today, by Carol McCloud? We think it might be ANOTHER good book for you to donate NEXT year … it has won 9 AWARDS! We all think it’s very generous that the lady gave you the shopping cart. It’s good that people are being kind … not just on World Kindness Week!

      The Battalion Hawk Bloggers 🙂

  3. Rebecca

    Hi Mrs.Renton!

    Ordinary Mary was SUCH a good book! I never new that ONE little girl could change the world in 15 days!;) Did you know that before I was at Battalion Park I NEVER knew what World Kindness Week was,OR,that Remembrance Day is the day World War 1 ended?
    I’ve learned SO much!;)



    • Laurie Renton

      Hi Rebecca!

      I know … Ordinary Mary’s Extraordinary Deed is one of my MOST favourite picture books – it is FULL of inspiration! I learn tons each and EVERY year with a new group of students … that’s what I LOVE about teaching! I am GLAD that you are learning tons … me TOO!

      Mrs. Renton 🙂

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