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A FREE Trip to PERU!

Posted by on November 2, 2012

Aeroplane - Thomas Cook

Flickr Creative Commons Photo by Puddy_uk

On Monday, the Global Grade 3s took a FREE trip to Cusco, Peru! It was a QUICK visit … an hour and 15 minutes … but it was worth EVERY second!

Calgary is a LONG way from Cusco Peru!

We know … you MUST be asking yourselves:

  • How in the WORLD did a WHOLE class of Grade Threes AFFORD to fly to Peru … especially since EACH boarding ticket costs around $2000.00? Let’s see … using our MENTAL math skills, 10 students would cost $20000.00. So, 20 students would cost $40000.00 … and five MORE students, (including the teacher … cuz we can’t leave HER behind), would cost an additional $10000.00. ALTOGETHER, that would be about $50000.00. GULP!
  • Did they win the LOTTERY?
  • Did Air Canada offer them free SEATS?

We are QUITE certain that 22 hours on an airplane would have been a challenge for MOST of us … thank GOODNESS for TECHNOLOGY!

Nope to ALL of the above speculations! We did it through the MAGIC of SKYPE! Thank GOODNESS, too, because we don’t think that MANY of us would have been able to SIT for 22 hours on an airplane, no matter HOW desperately we want to see the library in Q’enqo that LAST year’s Grade Threes helped to build!

Our very FIRST Skype with Ashli … she is SO inspiring!

What follows are some of our PERSONAL highlights of this amazing adventure with Ashli:

“Our Skype with Ashli was AWESOME! Wait … you might not know Ashli so we will explain! She works with Mosqoy and she is in Peru right now. She helped build a library in Q’enqo Peru with LAST year’s bloggers!” ~Christopher & Tre

“Today, our class had a Skype with a girl in Cusco Peru. Her name was Ashli. It was AMAZING! We discovered that Cusco citizens have a REALLY fun festival every May 29th … they celebrate it for four days and four nights … NONSTOP! Ashli got to talk to some people in SPANISH … we thought that was REALLY cool! It was SO fun Skyping with Ashli … we missed our first recess, but it was okay!!! Β Ashli talked a little bit about the library with us. All the children are excited to use it. Ashli told us that she was going to be in a festival too!” ~Jayden & Rebecca

“Today we had a Skype with Ashli. Sshe told us a lot about Peruvian people and traditions. Now, the number ONE thing she told us is about the library that the last year grade threes helped to build. Last year’s Grade Threes donated a bunch of money to help build the library. Now, let’s get started telling about the WEAVING they do! It’s amazing how they do all their weaving by hand, because every TEENSY strand of string is made into a thick scarf or shirt or other stuff like that. The main material they use is alpaca wool, natural plants from their country and a needle. The main language is Spanish, but many people speak Quechua and they don’t have an ALPHABET! They only have a bunch of symbols! Huh? Cool! One of the symbols is a hexagon made out of triangles. Now we think Ashli was REALLY kind about Skyping with us!” ~Ella & Rayann

“Guess what WE did today? We got to Skype with someone in Peru! You probably don’t know WHO this person is, but her name is ASHLI! We learned that some Peruvians weave in Peru. The people that weave tell stories with special designs on the fabric they weave. It is AWESOME that we got to Skype with Ashli. She has a scarf that was woven together with bare hands. She told us about some projects we could help her with in Peru … there are SIX choices … we will have to talk about it some more and VOTE!” ~Tommy, Elijah & Danny

“Ashli told us about Cusco Peru. When we started our Skype, Ashli told us there was a parade going on because it was a celebration for the city. Every May 29, they have a festival that goes on for four days straight and four nights straight. We wonder WHY she decided to build a library in Peru!” ~Chris & Tyler

“Today, all of the Grade Three classes got to see Ashli on Skype! It was cool to see Ashli for the first time on Skype and to learn that she had a parade to go to. She went to Peru because she thinks that Peru is poor because some kids in Peru, in order to go to school, they have to go up the mountains and then down again, taking four HOURS to just GET to school! Last year’s Grade Threes donated money to help build a library in Q’enqo Peru! I discovered that on May 29th, they have a parade with people dancing and having fun. She told us a LOT of things!” ~Joyce

