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Passing the Torch to NEXT Year’s Grade Threes.

Posted by on June 19, 2012

Wow! WHERE has the year gone?  It is HARD to believe that we have six days left together in Grade Three.  We have developed our “roots” and sprouted our “wings”, as Ross has told us!  While we are EXCITED to move on to Grade Four, we know that there will be things that we will MISS about being in Grade Three.  To be the FIRST classroom to pilot a classroom blog for the CBE has been an AMAZING honour … and … an AMAZING journey!

Before we finish out the year … we just HAVE to “pass the torch” to NEXT year’s Grade Three students!  We are EXCITED for them … and we HOPE they love this journey as much as WE have!  Here are our hopes and dreams for the FUTURE Grade Three Bloggers!

“I hope that next year’s Grade Threes get 10000 hits on the blog because they deserve to get DOUBLE what we got!  Probably my MOST favourite part of this miraculous journey was building the awesome library.  Now, all you NEXT year Grade Threes need to do is build capacity and send more BOOKS!” ~Damian

"For YOU, Q'enqo"! We pass the torch on for YOU!

“I have loved doing blog comments and answering them!  I hope that in Q’enqo they get a better playground.  If we pass the torch on to the next Grade Three Bloggers, it doesn’t mean you can’t check ou the blog anymore!  I feel sad and happy, but I am also grateful.  I will miss putting information on our blog and the blog posts about filling buckets.  About passing the torch … I am really happy and sad at the same time!”  ~Rijul

“I hope that the next Grade Three Bloggers will carry as much passion and caring as we do.  Throughout the year I have learned that you’re never too small to make a difference in the world.  What I really loved throughout this Peru journey was making a difference and having a relationship with Q’enqo.  Of course, I will miss this experience with Peru and writing for a global audience.  Passing the torch will be both happy and sad.  The happy part is that we’re passing on a wonderful lifetime experience … but the sad part is that we’re not a part of it any more!”  ~Martin

Woo HOO! Our FIRST steps toward designing and piloting the FIRST CBE classroom BLOG! I wonder what TEMPLATE we should choose? What about the TRAVEL background?

“We hope that the next Grade Threes will raise so much money for books that ALL the shelves will be full and overflowing.  we love to help the people and show the world we care!  We wonder if the future Grade Three Bloggers will even know what a blog IS!  We sure didn’t know what it was at the start!  It is sad doing our last post but, if we stayed in Grade Three, no one ELSE would have a turn to blog in the CBE!”  ~Sophie H and Ava

Who would EVER believe that the old run-down building could become a BEAUTIFUL library like THIS?

“On this journey, we learned that kids CAN make a difference!  For example, a girl raised over $1500.00 with PENNIES! She was a Bucket Filler for cancer research.  We started the Q’enqo Library from a rotten old building and with just a little bit of money.  Then, lots of money came to the volunteers in Mosqoy and in the end we finished the library successfully.  What we liked about this project is that we write blog posts because we are the first classroom bloggers in the Calgary Board of Education!  We like this blog project!  It is sad that we have to leave the blog because we had a very EXCELLENT journey even though it was short.  Now, we have to go to Grade Four.  It is happy, though, that we become Grade Fours.  We are passing the torch to the NEXT Grade Threes.  We hope that the next Grade Threes will have as much fun as we had!” ~Jun and Elijah

“I hope that next year’s Grade Threes love and have passion just like WE did this year!  We have learned, throughout the year, that the adults don’t want to go to the library in Q’enqo because they don’t know how to sign out books or even how to read books.  I have loved this journey with Q’enqo Peru because the Q’enqo kids have taught us SO much.  I hope that the parents crowd the library and that they don’t want to leave it!  I hope the library gets used every day.  My hope for next Year’s Grade Threes is for them to have as much fun as we did!” ~Max

Maybe, once the LIBRARY is full of books, the Grade Three Bloggers can move on to helping build a safer PLAYGROUND!

“We are VERY sad because this is our LAST blog post.  It’s about passing the torch to the NEXT Grade Threes.  We are very happy TOO because we got to share the journey with Q’enqo.  We hope the next students put LOTS of pizzazz into their blog posts.  We hope they raise LOTS of money for MORE books in the library.  Throughout the year we have worked well with Ashli, Geneva, Mosqoy, Q’ente, Mrs. Renton and Ms. Emann.  Passing the torch is hard for us and it is exciting.  It is hard because we had SO much fun on this journey.  We are happy AND excited because the NEXT year Grade Threes will continue the journey.  We always loved blog comments from other people because we loved hearing from them around the globe!  We hope the next Grade Threes have as much fun in school as we did and that they open MORE doors for Q’enqo.”  ~Zack and Jesse

