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Building a Library ACROSS the Globe by Wearing our PAJAMAS!

Posted by on January 25, 2012

Classroom in Q'enqo Peru - Photo by Tim Kitchen

Did YOU know that there are schools in the world that don’t have LIBRARIES?  They don’t even have BOOKS to be able to put on shelves.  We think that this is heartbreaking.  We can’t IMAGINE what it would be like to go to a school with NO books … because there are probably about a THOUSAND or MORE in our classroom alone!  And, our school has 28 classrooms.  If each classroom had a thousand books, then that would be OVER 28 000 books, just in the classrooms!  That doesn’t even include the books in our LIBRARY, which might even be four TIMES what is in each classroom!  Wow.  That’s a LOT of BOOKS!

The school in Q'enqo

When Tim, Ben and Ella came to tell us about their adventures in Peru, they ALSO told us that Q’enqo was ONE of those places with no library or books for the kids to read and learn from.  That’s when we discovered that the Grade Threes from LAST year started a LIBRARY project.  They did LOTS of fund-raising and sent it to Q’enqo, Peru through Mosqoy.  That money helped the people in Q’enqo to fix up a building to make a library possible in this tiny village.

Student in Q'enqo Peru - Photo by Tim Kitchen

We LIKED the idea of helping Q’enqo finish their library and put books on the shelves.

Classroom in Q'enqo Peru - Photo by Tim Kitchen

THAT’S when we decided to do PAJAMA Day!  We got to wear our pajamas to SCHOOL, and even bring a favourite book AND stuffed animal.  Many kids brought in a loonie to help Q’enqo buy books and work on the library project.  Some people even brought in MORE.  There were students who did CHORES around the house, like vacuuming, folding laundry, shovelling the driveway, cleaning the car, walking the dog, helping with dinner and cleaning our bedrooms to help raise money.  Lots of us don’t even LIKE to do chores, so this must tell you how important it was to us!

Books for Q'enqo Fund Raiser

Can you believe that, after counting all the pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, loonies, twoonies, five, ten and even TWENTY dollar bills,  five classes of Grade Threes managed to raise $271.05?  This class, alone, was so desperate to get books into those childrens’ hands … that we raised over $112.00!  That’s almost 50%!

A before picture of the room that will become the library...soon to be full of books!

Peru is far away from Calgary, on the continent of South America.  If you flew there, it would take eleven hours.  It made us feel very proud to send our cheque to Q’enqo to help build the library in another country.

Q'enqo - a Rural Weaving Village in Peru - Photo by Tim Kitchen

We think we should help others – even if they live across the globe – by being the best FOR the world.  This WON’T be the LAST time we work together to raise money for books for Q’enqo.   After all … T.E.A.M. really means … Together Everyone Achieves More!

We wonder:

  • How do YOU help others?
  • How are YOU the best FOR the world?

37 Responses to Building a Library ACROSS the Globe by Wearing our PAJAMAS!

  1. Zack ,Noor

    This is really a great blog. Me and Zack enjoyed to read this blog. It was fun.

  2. Ramona

    I think that what you are doing with the blog is amazing. You are very lucky to have an amazing teacher who supports this style of learning. It is interesting, creative and informative. I also really love what you are doing for the students in Peru and helping them with the books. Keep up the great work and enjoy your day of learning.

  3. Donovan

    This story is very sad. I hope that the school could get books and be abel to read the books .

    • Laurie Renton

      Hi Donovan. Thank you for your comment. You know, we think of it as sad because so many of us are lucky to have SO much. But, the kids in Q’enqo Peru are really not sad at ALL! When we Skyped with Ashli a few weeks ago, she told us that the Peruvian people were some of the happiest people she has ever met in all her travels. Yet, they don’t HAVE that many things. We are raising money for Q’enqo, to finish a library. Some of that money has to go towards shelves and tables and chairs. Any left over money will go towards books. We plan to KEEP on helping until their shelves are EXPLODING with books … like OURS are! Our Grade Three classes are working very hard to get books into the hands of these kids. So, although it is sad to think that there are a lot of kids in the world who DON’T have books … it is a HAPPY story, too,because they are happy people who love life … and we are helping to bring books to their community! The Grade Three Bloggers 🙂

  4. Julian

    It is nice to make new librarey

  5. Taina

    I like that you’e helping and I like t.e.a.m.!

    • Tannis Emann

      Taina, thank you for commenting on our blog! Do you have an example from your classroom that shows the power of T.E.A.M.?

  6. Allison

    I think it is great what you are doing!