“Ashli told us about her work. Ashli told us about some scarves.” ~Cemre & Zubayda

“When we Skyped with Ashli we learned that Lily is a common name in Peru! We also learned that the air there is not that good to breathe in (because of the altitude). We discovered that there was a festival going on for four days and four nights! We learned that there is a story in EACH weaving piece. We heard Ashli speaking in Spanish. It sounded very cool!!!” ~Lauren, Chelsea & Dimitrios

“Cusco … Q’enqo … SO many “Ques” in Peru! We can’t believe that we FINALLY Skyped today!!! Our “pal” while Skyping, was … ASHLI! She gave us a LOT of information while Skyping. Like, festivals and ideas for fundraising! She ALSO told us about WEAVING in Peru. The Peruvian ingredients to weave are: take “alpaca” wool, find a loom, and a needle. You also need to buy/find dead plants to colour your wool! And VOILA! You have the Peruvian ingredients to make Peruvian WEAVINGS! Amazingly, every weaving that the Peruvian people make tells a story! Surprisingly, even though the weavings take two to three weeks, they’re only $15.00 in CANADIAN money!!! It is amazing that there is no written alphabet in Peru, if you speak Quechua. Did you know that Ashli is the FOUNDER of Mosqoy, a non-government organization, that is run by the students from the University of Victoria, British Columbia? Mosqoy is buying the Peruvian weavings and selling them for FAIR prices! After that, they give the money to the Peruvian communities. Ashli started Mosqoy when she was in university!” ~Ben & AJ

“Today Ashli told us that their colours that they use for weaving comes from plants. They make scarves and sweaters. Some are thick and others can be thin. They have special techniques and if they LOSE that their CULTURE is gone. So that means they really NEED that. In Peru, they have a LOT of villages and not a lot of schools. So the schools have to be built in the middle of all of them so most people have to walk four hours to get to school and four hours to get back home. The really HARD part is that most of the teachers don’t even show UP and the children who really WANT to learn CAN’T. They are really sad. Some people in Calgary don’t even WANT to go to school and they have the privilege and the Peruvian people don’t have the privilege. That is sad.” ~Davis

“Today we Skyped with Ashli. We are 100% sure we ALL liked Skyping with Ashli. We learned how they make woven scarves.” ~Constantine & Nick

“Today we got to Skype with Ashli. We are SO excited. It was cool that she wanted to make the wold a better place by helping poor people and by raising money, so she decided to go to Peru. Last year’s Grade Threes and Ashli started making a library in Cusco, and all the students in our school HELPED them to raise money to make the library. Ashli lives by the mountains when she is in Peru. One of the mountains is one of the biggest mountains in the world! Today was a FUN day! ~James

In our NEXT post, we will share some MORE about this Skype with Ashli … there was far TOO much incredible learning to share in just ONE blog post!

We wonder:

  • Do you know anyone who had a passion to make a difference in the world … and set off to DO it?
  • Do you know of any OTHER cultures that share their history through oral stories and through their art like the Quechua people do in their weavings?


6 Responses to A FREE Trip to PERU!

  1. Elisa Waingort

    Dear Global Grade 3’s,
    What an amazing conversation you had with Ashli and what great work she’s doing. I can’t wait to hear about which of the 6 projects you will be taking on. I used to teach in Calgary but this summer my family moved to Quito, Ecuador. Peru is south of us, very close. Much closer than Calgary! I’m looking forward to following your studies this year. Cheers !

    • The Battalion Hawk Bloggers

      Hi Elisa!

      Thank you for leaving such a great comment! Have you EVER gone to Peru? What’s the coolest thing you’ve seen in Ecuador so far? We know that Ecuador is WAY closer to Peru than Calgary! What’s the coldest it’s gotten in Ecuador? The coldest WE’VE seen it get in Calgary is -40 degrees Celcius. Why did you move to Ecuador? We haven’t talked about the 6 projects … yet … but we are excited about our work with Mosqoy this year! We hope you keep checking back!

      The Battalion Hawk Bloggers πŸ™‚

      • Elisa Waingort

        Dear Global Grade 3’s,
        Sorry it took me so long to respond but I had been travelling when you wrote. I am in Las Vegas, NV at the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) annual conference. I am an elected officer and so I need to be here for a whole week to go to meetings and attend the conference. I am super excited today because the keynote speaker this morning is Sir Ken Robinson. I know your teacher has heard of him.