“Have YOU ever passed the torch?  Well, we are going to!  Over the past year we have learned so much about Peru with Ashli and her crew … including about the kids, the community and change making.  We feel kind of sad and kind of happy.  We’re sad because we’re passing the torch but we are happy because the next Grade Threes will keep this journey GOING!  We also hope that the Grade Threes carry on our passion and perseverance through their school year.  We also hope that the library will grow and shine through the year.  We loved working with Ashli; we loved the blog … but … MOST of all … we loved our class!  Have you ever listened to the Roots and Wings song?  Well, you should if you haven’t.  We think that this project is important because we are actually helping a FORGOTTEN country.  Each person in our classroom hopes that the blog will be available for an ETERNITY!”  ~Kaylee and Mya

It's hard to believe that THIS is what the library looked like BEFORE we began our work with Mosqoy!

“We can’t believe that it is the end of the YEAR already!  It went so FAST!  It’s sad and happy that it is close to the end of the year.  It is sad because when the school year is over we will NOT be called the Grade Three Bloggers.  It is happy because OTHER people will get an opportunity to have a class blog.  It is sad because we won’t take PART in the Q’enqo journey.  We hope that the new Grade Threes absolutely love the blog because WE absolutely love the blog!  We learned that it is fun and interesting to help another country.  We ALSO learned that you are NEVER too small or TOO big to make a difference!  It is sad to say goodbye because we aren’t “goodbye” people!”  ~Larissa and Thalia

“I hope that next year’s Grade Threes like to talk with Ashli.  I hope they learn more about Peru!”  ~Henrik

“It is extremely sad that we are passing the torch because we are passing the torch to the new Grade Three Bloggers.  We are going to end up teary eyed before we KNOW it because this means we’ll have to say goodbye to the blog.  At least the blog isn’t cancelled yet, so we’ll still be able to see it over the summer!  So, what’s the HAPPY part, you might ask.  Well, the HAPPY part is that everyone can ALWAYS leave comments on the blog, no MATTER what!  The blog NEVER ends … even when we are in GRADE Four!”  ~Galen and Brenden

We've worked in ALL sorts of groups to share our learning with our Global Audience through blog posts!

“I hope that the next Grade three Bloggers care about the blog as much as WE do and that they answer ALL the comments that people leave.  I am going to MISS Skyping with Ashli and Geneva.  I hope that the library gets 10000 books and even MORE books!  I have learned a LOT about Peru in our journey.  I hope the Q’enqo kids’ parents will come and check out the library.  I have LOVED to help the library project.  I feel extremely sad because we don’t get to Skype with Ashli anymore.”  ~Tormod

“This is one of the SADDEST blog posts but it is one of the BEST posts because we have to pass the torch to the NEXT Grade Threes.  We have learned TONS of cool things about Peru through this wonderful year.  We now hope that the NEXT Grade Threes continue this journey with as much PASSION as WE had.  A sad thing that we learned and we are STILL getting over is that the adults are not helping with the library.  That is a TRAGEDY!”  ~Sophie G. and Natasha

Ashli and Geneva and the Mosqoy crew were our INSPIRATION. They HELPED us to bring positive change to the Q'enqo community!

“I feel very honoured for the new Grade Threes … because they get to reinvent our journey through our lives … but … now it’s going to be through THEIR lives.  I have learned that you’re never TOO big or TOO small to change someone’s life.  We will miss Ashli’s giggle when we Skype with her and sometimes when she giggles we ALL smile.  Mrs. Renton sometimes has TEARS welling in her eyes because it’s the end of the school year!  I hope that the ADULTS start to know that the library is important for the Q’enqo kids.”  ~Alexia

“We learned that the kids in Peru love the library and they want to go there EVERY day after school.  We also discovered that the kids like the library more than the adults.  We learned that the kids like to read books.  We LOVED that we got to Skype with Ashli and Geneva.  We ALSO loved that the kids liked reading the books we gave them.  We love that the kids are not afraid to damage the books any more.  We hope the library gets MORE books EVERY week and that it gets more FAMOUS by more people going there to visit!  We feel happy AND sad to pass the torch because we will miss Skyping with Ashli and Geneva.  We are happy that the NEXT Grade Threes are going to help the people in Q’enqo.  We hope they will be happy working with Q’enqo … maybe they will even help to build MORE libraries in Peru where there are no books and no libraries and no schools!”  ~Julia and Zahra

This community is WORTH it - hard work and perseverance ... learning to be CHANGE Makers!

