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The GRAND OPENING of the Q’enqo Library … a Special Day to Remember!

Posted by on April 2, 2012

Q’enqo Boys Excited for the Grand Opening … Just WAITING to Sign Out BOOKS!

“On March 7th, 2012, the Grade Threes from Battalion Park School got together in Room One to Skype with Geneva! This time, we were Skyping to learn all about the GRAND OPENING for … the … Q’enqo LIBRARY!” ~Natasha

“We talked about the Inauguration … that means Grand Opening!” ~Martin

“When Mrs. Renton pushed the call button, I filled UP with joy!” ~Larissa

“All of the kids hearts were exploding with excitement!” ~Zack

Together, MANY hands have made HEAVY work JUST a LITTLE Lighter!

“We learned that TWELVE people can go a LONG way! By that, we mean that twelve people can help a LOT! It wasn’t just Geneva, Sarah, Ashli and their Peruvian friends … the whole community came together to help … and so did we … all the way from Calgary!” ~Julia and Sophie

“Late, on Sunday night, Geneva and some of her friends loaded up a HUGE truck they had to rent, in Cusco, to bring the furniture to the Library in Q’enqo. They even ended up with a TICKET because the truck was “over-sized”! They arrived in Q’enqo at midnight and they had to unload the trucks late into the night.” ~Martin

“When we Skyped with Geneva, she told us so much. She showed us pictures of the library – inside and out! From the beginning of this project until now the library looks SO good!” ~Zahra and Rijul

The special bottle of champagne that Geneva smashes with a small stick to celebrate the opening of the library!

“Geneva showed us a LOT of pictures about the Grand Opening … it felt like we were RIGHT there! She even showed us a video of when she was smashing the bottle of champagne so that everybody could go IN to the library for the celebration!” ~Jesse and Tormod

“The bottle was decorated with a BEAUTIFUL bunch of ribbons, bows and happiness!” ~Natasha

Geneva speaks to a VERY excited crowd during the Inauguration!

“For the Grand Opening, Geneva got the honour of hitting the celebratory champagne bottle with a special stick and all the people were so close … they got sprayed with champagne!” ~Kaylee and Max

Geneva places the FIRST book onto a library shelf! Wow … its been a LONG journey … and SO exciting!

“Right before the Grand Opening, Geneva got to put the first book on the first bookshelf! I felt like a super hero for helping!” ~Elijah and Jun

“The very first book they put on the shelf did not fit on the shelf so they had to lay it flat down!” ~Kaylee and Max

Kids in the library … SO excited to see the beautiful interior and the BOOKS!

“Five minutes before the Grand Opening KIDS were coming into the library and … READING! I feel very, VERY proud that we have helped to finish an ENTIRE library!” ~Martin

“Some of the kids snuck in to check out some of the books. Geneva told us that, at first, most of the kids were shy around the volunteers when this project began … and … the more they got to know them, the more comfortable they became!”  ~Zack

“During our Skpye with Geneva, she told us about how the children in Q’enqo weren’t so sure about all the workers who were coming to work in their community.  When the library project began, two MONTHS ago, the children were very SHY around the people who were coming into their village to help refinish the library.  As time went on, the children started to follow the workers around … they even asked to help and to take PICTURES.  Geneva said it was wonderful to watch the transformation of the children from SHY to CURIOUS to HELPFUL and INVOLVED!”  ~The Grade Three Bloggers

“In Q’enqo, at the library, there are now sixty-one books in TOTAL!” Zahra and Rijul

“The Principal of the school asked Geneva if she would give a speech in front of the whole entire Q’enqo community!” ~Sophie G and Ava

“Even a MAYOR from a nearby bigger community came by to help celebrate the Inauguration of the Q’enqo library!  Everyone there was SO happy and VERY surprised that eight and NINE year olds from CANADA helped to build a library in this small weaving village!  What an HONOUR to have a neighbouring MAYOR drop by!”  ~The Grade Three Bloggers

Wow … a speech that EVEN included a thank you to Battalion PARK!