  7. Nicholas

    I think that is very nice and I wish I could help out on your quest.

    • Tannis Emann

      Hi Nicholas! You have already helped us on our quest by reading and commenting on our blog. Thank you! We are wondering what city and country you live in?

  8. Ryan

    Well good job helping another school make a library. 😀

    • Tannis Emann

      Thanks, Ryan! We are very excited about the library project! Please check back because we will be writing more about the library construction and the grand opening on March 5th. 🙂

  9. Lindsey

    I would really like to help sending in a couple of dollars.Maybe we should donate some books,and money to the kids in Africa.I also think that is a food idea . We all love books ,so why not help them get a library?

    • Tannis Emann

      Thank you for taking the time to comment on our blog, Lindsey! Wanting to make a difference is a great first step in being a change maker. We also know a couple of dollars really makes a difference because it can add up quickly. We learned it is important to ask what people need when you want to help them. Sometimes what they need is very different than what we think. Good luck and let us know how it goes!

  10. Miah

    Cool. I have pajama day at my school also. But we can’t bring stuffed animals to school.We have pajama day at our school to get more supplies for our school so we have to bring $1.00 to school.

    • Tannis Emann

      Hi Miah! Thank you for your comment. We think PJ Day is a great idea for raising money for supplies at your school. Do you have other special spirit days at your school? We are always looking for ideas!

  11. Peter

    I think that was a good idea how to raise money.

    • Tannis Emann

      Thank you for your comment, Peter! We try to find ways to put spirit days together with fundraising so it builds community in our school and with Q’enqo. We will have more coming up this year so please check back for more updates. 🙂

  12. Elisa

    I love to read. to think some kids out there can’t read at all. I think what your doing is wonderful. I hope those kids in Peru get
    Good books.

    • Tannis Emann

      Thank you, Elisa for commenting on our blog! We love to read too and we think every child should have books. We will hopefully find out some of the books in their new library and share them in a blog post. Thanks for the idea!

  13. Jenna

    Thats a great idea to get a library for a different school that is very generous of you guys to do that for people That can’t afford it.

    • Tannis Emann

      Jenna, thank you very much for taking the time to comment on our blog. Please check back for new posts because we will be sharing information about the library’s grand opening!

  14. Ayden

    I think that is very nice what you are doing.I think you guys should keep doing what you are doing.So for now goodbye

    • Tannis Emann

      Ayden, we really appreciate your comments! We love our connection with Q’enqo and we hope it continues for a long time. We are learning so much!

  15. Orlando

    This is so nice of you guys of building a library. Keep this up you guys:)

    • Laurie Renton

      Thank you, Orlando. We plan on helping Q’enqo out for a very long time! 🙂

  16. Kevin

    We all agree with you that we should build homes and libraries because so you can learn stuff.

    • Laurie Renton

      Hi Kevin. Thank you for your comment. We are not actually building houses. We are fund-raising to help the community of Q’enqo to refinish a room for a library and to put furniture and shelving and books into the room. It is very exciting for us. 🙂

  17. Chris

    You should make house and a library. I like what you are doing to help people.

    • Laurie Renton

      Hi Chris. We are actually not making a house. We are helping to build a library in Q’enqo Peru. It is very exciting for us! 🙂

  18. Andy

    Keep up the great work building the house and the library.

    • Laurie Renton

      Hi Andy! We are not actually building a house – but – we ARE helping to build a library! It makes us feel good to know that we are making a difference! 🙂

  19. Kevens

    This is a nice that you are building a library.

    • Laurie Renton

      Thank you for your comment, Kevens! We are having a lot of fun helping Q’enqo to build their library! 🙂

  20. Yvonne

    Dear all of you,
    I think you are doing a very cool,awesome ,extordinary job, I think all of you are sweet,kind,cheerful!

    • Laurie Renton

      Hi Yvonne! Thank you for the comment. It has been a lot of hard work, but we LOVE it. Ashli and her friends from Mosqoy, and the people in the Q’enqo village, are working even HARDER than we are … because they are the ones scrubbing, cleaning, painting and fixing up the building that will soon be the library! Your word extraordinary reminds us about a book called Ordinary Mary’s Extraordinary Deed. Have you ever read it? It’s good because Mary did something good for one lady … that lady did something nice for five other people … and THOSE five other people did something nice for five MORE people … and soon she had CHANGED the world. It only took her FIFTEEN days! If you have any QUESTIONS about our project, we would LOVE to hear about them … we will ALWAYS answer! The Grade Three Bloggers 🙂

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