“This has been an AMAZING Grade Three year for me.  Everything from the BLOG to the Q’enqo Peru LIBRARY!  I will miss the AMAZING blog posts that we have written.  Also, I will miss how we turned an old damp room into a FULL of BOOKS library!  When I go on to Grade Four I hope that next year’s Grade threes get the library the number of books that WE have in our own CLASSROOM library.  Yeah … that would be GOOD!  Passing on the torch means happiness to me and sadness because the good thing is our READERS get new THOUGHTS … and the BAD thing is that I WON’T be able to comment back to other people!  The OTHER good thing is … new THOUGHTS mean MORE … HITS!  Helping another country in the world is important!”  ~Eric

ALWAYS remember ... when one door CLOSES ... another one ALWAYS opens!

Yes … we are passing the torch.  Yes … we are SAD … but … we are EXCITED too!  What an AMAZING learning journey we have shared. THANK you to ALL our readers for leaving SUCH amazing comments.  We have learned SO much through our interactions with you and YOU have helped to STRETCH our learning even FURTHER!  We know that no matter WHERE we are … we will ALWAYS be a part of this amazing global citizenship project!


17 Responses to Passing the Torch to NEXT Year’s Grade Threes.

  1. may

    It has been very exciting, going on this journey with all of you. Look at what we have all learned. Congratulations to all of you on graduating and a job, WELL DONE. Now enjoy your summer and next year will bring more exciting things for all of us to do. from Brenden’s buba

    • The Grade Three Bloggers

      Hi May!

      Thank you for your comment. We are glad that you enjoyed reading our blog and following our journey with Peru. We are all excited for the summer … especially now that we know we get to keep the blog up and running! Have a great summer!

      The Grade Three Bloggers 🙂

  2. SarahK

    I am surprised that it is the end of the school year – where has the time gone? I really wanted to comment on this last post because I am so grateful to all of you for creating this blog. I have learnt so much and had my own thoughts challenged and expanded through your writing. Discovering Q’enqo through your voices was incredible. Your work with the library project there is inspiring. I appreciate your lessons on how sometimes with charity comes more more responsibility and unforeseen challenges. You have all handled that disappointment with grace beyond your age. I am proud of you for being trail blazers, bucket fillers, fundraisers, writers and global citizens. You are on a great path. Watch out Grade 4, there are some awesome kids coming your way! I am excited to read how next year’s class continues your work. I look forward to still reading this blog! Great job, Grade 3s and have a great summer!

    • The Grade Three Bloggers

      Hi Sarah!

      Thank you for another awesome comment! We had some great news this morning. The blog will get to stay up all through the summer and our journey will not be lost when the NEW Grade Three bloggers take over. We know that they won’t have the SAME journey as us because the library was built this year. We think it will be a lot of capacity building next year. Maybe next year the Grade Threes will be working on different projects in Q’enqo. We know they still need TONS of books … BUT … for example, they REALLY need a new PLAY park! We also know that Mosqoy works in NINE different rural communities in Peru … Bombon is the one we wrote about in our last Skype with Ashli. We hope they continue to help Q’enqo and the library … we CAN’T give up on them … we HAVE to help with capacity. We can’t wait to read about their journey next year either. Have a great summer, Sarah! Thank you for being a part of our global audience … we have LOVED interacting with you!

      The Grade Three Bloggers ♥

  3. Natalie V

    It has been a pleasure to follow your journey this year grade 3s. To see all you have learned and how you have changed in the year has been very exciting. I hope this has inspired you all to explore what else the digital world has for you!

    • The Grade Three Bloggers

      Hi Natalie.

      Thank you for your comment! We have learned SO much about the digital world this year! What did you think of our VoiceThread? We had a TON of fun making it! Some of us think we MIGHT get our own family blogs this summer … we read a blog by twin boys in the States who do a “reading” blog … to share book reviews with OTHER kids around the world. Wouldn’t that be AWESOME? We just got permission to keep the Global Grade 3: Connecting and Learning Beyond Classroom Walls blog up and running all summer long. We won’t have to lose any of our posts … and NEXT year’s Grade Threes will share their journey … adding to OUR journey! That’s SO awesome! We know they won’t have the SAME journey … and that’s a GREAT thing!!! We hope you keep checking back! We have learned SO much from our readers!

      The Grade Three Bloggers 🙂

  4. alexia

    Hi guys!:)

    I love that you are talking about the kids in Q’enqo it really makes me smile and share the news with my family and they love that .I think that you guys made me smile evey day and I hope you have a great summer and you are all bucket fillers to me and that is from the heart .


    • Laurie Renton

      Hi Alexia!

      I am glad that you shared our classroom blog with your brother and parents! It makes our blog even stronger when you do that! We have had such a great journey together … make sure you check back next year to see where the journey goes!


      Mrs. Renton 🙂

  5. Rory

    HI guys!;)

    I’m alexia’s bother Rory and alexia told me about the library that you help build in Q’enqo and I feel the same feeling as you guys I think that every one is right about what they said in the recorder and I love that you came up with that you really make me and my sister smile!:)

    • Laurie Renton

      Hi Rory.