“Geneva did a speech in front of all the people who helped. She talked about how everybody was amazing doing this project. They even wrote a thank you to Battalion Park Grade Threes, and I felt fantastic! More people have more than one pair of hands to help, I thought to myself when we heard about all the work!” ~Eric

What a SPECIAL day … and Geneva made us feel like we were RIGHT there, through the MAGIC of SKYPE!

“Geneva showed us a picture of the kids holding a sign that said Battalion Park School, (and some other stuff in Spanish)!” ~Julia and Sophie

The Community Gathers Outside the Newly Finished Library to Celebrate it’s Inauguration!

“Geneva even showed us a picture of a Qente! What is a Qente, you might be asking yourselves … well … it is a HUMMINGBIRD! One of the Mosqoy students painted this as a mural on the outside of the library! Before the library opened, everybody was crowded outside … they were SO excited for the library to be opened!” ~Jesse and Tormod

Shelves, books … murals on the wall … what an INVITING place to read and learn!

“When the crowd got the first PEEK into the library, they were amazed by the murals INSIDE … of a snail, some flowers, the sun and a baby lamb!” ~Sophie G and Ava

“For lunch, the people of Q’enqo spent the day before FISHING … to make a VERY special lunch on the day of the Inauguration!” ~Jesse and Tormod

“Some of the Q’enqo men wanted to go and get some shiny silver trout for the celebration of the AMAZING library! What a special lunch for a special day! All of the people were very grateful for the delicious fresh trout that they got to eat after the inauguration in the library. We feel SPECTACULAR because WE were a PART of it!” ~Kaylee and Max

“So far, there are six tables, thirty chairs and four bookshelves!” ~Sophie G and Ava

“And the books … how can I forget about those delightful books?!? Well … there are fact books, fairy tale books and MORE … they have sixty-one AMAZING books! Before the library was even READY, the kids snuck in!” ~Larissa

Wow … check out all those BOOKS!

“The amazing part is that the Peruvian kids have sixty-one books … and they used to have ZERO! We feel that we have made a chance for them to learn!” ~Julia and Sophie

“We believe that books are SO important because they help you to learn how to read.  We gain more KNOWLEDGE by reading!  Books can help you to SPELL!  Books can EVEN give you inspiration for writing STORIES!  Books get your IMAGINATION working! Books make you want to LEARN more and explore more!  Books help you to LEARN about the WORLD! Books can take you away into a whole new WORLD!  They INSPIRE you, and they can expand your vocabulary!  We feel REALLY glad that we have helped to put BOOKS into the HANDS of the Q’enqo children and their families!”  ~The Grade Three Bloggers

“I feel GREAT because the kids in Q’enqo did not HAVE a library. Now they do. I hope this is not the END for the library project because it was fun to raise money and count it … and to help those kids get a library!” ~Brenden

The library in this community will open a whole new WORLD to learning!

“I think this is NOT the end. I feel OVER THE MOON … I KNOW it is not the end! We all feel MAGNIFICENT about this project!” ~Larissa

“But, this project is not DONE … it is just STARTING! This is a 100% ARK, (Act of Random Kindness)!” ~Jun and Elijah

“I feel SO good about this WHOLE project! If Mrs. Renton could “POOF” us to Q’enqo … I would HELP my BUNS off! Geneva said, excitedly at the VERY end of our Skype, that this was NOT the end!” ~Natasha

HE’S smiling … WE’RE smiling … WHAT a JOURNEY … we can’t WAIT to see what happens NEXT!

“This is never the end … we are going to KEEP on trying to help!” ~Zack

Keep checking BACK!  Our next challenge will be to get even MORE books on the shelves of the Library in Q’enqo, Peru!  We feel SO blessed to be working with Mosqoy and Q’ente and the AMAZING community of Q’enqo, Peru.  This has been an INCREDIBLE learning experience … a relationship that will CONTINUE to grow!