        Anyway, to answer your questions. I have never been to Peru even during the 10 years I lived in Ecuador previously. And, it’s so close that you’d think I would have gone but, no, I never have. Maybe it’s time to put it on my list of travel places.

        The coolest thing I’ve seen in Ecuador has got to be the blue whale watching trip I took with my family this summer. See this YouTube video They really do look like that but much closer. It was a little scary because the boat is small and the ride is very choppy. I can’t tell you how many times our boat jumped up in the air and plopped down hard in the water. My daughter got seasick and we were all a little bit dizzy by the end of the trip but it’s something I wouldn’t have missed! The whales are so beautiful. They can only be seen during the summer months as they make their annual trip from Antarctica.

        The weather in Ecuador varies as we have coast, highlands (mountain region), rainforest, and the Galapagos Islands. The coldest area is the mountain region which is where I live. The daily temperature ranges from 6 degrees to as high as 22. It doesn’t snow in Ecuador but there is a rainy season.

        We moved to Ecuador because that’s where my husband is from and we wanted our son to get to know his grandparents and cousins.

        I really enjoy following your blog!

        • The Battalion Hawk Bloggers

          Hi Elisa!

          Don’t be sorry it has taken you so long to reply … look at US … we’re almost a MONTH behind in replying to you. It has been so busy and we try to reply to each comment in the order it is left. We need LONGER school days. Mrs. Renton thinks that we should come to school over the Winter Holidays … but … we’ve told her we need a holiday!!! πŸ˜‰

          We hope you put Peru on your list too … and, if you DO go, we hope you take a TON of photos and share them with us!

          You must have really enjoyed Las Vegas! Mrs. Renton told us that Sir Ken Robinson is a GREAT speaker. He is coming to Calgary for the Teacher’s Convention in February. He will be the Keynote Speaker. When she saw that … she IMMEDIATELY signed up and even signed up some of her FRIENDS!

          We don’t blame your daughter for getting seasick when you were on your Blue Whale Watching trip … because the water was really choppy looking. We think a LOT of US would have gotten sick TOO! Many of us have seen whales in real life … but many of us have NOT! Those of us who have NOT seen a whale in the wild are feeling VERY jealous! One of us was on a whale watching trip and actually even got sprayed by the whale’s BLOW hole! It looked VERY cold and overcast on your whale watching trip! We are GLAD you SHARED it with us! Are the blue whales you saw meat eaters?

          Elisa … thank you SO much for your awesome comment. We learned a bunch about Ecuador too! Thank you for saying that you enjoy reading our blog … it makes us feel REALLY good!

          The Battalion Hawk Bloggers πŸ™‚

  2. Darleina

    Wow! We loved reading your account of your skype with Ashli. Our grade 3 class would love to know how you found her to skype with and if you know of anyone willing to skype with our class from Peru or maybe from our other countries (India, Ukraine, and Tunisia). Thanks so much for the help! We really enjoyed sharing in your excitement!

    • Laurie Renton

      Hi Darleina.

      What a lovely surprise to see your comment this morning! It is thrilling to know that other students in Alberta are checking out our adventures as well!

      We are happy to hear that you enjoyed our blog about skyping with Ashli. We have been SO fortunate. This is actually our FOURTH year connecting with her … different groups of Grade Threes each year … and our journey because quite accidentally. Our very FIRST blog posts tell the journey of the connection and the amazing opportunity of helping to build a library in Q’enqo Peru. This journey began as a result of our students asking questions and us finding experts to help students find the answers their questions.

      We have been on this amazing learning journey for four years now. Wow. What an adventure. I would suggest you read some of our earlier posts to get a glimpse of how this began: (I wish I knew what happened to the photo links on this particular post … but there are many, many other photos of the journey in each of the posts.)

      Time zones can be a challenge when trying to connect with our other countries. One suggestion would be to try to find some experts in the field who would be interested in connecting with your students to help them further their understanding by answering their “wonders”.

      Good luck, Darleina! Keep us posted!

      Laurie Renton πŸ™‚

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