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Skyping with our INSPIRATION … Ashli!

Posted by on February 9, 2012

Ashli in Q'enqo Peru. Wow! Check out that VIEW!

On Wednesday, February 1st, 2012, we had the priviledge of connecting with Ashli Akins through the MAGIC of Skype!  Who in the WORLD is Ashli, you may be asking yourselves.  Well, Ashli Akins, and her co-founding partner Sarah Confer, created two Canadian not-for-profit foundations called Mosqoy and The Q’ente Textile Revitalization Society.  What is MOSQOY?  Mosqoy is a foundation that was established by these two amazing young women while they were at the University of Victoria.  Through their combined work in Peru, Mosqoy’s mission is to:

Educate.  Preserve.  Connect.

For FURTHER information about HOW our Grade THREES became involved with Ashli and Sarah, please refer back to our first and second blog posts.

Q'enqo villagers.

To say that we were excited AND surprised to discover that Ashli was Skyping with us from a little cafe in Cusco, Peru would be an UNDERSTATEMENT!  Through the MAGIC of TECHNOLOGY, she even let us take a PEEK through the windows of the cafe into the STREETS of Cusco!

Working together, in small groups, we recorded Ashli's answers to our questions!

What FOLLOWS is just SOME of the amazing  information our inquisitive Grade Threes discovered while they chatted with Ashli, and interviewed her, using a number of insightful questions they had generated for her earlier in the week:

Through the MAGIC of SKYPE ... we visit Ashli in CUSCO, Peru!

 What made you decide to help another country?

“When we asked Ashli what made her decide to help another country … she said she didn’t know WHAT she wanted to do when she was a kid.  She always knew that she wanted to help others to make a difference in the world.  So, when she visited this wonderful country, Peru, she wanted to help out because it was a ‘forgotten country’.  She felt that Peru didn’t get the attention that lots of other countries get.”  (Jesse, Alexia, Galen, and Rijul)

A look inside the building we are helping to repair and FILL with shelves of BOOKS!

How does a person START an organization like Mosqoy?

Ashli convinced us that we need incredible skills like computer skills, financial skills, and writing skills.  You also need amazing problem solving skills, construction skills and team work!  Some of us saw that Ashli has a lot of courage, passion and perseverance.  If you are going to do a project like this, you also need to be an awesome reader, patient listener and be able to talk in front of a group.  The superb news is that you don’t need to know all these skills before you start because you will learn on the WAY!” (Mya, Kaylee, Jun and Elijah)

Did you want to help others as a KID?

One week ago, when we Skyped with the AMAZING Ashli, we asked her if she wanted to help others when she was a kid.  Her answer was YES!  She told us a little bit about it.  Ashli wanted to go out into the world and to help others even when she was little.  She didn’t want to just take up space on our magnificent planet … and breathe the air.  Ashli has always wanted to do something MORE for the world.   One day when she and her Mom were at the Mall shopping, her Mom offered to buy her anything she wanted … and she chose to adopt a WOLF!  That was where it ALL started!”  (Thalia, Larissa and Zahra)

On the red road to Q'enqo

What is it like to be a child in Lima?  What about in Q’enqo?

“Ashli told us that being a kid in Lima, which is the capital of Peru, is MUCH like being a kid in CALGARY!  But, a kid in Q’enqo has a MUCH different life.  They have to do MORE chores, and have MUCH less play time.  Since they live in the mountains, they have to walk UP hill to school, three to four hours ONE way.  Sometimes their teachers haven’t even shown up, so they have to walk all the way back to their homes with MORE chores to do.  Another difference is that in Q’enqo, they don’t have access to technology.”  (Martin, Tormod, Zack)

Have you visited the Nazca Lines?

“We asked Ashli if she had ever visited the Nazca Lines.  She said she had been lucky enough to see them from a plane, once.  She said that she didn’t know MUCH about them, but they were a magnificent sight to see.  From the air, they looked like HUGE roads that are coming together to form shapes.  It made us feel good that we knew a little more about them than SHE did.  Did you know that the Nazca lines are over 1 500 years old?  They were dug 10 to 15 cm deep into the iron oxide based ground.  You can see interesting shapes like monkeys, lizards, spiders, orcas and hummingbirds, etc.”  (Damian, Eric, Brenden and Max)

Have you ever tasted guinea pig?

“When we asked Ashli what guinea pig tasted like, she giggled a little bit, and said she was a vegetarian!  She turned her laptop around and showed us her friend, who had just eaten guinea pigs four days ago, at a party.  Her friend said that, if you FORGET about what you are actually EATING, then it TASTES pretty GOOD!!!”  (Natasha, Sophie G., Sophie H., and Ava)

Special Message from Mosqoy after our morning together!

We learned, from Ashli, that you can NEVER be too YOUNG, or too OLD to make a difference in the world!


We wonder:

  • Have you done something to make a difference in the world?  We would LOVE to have the PLEASURE of hearing about it!
  • If you haven’t, does this inspire you?
  • If you have EVER been to Peru, please share your stories with us!



6 Responses to Skyping with our INSPIRATION … Ashli!

  1. Ben G

    Hello Grade 3 Bloggers

    I’ve never done anything that compares to what the AMAZING Ashli does to make a difference in the world. The story that you’ve shared certainly does inspire me – but not to eat guinea pig!

    I’ve never been to Peru but because of your blog I’ve done some reading up about the country. I was surprised to find that the population of Peru is nearly the same as Canada even though Canada is nearly 10 times the geographic area! I also noticed that Peru’s flag looks just like our’s except for the maple leaf! I wonder what else Canada and Peru have in common?

    Your reader,

  2. Sarah K

    Wow! What an inspiring story! I am in awe of what Ashli is doing and what you are doing to help, too. It makes me think hard about what I could be doing to make a difference in the world. I can’t wait to hear how the library turns out. After seeing the photos and hearing a bit about Peru, I think I would like to visit. I live in Brazil, which is not too far from Peru. Good for you for being such involved, caring, and helpful citizens of the world!

  3. Nicholas

    I think it is cool how you talked to somebody in a different country.

    • Tannis Emann

      Nicholas, we agree with you! It is amazing to be able to “travel” from our classroom to Peru by using Skype. Have you used Skype before to talk to someone in another country?

  4. Elizabeth

    I am so happy for you and so glad when people help other people.

    • Laurie Renton

      Elizabeth – you are right. It always feels SO good to be able to help others. Have you ever helped someone else and felt really good about it? 🙂

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