We are wondering:

  • Have you ever been a change maker?
  • Have you ever worked together to create change?  If so, how did you FEEL when you reached a MILESTONE in your journey?
  • Have you ever had a special celebration at the end of a big project?  If so, how did you celebrate?


15 Responses to The GRAND OPENING of the Q’enqo Library … a Special Day to Remember!

  1. Karen Campbell

    This is very exciting. You know what they say, “A reader IS a leader”. I appreciate how there is evidence of learning and personal growth by all the caring people who surround this initiative. Each of you is united by a common value: learning.

  2. Cristina Milos

    Your effort is a proof that change makers come in all sizes!
    I am humbled by your dedication and perseverance, and I think your story should be known everywhere.
    Thank you for sharing this experience with us!

  3. Saskia, Natasha's Mom

    I am so impressed with how you have all commited your time and energy into helping with the Q’enqo Library project. I hope you come up with new ideas of raising money to buy more books. Perhaps some of you can learn to write in Spanish and author and illustrate your own spanish story book! I have now saved your blog page into my favorite so I can find your blog without Natasha telling me to!

  4. Geneva List

    I feel so blessed to have been part of this experience for you all and to have helped facilitate this event on your behalf. I agree as well that this experience was humbling and inspiring. Education is such a powerful tool and the beauty in this initiative is that both the children in Q’enqo and the global grade 3’s are receiving an invaluable learning experience. And, ME TOO. I am so eager to go up to Q’enqo this Sunday and see how everything is going and as well to add the finishing touches to my part of this initiative.

    This blog is amazing and it is inspiring me to continue with mine at
    Talk to you all next week!

    • Laurie Renton

      Hola, Geneva! Thank you for leaving your wonderful comment on our blog! We feel VERY happy that the inspiring people from Mosqoy are leaving comments for us! Some day, it would be VERY cool if the kids in Q’ENQO could read and comment on our blog too … we DO have a SPANISH translator! We are REALLY pumped about Skyping with you next week … we can’t wait to hear more about what is going on with the library project. We can’t wait to see more of your awesome pictures … we always LOVE when you show them to us during our Skype … and LOVE it when you send them to us so that we can use them on our BLOG! You are right … this WHOLE experience has taught us a LOT … we haven’t just helped build a library … we have grown too! We know now that you can be any HEIGHT or any AGE … young and old, tall and small … and you can STILL be a change maker! There are THOUSANDS of different ways to make change … and they don’t all have to cost money! Mrs. Renton was watching a travel show last night. The traveller was in Peru and he was fishing … for … piranha!!! We wonder, Geneva … ARE there piranha in the lake they caught the beautiful shiny silver trout in for the Grand Opening? Gulp! The Grade Three Bloggers 🙂

  5. Zack & Noor

    Hi magnificent Global grade 3. You are really inspiring others to help the people who have needs, like children in Africa need schools, hospitals and wells! Good job, change makers.

    Zack and Noor

  6. Wm Chamberlain

    Congratulations! You have accomplished a great thing by supporting the establishment of the library. I have so many students in my classes that choose not to read when they have both a school library and a local branch of our county library in our town. We have access to so many books and still many choose not to read, but the students that live close to the library you helped create will be there because they didn’t have that opportunity before. They understand the value of reading.

    My question to you is, have you become more diligent readers because of this?

    Mr. C

    • Laurie Renton

      Dear Mr. C,

      Thank you for your wonderful comment and your questions. We all really hope that the children in Q’enqo enjoy the new library as much as we enjoyed the experience of being change makers and helping. We feel like the 61 books that are in their library right now are not enough … but … we know that the children in the community are loving these books and are excited to be signing them out. We will be doing more fundraisers between now and the end of the year because their shelves are BARE compared to ours. We feel really lucky to have at least a thousand books on the shelves just in our classroom … that doesn’t even count all the books in the school library or in the other classrooms! About three quarters of our classroom have always been WILD readers … and only a quarter still aren’t so crazy about it. We all feel pretty lucky to have all the books and resources we have in our school … and this Q’enqo library journey has changed some of us to become more diligent about reading … but … like we said … we are lucky … most of us have always LOVED reading! Mr. C, do YOU enjoy reading? What grade do you teach? We wonder why so many of your kids choose not to read. We can’t wait to hear back from you! The Grade Three Bloggers 🙂