      Thank you very much for taking the time to comment on our classroom blog! It makes us feel great to know that Alexia is sharing this journey with you! The voicethread WAS a lot of fun to listen to! I am glad that we could bring a smile to your face – this journey makes us smile each and every day!

      Mrs. Renton 🙂

  6. Daytime Grandma & Grandpa

    We have very much enjoyed reading your blog and following the journey that you have made this year. We have learned a great deal along the way – about Peru, Calgary, and most of all about the amazing change-makers that you all are. We know that we are in good hands when there are teachers and students such as you working to make our world a better place. We know that the future holds lots of promise for you all. Thank you for inspiring us!

  7. Becky

    I know it must be sad to finish the blog, but I thought of 3 things that might make you happy:). 1) You have learned so much, maybe when you are older you can have your own blog! Wouldn’t that be fun? 2) You did such a wonderful job setting up the library, making friends in Q’engo, and writing on the blog, that I think the new third graders will learn a LOT just from your example! Great job being teachers:) and 3) You’ve taught adults (GROWN-UPS!) that one small class can make a BIG difference in the world. You’ve made the world a better place, and that is inspiring!!! Thank you for sharing it with us- I hope when you’re all grown-up you always remember this project!:)

    • The Grade Three Bloggers

      Hi Becky!

      Thank you for your amazing comment! We think that that things you have thought of are right! We will always treasure this blog and remember all of our special readers. We bet that at least half the class, or MORE, want to have their own blog when they are older. We LOVED telling the world about this forgotten rural weaving village up in the mountains of Peru. We felt good when we helped Mosqoy bring a library and books to the kids living there. We have learned a lot of lessons during this journey and we are glad that we could share them with the world! Even though it’s the last day of Grade Three, next year’s Grade Threes will continue this journey. It won’t be the SAME journey … because they are different people. We can’t wait to see what they do with Capacity Building!

      The Grade Three Bloggers 🙂

  8. Ross Mannell

    Hello Grade 3,

    Well, I learn something every day. I didn’t know you were “the FIRST classroom to pilot a classroom blog for the CBE”. This means, with your outstanding success, I may see an increasing flow of blog posts from Canadian classes in the new school year. That is interesting news.

    Wouldn’t 10,000 hits for the new Grade 3 be a cause for celebration?

    I enjoyed listening to all of your hopes and dreams for the new school year. It’s our hopes and dreams that drive us into the future. They are our way of seeing what might be if we are willing to work towards them.

    Enjoy your summer vacation.

    Teacher, NSW, Australia

    P.S. I think this is the shortest comment I have left for you but it is your last post. 🙂

    • The Grade Three Bloggers

      Hi Ross!

      Thank you for another awesome comment! We agree – wouldn’t it be AMAZING if there was an increase in the number of classroom blogs in Calgary? We have loved our blog. It has been a lot of hard work, but it has been worth it! We have loved having a blog because:

      -we got to skype with Ashli and Geneva and then write about it
      -we get to learn from other people around the world
      -we get to share our LEARNING with other people in the world
      -loved reading other people’s comments
      -we could collect lots of flags from across the globe on our flag counting widget
      -we made a difference … kids helping kids … and got to share our journey
      -we could see the hits on our revolver globe … and keep track of how many people visited our blog
      -it was a THOUSAND times better than having to do all our learning just from a text book or a google search … because we were interacting with REAL people around the globe … this made the learning come ALIVE!!!

      Thank you, Ross, for being one of our teachers … WAY across the GLOBE! We hope to read some of your comments to the NEXT Grade Three Bloggers some time!

      The Grade Three Bloggers ♥

  9. Jason K

    Congratulations for a very successful initiative! I have enjoyed following the blog for the last several months watching all of the many fantastic ideas put into action. What a great experience and opportunity to learn about another wonderful culture. Great job Grade 3’s! Thanks for sharing your experiences

    • The Grade Three Bloggers

      Hi Jason!

      Thank you for your wonderful comment! We were pretty lucky to be the first classroom in the CBE to have a blog! We have learned tons of wonderful things throughout this year. Our journey with Peru was a lot of fun … we learned a ton … and had some pretty hard lessons! We hope the next Grade Threes help put more books on the shelves. Mrs. Renton got permission to keep the blog going … and that is AWESOME news. We know that the Grade Threes next year won’t be doing the same things … but … we will be following along to see what happens. We hope that they can also help to rebuild a better play park. The one they have in Q’enqo looks MORE than a little scary!!! We sure hope that you keep checking this journey out … even though we will be in Grade Four.

      The Grade Three Bloggers 🙂

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