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Learning About OTHER Change Makers in the World!

Posted by on May 11, 2012

Everyday Heroes ... "Quiet Change Makers"!

Since working on the Battalion Park Library Project, helping Mosqoy and Q’ente to build a library and put books on the new shelves in Q’enqo Peru, we have discovered that there are a LOT of very special people in the world … people who truly believe in the importance of Global Citizenship … who actively work to make the world a better place.  Some of these stories have been shared by our readers who let us know about these “quiet” change makers in the comments they leave for us.

They are “quiet” change makers because we don’t hear about them in the newspaper all the time.  Many people in the  world know about Terry Fox … because he was a very important and famous change maker.  We know about him because every year our school has the Terry Fox run to raise money for cancer research.  Many, many schools all over the world run for Terry Fox each and every year.  Terry had cancer and that is why he began his journey across Canada.  It was a Marathon of Hope … to raise money for research.  He began as a “quiet” hero … and he became a PUBLIC hero very quickly. 

This blog post will share information about some of the everyday heroes … the quiet change makers … that we have discovered while on our journey, through our conversations with our blog readers. 

Jeneece Edroff is a Change Maker and Inspiration!

For example, Daytime Grandma and Grandpa told us about someone VERY special on Vancouver Island.  You are PROBABLY wondering WHY we call them our Daytime Grandma and Grandpa!  So, before we begin to tell you about Jeneece Edroff … we will tell you WHY we call them our daytime grandparents!  Our teacher calls our classroom our “Daytime Family” … that’s because we spend most of the day together … and we all look out for one another.  That makes us a daytime family.  So, we call our Daytime Grandparents Daytime Grandma and Grandpa because … one day, they sent us a comment signed with Wally and Caroline.  We didn’t know who that was … and … Mrs. Renton told us they were her parents.  One of the Grade Three Bloggers said, “Hey, that kinda makes them OUR Daytime Grandma and Grandpa!”  Thank you, Daytime Grandma and Grandpa, for sharing Jeneece’s story with us.

Jeneece is a quiet change maker.  When Jeneece was three years old, she was diagnosed with a rare disorder.  While she was sick, many people helped her and her family along the way.  Amazingly, she started a PENNY drive when she was SEVEN to help other families with sick children.  Now she is sixteen years old … and … she has raised over 1.5 million dollars.  Jeneese says:

“I am a bit like a penny, by myself, I am not worth much, But with a little help and lots of pennies, you can achieve a lot. Every penny counts and even the smallest person can make a difference.”

Again, that reminds us of the quote “Alone we are a drop. Together we are an ocean.” and we are SO amazed that one person collecting pennies could raise over a million dollars in such a short time.  We are inspired by Jeneece and the people who are helping to make her dream come true.

One of our Grade Three Bloggers belongs to a special horse club called the Calgary Regional Appaloosa Club.  We think that THIS club is full of quiet heroes too.  Every single year, the club goes out and does a highway clean-up.  This can be both fun AND yucky because you are away from home and you are out working with a bunch of friends … but … you have to pick up a bunch of gross garbage.  They find LOTS of plastic bags, disposible cups, broken glass, brown paper bags and other things laying on the ground.  We think this club is really helpful because it makes a difference in the world.  Not only does it make the world LOOK better … it helps to keep all the animals safe TOO.  We know that if animals eat the garbage … they can get REALLY ill and even die.

Global News does a special section called “Everyday Heroes”.  Daytime Grandma and Grandpa told us about Serena Buffalino, in one of their comments when they discovered we were learning about OTHER change makers too!  We watched the Global News footage about Serena and we discovered that she is a teacher in Toronto who works with children with special needs.  One day she was talking to her small class about Haiti and how they didn’t have a school to attend.  One of her students said “We need to HELP!”  Their teacher agreed, and TOGETHER they ALL worked toward raising money for Haiti.  We LOVE when kids can help kids!

We think one of our Grade Three Bloggers and his friends are “quiet” change makers too.  Recently, he had a birthday party.  His invitation invited people to donate money toward our Q’enqo Library Project INSTEAD of bringing a gift, if they wanted to!  So, together those students were able to raise enough money for Q’enqo to purchase three or four MORE books for their library.  What a cool and generous gift … for the kids in Peru!

The Grade Three Bloggers have a special change maker/follower in their lives.  He is a “quiet” change maker … but we don’t think he KNOWS just WHAT a change maker he is.  He takes the time to comment on each and every one of our blog posts.  These comments aren’t just your REGULAR comments, these are extended responses.  He always makes us think, teaches us a little more about the world and explains issues and ideas in a way that helps us to look at things through different eyes … through a different perspective.  We really appreciate …  Ross Mannell … because he makes the Grade Three Bloggers feel HEARD, in other words, that what we are saying is IMPORTANT!  He has become a VERY special part of our learning journey.

We have learned SO much about the world through our journey helping to build a library in Q’enqo Peru.  Our connection with our global blogging audience has helped to teach us even MORE about the amazing work “quiet” heroes are doing out there … every day!  We are SO thankful for the people who connect with us and help us to grow each and every day!

We wonder:

  • Do YOU know about any “quiet” heroes where YOU live?  We would LOVE to hear about them!  They inspire us!



4 Responses to Learning About OTHER Change Makers in the World!

  1. Ross Mannell

    Hello Global Class 3,

    I was very surprised to find my name amongst the change makers. All I do is sit at my computer and share a few words with blogs and many words with some who particularly catch my eye. No surprising you, here is a link to a longer comment…

    Teacher, NSW, Australia

    • The Grade Three Bloggers

      Hola Ross!

      Thank you for ANOTHER wonderful comment! Once again … you make us THINK … you push our LEARNING … and you help us to understand MORE about the world around us! You CLEARLY deserve to be mentioned as a quiet change maker on our blog because you help us to think, to grow and to discover new things. Your six word biography explains it ALL … and you really DO make a difference for us. We love the information you share with us, and every time you write, we learn something new.

      Meg is a change maker and we are glad that you told us about her. We visited the Believe in Magic website you shared with us … and we are inspired by Meg and everything she is doing for sick children. We truly hope that if you do go to visit Meg, you send us a picture of you in those fairy wings … we think you would look GOOD with wings! 😉

      Harry’s story was very sad – we are sad that he died because of his brain tumour. We are also happy because his parent kept his charity going. Some people in our class have family members who have died because of brain tumours – Mrs. Renton’s brother died last year from a brain tumour – and some of the Grade Three Bloggers have grandparents who have lost their fight with tumours as well. We are glad that Harry Moseley’s parents will continue the charity to find a cure.

      We enjoyed watching the video of Rachael Leahcar and learning about Ruth as well. The world is full of quiet change makers that people don’t often hear about … like you … we love hearing about these change makers and we hope that more readers will let us know about these quiet heroes THEY know!

      Thank you for sharing what you know about change makers with us! Thank you for being a part of our learning journey!

      The Grade Three Bloggers 🙂

  2. Daytime Grandma and Grandpa

    We enjoyed your post about Changemakers in the world. You have made us much more aware of what people are doing to make this world a better place – there are MANY wonderful stories. We are proud to have so many “grandchildren” whose efforts are making a big difference to others. You are all inspiring!!

    • The Grade Three Bloggers

      Hi Daytime Grandma and Grandpa.

      Thank you for your lovely comment. We are happy that you enjoyed our Change Maker post. Keep checking back … we will be Skyping with Ashli in early June, and then we will update everyone with information on how the library project is going in Q’enqo!

      The Grade Three Bloggers 🙂

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