  7. Sarah K

    This post makes me so happy and proud, Grade 3 Bloggers! The pictures of the new library are beautiful and the smiles of the children in Q’enqo are even more beautiful! You have all done an amazing thing. I hope you all gave each other a huge high five and a big round of applause. This is such a great lesson for how we can help others, but also how valuable books and reading are. I love to read and I think we are all so lucky to read whenever, whatever and wherever we want. I loved hearing about how the people of Q’enqo celebrated the grand opening. Did your class celebrate in any special way?

    • Laurie Renton

      Hi Sarah! Thank you for your amazing comment! We always love it when you leave comments for us! It would be lovely if everyone who visited our blog would leave us comments because it would give us a lot of work … but … it would help us to learn from even MORE people! We felt so pumped and proud and excited that we helped Mosqoy to build this library in Peru … and when we Skyped with Geneva to find out about the Grand Opening celebration, we were really excited too! Our class hasn’t celebrated the Grand Opening in any special way yet, but we will be having a Celebration of Learning at the end of the month. During the Celebration of Learning, our parents are invited to come into all the grade three classrooms to see our masks, read our mask stories … and when we are all gathered in the Gathering Space, we will sing two special songs … one is in Spanish AND in English. We are going to share the beautiful True Colours video, From Calgary to Peru, that Ms. Emann created for us and is on our blog in our post about showing your true colours! We still have a LOT more work to do, BEFORE we celebrate … because we still want to get MORE books into those children’s hands!!! During our Learning Celebration, we will be collecting donations … and we hope that this will help Geneva and Ashli to purchase MORE books! Keep checking back … we are Skyping with Geneva on Thursday to see how the community is doing with the new library! A blog post will be written all about it on Friday! The Grade Three Bloggers 🙂

  8. May

    I am sooo proud of all the students. Look at all the kids you were able to help. They will be so excited to find out about all the books that are available to them. Keep up the great work. Buba

    • Laurie Renton

      Hi May! Thank you for your comment! The Grade Threes are VERY pleased over how the library has turned out in Q’enqo! It has been amazing to watch all the changes take place slowly over time. We hope, this year, to be able to donate more books to the library before the end of June! Keep checking back … on Thursday we will Skpye with Geneva to see how the finishing touches are going on the library in Peru! The Grade Three Bloggers 🙂

  9. sophie,annie and grace

    Hi global grade three,

    What an AWESOME BLOG!! My sisters and I love our classroom journey with peru! we think it is an amazing way to show the world how we care for unfortunate and forgotten villages. It is a great story about how my class has started tiny and grown each day. We really liked seeing how children in my grade three class could help people all around the world and share their knowledge throughout this inspirational blog. Seeing how much help these villages need really put perspective on how us Canadians live our everyday lives and how much different in comparison to peruvian people. Thank you for creating this blog and hopefully the upcoming grade three bloggers keep up the good work!! 🙂
    Love, Sophie h. and my sisters Annie and Grace <3

  10. sophie G.

    When we started this blog I diden’t even know what a blog was. Now I know what a blog is and we stil have a LOT of work to do! I have learned SOOO much this year!!!

    • Laurie Renton

      Hi Sophie!

      I am so glad that you left a comment on our blog! I am the same as you! Just before we began this blogging journey … I didn’t know much about blogging. I READ blogs and FOLLOWED a few … but … I didn’t know what it would be like to HAVE one. We have ALL learned SO much on this journey together! What an AMAZING year of learning and growing! I hope you continue to check out the blog NEXT year, after you’ve moved on to Grade Four!


      Mrs. Renton 🙂

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